Best Blowout Support Event 2017 until July 04 (Europe) or Aug 23 (USA).  

The following post summarizes changes based on patch notes for Korean live servers. American server is currently at v23.97.53. See Patch Notes page for other versions.

  • Added new party mission - Viron: Regaining Time.
  • Added Spade Costume Set for Risky to Dressing Room for sale.
  • Added Sorang Card to Heavenly Character Card Box.
  • Fixed animations for Cherlyn and Snowflake Cherlyn.
  • Modified Clock Tower Basement mission to end after 3 minutes upon completion.
  • Fixed monster statistics of Fury Griffon party mission.
  • Fixed quest progression issue relating to Armonia El Templo.
  • Fixed quest condition issue for Najib Sharif's sub-quest.
  • Fixed Emilia's Gift quest for stance books where NPC does not respond.
  • Modified Baron state relating to stats reduction for Crescemento equipment.
  • Modified issue relating to luring Oscuras out of specified range.
  • Fixed auto-use of Healing in Keep mode.
  • Fixed display of viewing other family information.
  • Fixed critical damage output for Manipulation stance.
  • Fixed family attribute quest progression for party missions.

  • Modified some skills and stances. See table below.
  • Changed Spell Key purchase in Viron from dialogue to Shop UI.
  • Changed accessory materials purchase from dialogue to Shop UI.
  • Modified Personal Raid - Demonic Jurgen to always drop Symbol of Naraka.
  • Fixed respawn time of Man-Bear/Ape in Lucifer Secret Garden.
  • Fixed some AI issues of Abyss Sorrow/Gloom in Armonia En Celar.
  • Fixed Risky's Card Manipulation skill issue.
  • Started Authentic Growth Support Event based on family level and attendance for 3 weeks.

Rosa Secreta Before Change After Change
Corriente Estelar Drain 50% Removed drain status.
Reasoning Journalist Before Change After Change
Identified Status Jane avoids attack 3% (Lv.1) + 3% per level Jane avoids attack 20% (Lv.1) + 1% per level
Soul Bringer Before Change After Change
King Spirit Cool 85s Cool 75s
Crescendo Heavy armor 100%, ATK 2972% Heavy armor 125%, ATK 3380%
Blink Blow Heavy armor 100%, ATK 942%, Slow 50% Heavy armor 125%, ATK 1180%, Mortal Wound 50%
Soul Crash Heavy armor 100% Heavy armor 125%
Sniper Before Change After Change
Bullet Spear 20m x 2m width, 8 targets Range 5-20m, radius 4m, 8 targets, removed additional effects
Target Focus Critical +20%, no critical penalty for skills Duration 60s, Ignore DEF +6%, Reset cooldown 10% per sec.
Short Breathing (Lv.11) Reset cooldown 10% per sec. Critical damage +50%, no penalty on critical rate, removed cooldown reset
Long Breathing (Lv.11) ATK +110% ATK +165%, ATK Rating +1
Extreme Punisher Before Change After Change
Gun Slash - Extra damage when target has Mortal Wound status
Shooting Spree - Extra damage when target has Mortal Wound status
Bomb the Leaper ATK 1260% ATK 1460%, Ignore Invincibility
My Way! Skill ATK +12-50% Skill ATK +5-100%
Femme Fatale Before Change After Change
Bloody Dagger ATK 1140%, Ignore DEF 20, Lv.5 Pierced Wound 100% ATK 1560%, Ignore DEF 35, extra 10% damage per Pierced Wound level, removed Lv.5 Pierced Wound
Panning Blossom Lv.5 Pierced Wound 100% Extra 10% damage per Pierced Wound level, removed Lv.5 Pierced Wound
Strafe Charge (Lv.12) ATK 3476%, extra damage +10% per Pierced Wound level ATK 4136%, extra 10% damage per Pierced Wound level
Fox Hound Duration 100s Duration 200s
Dagger Polish (Lv.11) - Physical penetration +11, Enhanced Pierced Wound when skilling target has Pierced Wound
Enhanced Pierced Wound - Duration 15s, Bleeding damage proportional to level and skill damage: 1/5 for PVP, 1/2 HP Regen for PVE
Creacion Before Change After Change
Poder (Lv.12) ATK Rating +1 ATK Rating +2, domination buff: ATK +1% per level, penetration +1, duration +5s under Limite
Orden 9 targets 12 targets, Requiem 50%
Espacio Cool 40s Cool 30s
Limite (Lv.11) ATK Rating +1 DEF Rating +1
Royal Guard Before Change After Change
Basics ATK Speed +10%, Crescend/Great Sword Speed Limit 15 Removed ATK Speed bonus, and speed limit.
Martial Artists Before Change After Change
Job Skills Duration 60s, consumes 2 ASO Duration 120s, consumes 4 ASO
Rose Spirit Before Change After Change
Tierra Fertil 5 targets 5 squad members + 5 summoned monsters

  • Added Elemental Master stance for elementalists.
    • Book acquired from Master Guardian with Symbol of Pieces + 5 White Gold Bars.
    • Also available for Emilia's Gift quests relating to Secret Tower.
    • Rings are added to Ring Box of Chester.
  • Increased Baron penalty relating to ATK, ATK Rating, DEF, and DEF Rating.
    • Equipped non-tradable items (Evil Weapons) are changed to disappear upon death at standard rate. Items in inventory are dropped, not destroyed.
    • These will be logged in system messages.
  • Added solo raid missions - Lucifer Castle Cortes and Death Wraith at Coimbra Nimrod Bridge.
  • Modified UI relating to start location.
  • Modified 5 Elements - Otite of Wind quest slightly, relating to entrance position and Dr. Torsche's dialogue.

  • Modified Roulette Chest relating to situation when it is not clicked (?).
  • Fixed Equipment Preset function relating to wearing wrong item conditions.
  • Modified achievement rewards for Reboldoeux/Coimbra/Auch scenarios to Moon Stone x3 and Pet Food x10/12/15.
  • Custom Wing Coupons will ve moved to Premium Inventory window.
  • Reduced bonus damage of attacking skills for Manipulation stance.
  • Modified general attack output for Rosa Secreta stance.
  • Fixed issue relating to Magic Counterattack status of Ropera skill.
  • Fixed status not being triggered by Elemental Spirits skill.
  • Fixed Wiki Guide Link in Quest window.
  • Fixed entry count not being reset in Lucifer Castle missions.
  • Fixed some problems in Armonia maps.
  • Started Lyndon Box sale for old characters, such as Snow Montoro, Cutie Claire, etc.