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American server has been updated to Armonia Episode 3 (v22.80.01). See the quest guides for Armonia Episode 3 and Recruit Patrick. See also Patch Notes page for upcoming versions.

USA - Armonia Episode 3 (2014-11-26) 242 MB
This includes Jin, Loretta, and Patrick.

Patrick's Gift Event
Talk to Patrick (Event NPC) in Reboldoeux to start a combat mission. Defeat 3 monsters (2 demon, 1 undead) in 10 minutes, then talk to Patrick again for reward:
  • Experimental Weapon Ticket (30 days) x2
  • Soul Crystal (Event) x20
  • Pet Food x10
  • Sacred Green Pepper (Combat/Stance EXP +30% for 30 days) x1
Note that the timers for Experimental Weapons and Sacred Green Pepper are automatically activated upon reception.

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Lyndon Box - Loretta 11/12-11/26, 2014

Added new skin - Dark Turquoise for v22.98.87 (Armonia Episode 4) game client.

See UI SKINS page for downloads and set-up instructions.

Recruit Berthe & Charles quests were added in v22.98.87 . This guide has been updated according to American game client (v23.41.50). You will need the following items:

  • Great Cabosse x20 - See Ustiur Farm mission.
  • Growth Stone x5 (optional) - Buy from Feso Shop for 100,000 Feso each.
A concept art of Berthe's costume is available at 뒷태가 너무 궁금합니다 .

Saint Anis wants to give Berthe a gift, so you present some flowers, which Charles burns away. Laura reveals Berthe likes sweet things, so you acquire Special Killer Chocolate from Lisa. Berthe then smiles for the first time, shocking Charles.

Charles makes a skull necklace to protect Berthe, but it draws monsters to her instead. She is wounded when Abyss Harz attacks. Laura brings her to the cathedral for treatment, while Charles follows reluctantly. Archbishop Vega wants to eliminate Berthe and Charles as heretics, but Saint Anis intervenes. They are placed in the purification room, and Charles is given abyssal energies to offset the damage from holy power.

Charles possesses Berthe's body and escapes from the cathedral to meet with Van, who reveals that Charles the torture executor was the one who left Berthe with the indelible wound. Van attempts to resurrect Ornella by using Berthe as a vessel. After you defeats Van's Fragments of Abyss, Berthe & Charles fall unconscious. When Berthe awakes, Charles is gone, leaving Berthe depressed.

Patrick says that Charles was created by Van's magic by combining various ghosts. Charles is the one with the most powerful emotion, swallowing all the others. Van is using Descent spell to imbue a soul into the sacrifice's body. Charles sacrifices himself to counter the spell.

Using victimized ghosts and the Cerebrate of Hate, Patrick creates a crystal to coalesce Charles' scattered soul. Charles reforms and is free of Van's control. Van lets loose the Fragments of Abyss, which you summarily defeat. Vincent tries to kill Van, but the latter is saved by Navas once more. Charles suspects that Van is now at the Gate of Abyss - Requiem de Adio.

Charles says Vincent's emotions are manipulated by Abyss, since his meeting with Abyss in the Land of the Dead. Berthe & Charles joins you as they have further business with Van. Berthe & Charles sneak into the cathedral to meet Saint Anis. Saint Anis apologizes once more for letting Berthe go. Berthe hugs her and renews their friendship.

Europe server has been updated to Armonia Episode 4 (v23.07.18). See Patch Notes page for upcoming versions. The skin packs at UI Skins page should still be compatible. Leave a comment if there is any issue.

Meanwhile, it has been almost 2 months since T3Fun last updated, Europe server had 2 updates since... T3Fun staff needs to wake up and start patching. Still no update this week. Game is getting tired and repetitive.

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Armonia Episode 4 scenario was added in v22.98.87 . This guide has been updated according to American game client (v23.41.50). You will need the following items:

Archbishop Vega says that the seal has weakened, exposing citizens to abyssal energy. William asks you to investigate Van to secure the route to the Sanctum. Vincent fails to convince Van again, and finds the seal on Viego to be a rune spell of Memento Mori.

Although Laura broke the seal forcefully once before, Patrick says that Van created the new seal by burning the herd of Abyss. Patrick uses Blue Armonium Ores to dispel the seal. In Viego, you spy on Navas and Van, learning that Van is using medicine to turn back his body's time. Van insists that he will not have human deaths until his goal has been accomplished. Van leaves after making you fall asleep, but your sleep is interrupted by Berthe and Charles.

According to Patrick and Laura, Berthe is called Death Whisperer in Memento Mori. At 12-years old, Berthe held Sara's rosary and received the pattern of Armonia below her left eye, signifying that she would be the next Saint appointed by Sara. but the Archbishop left somewhere with Berthe, and she never returned. Anis then became the Saint. You note that Berthe now has the Memento Mori mark instead.

Laura confronts Charles who is controlling Berthe's body, but is defeated. Laura asks Saint Anis about what happened when she last saw Berthe. After reading her letter, Laura confronts Archbishop Vega, accusing him of forcefully removing the mark of saint from Berthe using forbidden medication which took her voice. Saint Anis stops Laura from killing Vega.

In Viego, Abyss Harz demands Charles to give up Van, and Berthe falls unconscious after the fight. Charles refuses to let Laura bring Berthe to the cathedral for treatment. Patrick reveals that Van saved Berthe who was to become the Saint. Van also controls her hatred for being exiled, losing her innate sanctity. The ghost Charles appeared then as her guardian.

After winning Charles' trust, you arrange a meeting for Berthe and Saint Anis. Archbishop Vega tries to stop her, but Saint Anis pledges on her earring, forcing him to give up. Berthe was fettered by Van somehow, which Anis releases her using her halidom as a medium for holy power. Berthe seizes Anis with hateful eyes, then walks away when Anis apologizes about taking her place as the Saint.

Vincent swears to kill Van. Since Charles promised Van to protect him until he is ready, he refuses to cooperate. Vincent runs off on his own after Van, but his hatred draws Abyss Hate to Van and spawns Abyss Harz, Hassen, Appear, and Ubeth. Abyss Hate wants to use Vincent's body as a vessel, but Van seals him with Mori's spell. Navas appears to save Van for their mutual plans.

Charles reveals that the incomplete Abyss is passing itself off as a dominator of Abyss. With Abyss Hate gone, you purify the Armonium in Viego. Once the holy power in Gloria and Viego are balanced, the way to the Sanctum will be opened. Charles warns that Vincent's hatred and rage will be a problem, and that Berthe does not want to meet Saint Anis. Saint Anis is doing penance in the cathedral, so she could not leave. You promise to help her cure Berthe's wound...

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Embedded Youtube video was removed by Viacom.

UI Skin - Chocolate is now available for download. All skin packs on this site has now been updated to v22.98.87 for Armonia Episode 4. If you are using older versions, please re-download them or there may be missing buttons/icons.

See UI SKINS page for download links and installation instructions.

Taiwan servers have been updated to Armonia Episode 2. The update events include:

  • Complete the specific Demonic mission 10 times and get a random reward, such as 1-10m Vis Purse, Bristia Accessory, Ring Box, etc.
  • New accounts get free Event character cards for Calyce, Helena, Grace, Adelina, and Emilia.
  • EXP Boost +100% until 12/10, 2014.

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The following highlights noteworthy points from Korean live server patch notes. American server is currently at v22.43.79. For patch notes of other versions, see Patch Notes page.