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Halloween 2012

Another imported event from IMC. Basically, kill mobs on any map to collect Alphabet Boxes, which will drop a random alphabet. Collect alphabets to make up the word required by event NPC Sierra in Reboldeaux, and get a random reward. For drop list, see the event links for various servers below.

A pot near Sierra will recycle alphabets or give other random materials. This pot does not exist in Sword 2, since there is already a recycle kiosk for Alphabet Event. Instead of random items, Sword 2's event reward is Jeepers Creepers box, first introduced in Halloween 2011.

For most servers, the event will end on the first week of November 2012 (e.g. Nov 08 for Singapore).

Event Links By Regional Servers
[SG] Celebrate Halloween with Granado Espada
[US] Halloween Event
[KR] [이벤트] 시에라의 할로윈 이벤트 오픈
[KR] 레어 그랑마 등장! GE, '훈련소의 비밀' 업데이트 실시
[TW] GE 萬聖歡樂宴會
[TH] This Is Halloween Event


Ashardalon said…
See here for Rogue GE's Halloween event.