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T3Fun has updated American server to Armonia Episode 4 (v23.41.50). See quest guides for Armonia Episode 4 scenario and Recruit Berthe & Charles. The last update was 5 freaking months ago - Nov 26, 2014. Also, Vigilar Weapons have been added to the client, so they should be coming soon to Lucky Shop and/or Lyndon Box.

Charles' Fab Time F/W Event Apr 29 - Jun 10, 2015
There is a play-time event for costumes... but most of them are already available from Dressing Room. They should have put costumes which cannot be purchased instead. You get 1 point for spending 3 hours in-game. A costume costs 30 points, while a hair/hat costs 20 points.

The file includes (mostly) English voices for Cadet Leonele, Elizabeth, Snow Montoro, Lorraine, Dolores, Berthe, Bryan, and Divine Hammer Bryan.

The file includes Korean voices for Lorraine, Dolores, Bryan, and Divine Hammer Bryan.


Some time ago, GM tried to sell Santo de Blanc (Scout) armor and recipe via a forum "event" - Tools of the Trade (Jan 30, 2015) . Bet T3Fun was disappointed that nobody wants to buy it for the obscene price...

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Imperial Wheel S 105 has been updated for April 24-28, 2015, featuring Knight Bryan (aka Divine Hammer Bryan) and Sheol Pet.

Bryan and Divine Hammer Bryan are voiced by Han Megumi (潘めぐみ), who also performed in Hunter x Hunter (Gon Freecss), Ore Monogatari!! (Yamato Rinko), Shingeki no Bahamut: Genesis (Jeanne d'Arc), and Mobile Suit Gundam: The Origin (Sayla Mass).

Knight Bryan (aka Divine Hammer Bryan) Package
Character card is also available via 期間限定イベント「聖なる槌」 event.

Abyss Grimoire
Tome • ATK Rating 37

Vigilar Mail (Fighter)
Leather (Fighter) • DEF Rating 34 • DEF 211
Max HP +5000, Immunity +10

Pet Box - Sheol
ATK Rating +1, DEF Rating +1, Damage Received -10%, Penetration +15, Immunity +15, ATK vs. Monster +20%, Critical +10, Movement Speed +10%, Lv.12 Divine Bless

Tyrant Earrings
ATK vs. All Races +15%, ATK Rating +1, Penetration +20, Immunity +20

Tyrant Ring
ATK Rating +1, DEF Rating +1, All Stats +3

IAHGames has updated Singapore servers to v23.97.53 (Armonia Episodes 4+5). The new event is basically 2015 Elation Event, already implemented previously for Korean and European servers during Lunar New Year.

Frankly, this is TERRIBLE! They did not even have the Upgrade Your Gears! event, which sells Enhancement Boosters and Imperviums at a discount, giving players a last shot before converting to the new bloody system. Both European and Korean servers had the discount event just before Episode 5 update.

This leaves American server lagging behind at Episode 3... I hope T3Fun is not going to do the same by skipping straight to Episode 5 and bypassing the discount event. But given their service so far in the past few months...

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2015 Attendance Check Event 23/4-07/5, 2015

Europe server has been updated to v24.42.25, including the Korean-imported School Look Festival play-time event for new costumes. You get 1 event point for spending 3 hours in-game. Each costume costs 30 event points, taking 3.75 full days.

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So not only did T3Fun fail to update their game after 4-5 months of nothing, their server is failing too... Map loading is messed up too frequently, making mission re-entry after disconnection difficult. This déjà vu reminds one of GamersFirst (G1) towards the end - lack of updates, lack of communication, and failing server. Whine about it in Fix your servers T3! forum topic.

Actually, maps like Armonia Apostadero are still accessible. You cannot warp directly there, however. For example, to reach Apostadero, you must warp to either Armonia Cathedral or Armonia City, then move to Apostadero via NPC.

When you warp to the city or cathedral, the map may be bugged (like the above screenshot). To rectify this, you can simply warp again to the same map (i.e. city or cathedral). You should then be able to move about normally. This does not work for mission re-entry however.

The following post summarizes some changes based on patch notes for Korean live servers. American server is currently at v22.80.01 after 4.5 months of nothing. See Patch Notes page for earlier versions.

See also 武器製作回顧、每日副本追加及雜項追加資料 .

This sub-quest was added in v24.47.17. You will need the following items, which can be acquired from Ustiur Farm mission.

  • Golden Apple x5
  • Cockatrice Egg x20
  • Capybara Food x50
This quest guide has been updated to v24.85.71. This does not reflect changes (if any) made by later versions.

Synopsis :
During a visit to Reboldoeux, Alejandro encounters Vera and falls in love. Learning she is interested in art, you rob Lady Sasha of her tiara as a pretext for Alejandro to talk to her. During the talk, Vera mentions a fishy smell in an awkward moment.

Alejandro wants a new outfit and rid himself of the smell. After beating up some monsters for him, Najib Sharif gives you his Targan costume. Alejandro cannot fit the costume, so he wants to trim himself down with your help. You beat up Escudo Pecher as warm-up, move heavy stones as muscular exercise, and race him across Jezebel Glen.

You then feed Alejandro with apples, potatoes, and eggs. You pick some flowers and give to Vera as gifts from a secret admirer. Vera agrees to a date at Sea Elephant Cafe. Overlooking the port, Vera stops Alejandro's confession midway and friend-zones him. Alejandro is broken-hearted, and needs time to heal...

Recruit Bryan quests were added in v24.42.25. You will need the following items:

  1. Holy Water of Armonia x20
  2. Growth Stone x5 (optional)
  3. Elementium x50 (optional)
  4. Kryptonite x50 (optional)
  5. Wheel of Time x50 (optional)
You must also have Claude and Idge (or Battle Smith Idge) to initiate some quest dialogues. In American server, Bryan was renamed as Brianne.

This quest guide has been updated to v24.85.71. This does not reflect changes (if any) made by later versions.

Synopsis :
Blacksmith Brianne kicks your ass and makes you run errands for her, as she is angry that you associate with Archbishop Vega. As a veteran of the 2nd Armonia Holy War, Brianne challenges Laura, who destroyed the souls in El Templo when she broke Van's seals (see Armonia Episode 2). Iron Hammer family declares war on Constans family. During the fight, Navas appears and attacks. Laura pushes Brianne out of the way, and was hit by her hammer. Laura later reveals that the souls of Iron Hammer family remain in El Templo.

Brianne forced her way into El Templo even after being grounded by William. She subdued the remains of her family, until facing her father Tearan Iron Hammer. Navas intervenes and breaks her hammer. Brianne laments being unable to save her family just like 10 years ago. You provoke her to forge again and bring her some arms from Knight of Chaos. She confronts Navas again, who retreated.

Brianne feels something is still missing in her hammer. She insults Idge, who then mentions Claude's words about the "soul to protect someone". Claude asks Brianne to think of why her father and brothers sacrificed their lives. Brianne finally has an epiphany and realizes what her family motto meant by "a belief firm like iron". She decides to join your lowly family to see the world.

Added and updated UI Skin - Vampiric for v23.63.43 (Armonia Final Episode).

I'm looking for shopui.bmp file from European game client. You can use IPF Extractor to extract it from ui.ipf file inside ge folder. You can then upload it to an image host, such as Imgur . Thanks.

See UI SKINS page for setup instructions and more skins.