[KOR] Altria Ep.1 Preview + New Characters Coa.

Activator Q&A

The following list all the questions and answers required for [Activator] stance quest. Each day, Catherine will ask 5 randomly chosen questions. If you answer wrongly, you can talk to her again to retry on the same day. See Book of Madness: Catherine Expert Stance for the actual quest details.

Which one is dialogue of Sharif when he uses a snipe skill?
[4] The god will be great.

What is the popular toy name that often appeared with Cacao Sonador in Viki quest?
[2] ROBO R 90

Taikbin gave a Strata Devil Dagger item to Claire to enhance the item during recruitment quest of Grandies and  she failed to enhance the item. Which one is the correct enhance number for the Strata Devil Dagger?
[3] 7

Which family is the one who never really give a direct damage to other user?
[4] D family who shows off 8 enhanced Elite Le Noir to screnshot board.

What is the right eye color of the small girl named Ludin in Bahia?
[1] Red

Duke Felipe and the Queen of Esperanza are distance relatives. Then, how are Ion and Claire related?
[2] Half-brother and sister

Do you support the GE development team?
[1-5] Sure (All answers are correct.)

What is the debuff name that Asoka uses on enemy?
[2] Crescent Curse

Which one is the correct cool down time for Rolling Thunder skill of Combatant?
[4] 30 sec

What is the area without colony?
[3] El Ruina de Memoria

What is the name of basic stance for Catherine the Summoner?
[3] Marionette

How was Grandice called when she was young?
[5] Grandies

So how many BGM songs are there in GE?
[5] More than 190 songs

What is the dungeon name that Ramiro entered to save his girlfriend?
[5] Strange dungeon of Ramiro

When you receive an attack, the final ATK will be calculated through many processes. Which one does not directly affects ATK?
[5] HP of Defender

There are lots of artists who participated in GE BGM. Who is the artist with the most number of songs?
[1] SFA

What weapon has the lowest basic damage?
[5] Gaiters

What is the complete name of one of the Ten Nobles, Ulrik?
[3] Ulrik Ernesto

Exclusive stance of Marie is Sweeper which uses a shotgun. Which bullet is the one used for a normal attack?
[2] Metal Shell Ammo

How much can you receive from the shop if you sell 1 Pure Gold Bar and 2 Silver Bars?
[1] 250,000 Vis

Who is the character who often appear in Viron quest and became famous with his elephant ad-lib?
[3] Taikbin

There is a dialogue used by Veronif when she wants to reject you when you proceed with the recruitment quest. What is the right dialogue which will come next to the following sentence "Argh.. Si.." based on the mood?
[5] mon..

Which soldier character has the highest rank?
[4] Raven

There are total how many missions which can be started in Coimbra Nimrod Bridge?
[5] More than 22

What is the basic ATK, DEF Rating for a character promoted to expert level?
[3] 28/28

Who is the person who did not come from Bristia in the list?
[4] Ralph

How many body parts do you need to collect to recruit me?
[5] 12

Who is Claire's father's uncle's child in GE world?
4] Queen Esperanza

How many number of women rejected Raven from the quest which going around with Gavin after you recruit Raven character?
[4] 5 people

How many types of dialogues are used by Grandice when she is moving?
[4] 4 types