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Armonia Final Episode introduces the new enhancement system. I have been saving up my Time Crystals for quite some time, and when the update finally arrives, I had this:

In Armonia Final Episode, the amount of Time Crystals required for 1 Evil Weapon was reduced from 600 to 150. This amounts to 62 Evil Weapons, specifically Rose x16, Arbremon x6, Sauterelle x7, Nephthys x8, Cortes x10, Death Wraith x7, and Jurgen x8. I also had 3 Abyss Scrolls and 1 Evil Polearm created previously. So that is a total of 66 AR34 Weapons to enhance...

Exchanging the weapons was really tedious. Since Dr. Torsche will only trade 1 weapon per quest, I had to warp back and forth between Dr. Torsche's Lab and Viron to trade for weapon and retake the quest... repeatedly for 62 times.

I used 20 Enhancement Boosters for each +5 or higher enhancement. I used Blessing of Valeron to enhance +7 only when enough Powders of Valeron were yielded by broken weapons. Enhancement failure of these weapons do not yield any Dazzling Ores for some reason. 

The entire process consumed 3,480 Enhancement Boosters~! The broken weapons yielded 112 Powders of Valeron, which are exchanged for 7 Blessings of Valeron. Because of the repeated map movement, the process took almost 2.5 hours...

And the successful weapons are the following 12: 

So that is 12 out of 66 weapons successfully reaching +7. This amounts to an average of 18% (12/66) success rate using the above method. To look at this in another way, it takes 5.5 (66/12) weapons to get a single +7 one.


So does that mean from Ep.05 and on there will be nothing to prevent losing when trying to +7 and above?

Ouch Ash, I know your feelings buddy ~n~

What I see happening is Evil will be the new Constellation. People will hoard them and let them at +6, so they'll be the same as a +7 const... The weapons market will be nearly dead and/or overpriced, because Evil isn't tradable.... But what sux the most has to be the fact they said 'armor upgrade will stay the same' when infact the success rate has decreased and armors have been falling to below +5 even when using full EB+imperviums...

i'm done crafting weapons that's for sure.i have 400+ imp that i'll use for armor upgrading but this valeron non-sense, and BS to brainwash the mass that's easier to craft weapons... sure if the whole server was on constalation....
Might as well add crest to the ancient en celar afking with high crest rate would help.

Well my dear^ i told you i might retire when i get my pendants. we are reaching that goal.


I know it's too late for you but for anyone else actually plan on exchanging this much evil weapon.. You can actually for instance take the rose quest then claim other types of evil weapon like cortes, jurgen, etc. You can talk to Dr. Torsche this way repeatedly without having to go back and forth that many times.

Yanno ash you could still claim other weps rather the one u took quest from the machine to save time and there is no need warping back to viron unless u claim the one u had quested...

Why would you waste so many resources on hard earned weapons when t3fun might release Vigilars?

Because I don't pay for this game.