Singapore Server Closure

IAHGames is officially closing their game server on April 27, 2017. According to their official Facebook post here :

There is no mention of account transfer. Before this notice, the cash shop was changed to charge 1 G-Point (gold) for various items. This "event" makes it unlikely that transfer will be available, so keen players will have to restart on another server. There are currently 3 English servers available.

European server (EuroGamez) seems to be the most updated and eventful. They are on v27.31.33 and, according to this post , are planning to update to v27.96.08 by April or May.

American server (T3Fun) lags behind in updates at the same pace as Singapore server, currently at v26.60.82. Because of the update lag, we miss out on several Korea-exported events as well. One good thing is that the Lucky Shop (cash casino) allows older premium characters to be more readily available. (It seems harder to find such characters in European server, once their Lyndon Boxes expired.)

Hm. European server actually sells old premium characters from web shop ... I guess that lack of randomness means people don't get them unless they want the characters, which explains the lack of surplus inside market manager. Thank to Lana for the information.

Renaissance server (private), as with most private servers, is lagging badly behind in v21.84.39 (Armonia Episode 1). They do a lot more customization, but players will have to deal with the lack of new content for a very long time...

I was first introduced to Granado Espada on Singapore server during v2.1, under Starstorm family on Caracci server. The first update I encountered was v2.4 update, which introduces Bahia Island and the Island of Fire. To be honest, I'm surprised they lasted this long. When they closed their website/forums and moved to Facebook, it already seems like desperate cost-cutting measures. I haven't seen a MMO game running official notices through Facebook...

I guess IMC Games is trying to squeeze too much money out of a game that they haven't put that much effort into nowadays. Incidentally, according to this post , Nexon is investing in IMC Games with respect to Tree of Savior...

Well, don't ever spend too much on an online game, so you won't regret it when the server closes. Bye, sGE.