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Imperial Wheel S 106 (Japan) has been updated for May 05-20, 2015.

Tyrant Belt
DEF 10 • DEF Rating +1, All Stats +3, Immunity +15

Tyrant Gloves
DEF 15 • Penetration +10

Pet Box (Tary Dog)
Drop Rate +70%, ATK +10%, HP Absorb 5%

Abyss Pistol
Pistol • ATK Rating 37 • ATK 292
Penetration +10, Immunity -5, Accuracy +10, ATK vs. All Races +20%

Vigilar Robe/Plate
DEF Rating 34 • DEF 190/250
Max HP +5000, Immunity +10


Any JGE sound package available Ash? Thanks in advance

I'll upload a new sound pack after Jap GE adds Bane... should be by end of May. The latest uploaded Jap file is only missing Bryan/DHByran. See SE Download Folder.

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