[KOR] New Premium Character—Kiss (키스). See [YouTube] Skill Motions.

Friede Beckerath & Pioneer Grandma

A rock band leader who wanders the world, looking for his true self. Born to an alchemist family, he was raised as a girl to escape the superstition related to the misfortune of twins. His father sent him off to the New World in hope that he can live freely as his true self...

STR 50 Gender Male
AGI 20 Initial Level 100
CON 60 Armor Coat (mus)
DEX 50 Accessory Basic, Leather
INT 90 MCC Team The Wanderers
CHA 70 Personal Skill Encore

Weapons & Stances
None • Bare Knuckle
Lute • Serenade [V], Rocking [E]

Someone asked me for more information about Friede, then I found out that he wasn't listed in Blue Moon Waltz. Anyway, I'm not going to bother translating [Rocking] stance. Friede is from the 3rd Character Design Contest in Japan. He should be an exclusive character, like Mifuyu. It's unlikely that anybody else will get him soon (definitely not G1), if ever. So here is a screenshot of the skills from [Rocking] stance instead.

Click on image for full-size view.

Both the character card and [Rocking] stance book can be acquired from web item mall during the promotion period (until Oct 10, 2012).

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Friede Beckerath [jGE VO + Chateau de Bourgogne Solo]

Meanwhile, in Korean servers...

Image taken from 개척왕 그랑마. Click above for full-size view.

Pioneer Grandma (v B1.1.2) will be available via Lyndon's Box until Nov 08, 2012. She uses only great sword, having both [Hanging Guard] and [Soul Guard] stances. See her stats at Tome of Abyss (English) or Blue Moon Waltz (Chinese).

Heyran (v B1.0.8), the Bristian pub woman in red dress,  has also been added. See Blue Moon Waltz (Chinese) for her stats. See also Korean articles 신규 영입 캐릭터 - 헤이란 and 치명적인 파멸을 부르는 그 이름, 헤이란.

Lastly, there are also Bristian Weapons, a new ATK Rating 30 weapon series being featured in Korean servers. For more information, see 新類別武器弗里斯蒂亞武器一些情報 (Chinese), Bristia Weapons (English), or 브리스티아 신규 무기 (Korean).

See 레어 그랑마 등장! GE, '훈련소의 비밀' 업데이트 실시 for more information about all three above, and the new night map for Bristia.


Glett said…
Is he Lute User like Rio?Twin? who is his twin?Is he Also Gay?Like Andre and Vincent
Schwarzburg said…
Friede's more of an offensive lute user than Rio. Also, he's not Gay, he was raised up as a female, and I don't think he knows he's male =x
Nero Patricio said…
Do you have any idea what font is that on the second image? It looks good.
Ashardalon said…
Added Lyndon's Box for Pioneer Grandma to Taiwan servers (Dec 12-25, 2012). See here.