[KOR] New Premium Character—Kiss (키스). See [YouTube] Skill Motions.

Journal - Master Cath INT

For the last month, we spent 2 days in Caebolan premium dungeon. The trainers, Orpheus (Rio) and Lolita (Claire), reached Master Lv.10 and Lv.9 respectively. Shotaro (Viki) also reached Master Lv.10, so now there is no more [Enhanced Tactics] user to level at the moment. At the end, Cameron (Catherine INT) was promoted to Master Lv.1, while Galatea (Catherine STR) reached Expert Lv.6.

Then, there was the Alphabet Event that totally killed off raid interests, not just because players want to get the token prizes, but also because the alphabets filled up the inventory. This made changing equipment between raid characters really troublesome, plus there might not even be enough space for raid loot. So far, we have gotten [Punisher] stance book, Battle Smith Idge, Iron Chef Panfilo, Pet Box (Black Dragon), and La Sensation Amicale Costume (Combat Catherine).

We recruited Lisbeth (BSI), named after the blacksmith in Sword Art Online, and brought her to Forgotten Areas. However, after a while, there were massive lags and repeated disconnections, persisting even after maintenance. It is getting boring to keep AFK farming, and the computer is starting to over-heat...

Good Samaritan Event is another good one, since it gives lots of EXP Cards and reduces the need to level the promotional characters. We talked to Anxious Veronif in Reboldeaux, and was tasked to collect 3 non-tradable event misc. items - White Crystal, Unknown Meat, and High Viscosity Liquid - that will drop in any map. Each set of items will be rewarded with Mystic Potion (Event), Principal Ampule (Event), Tasty Meat, or Tasty Crackers. The latter two items can be used to feed Suffering Cruz in Reboldeaux, who will give 10 Veteran G EXP Cards, 10 Expert G EXP Cards, 2 Training G Cards, 2 Principal Ampules (Event), 20 Pet Food, 20 Health Generators, 2 Triumph Fillers (Event), or 1 Socket Flux (Event).

We used up a gold code that we saved from a previous vis purchase to qualify for Elephant Box Promotion. We ended up with Elephant Box x13, not sure what to do with them yet since there isn't enough inventory space for the drops. The cow costumes were also made available via Ninja Cows and Cow Girls promotions.

Quinzel's Reverentia III and Raiden's Defiance III features The Hammer of Judgement (blunt), L'eveiller de L'amethyste (staff), Angel Uriel's Bracelet (elemental bracelet), Blue Serpent Plate Costume (M/Fig), La Chevre Cornue Fidele Costume (Garcia), Slendor Peaco Costume (M/Wiz), and One Eyed Glass (Rio).

Quinzel's Reverentia IV and Raiden's Defiance IV features The Rod of Hermit (rod), Le Patience du Jade (javelin), Angel Raziel's Revolver (pistol), Capitaine Costume (M/Mus), Dark Buffalo Costume (Selva), Jade Phraxi Costume (M/Sco), and Capitaine Hair (M/Mus).