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Also called Elemental Lords, this weekly raid mission was added in v20.67.61 . The unique rewards of this raid are Recipe - Grade 35 Armor Crystal and Forest Spirit.

This raid mission is difficult, given that you have only 30 minutes for the entire run. The boss' element buffs (especially Land buff) must be removed quickly without glitch or you may run out of time.

Imperial Wheel S (Japan) was updated for May 27-June 03, 2014. See GMプレゼンス の『新アイテム』ご紹介  for GM's introduction.

Recruitment Set - Cutie Claire
Cutie Claire Character Card + Upgraded [Cannon Shooter] Ring
Tyrant Cannon + Custom Weapon Costume Ticket (Cannon)

Note: Cutie Claire (Japan) is the same as Hunter Claire (CON 65 DEX85), except her personal skill is replaced by [Lovely Shot], which is similar to the first skill of [Illusion Garde]. Lv.10 [Love Shot] deals ATK 204% (magic damage), and 100% chance to inflict [Love] status.

Recruitment Set - Sierra
Sierra Character Card + Recipe - Little Witch Broomstick
Magic Weapon Crystal - Grade 35 (x2) + Elemental Jewel (x30)
Forest Spirit (x10) + Ambrosia (x3)
Old Witch Broomstick + Upgraded [Nature] Ring
Precious Witch Costume + Hat

Vigilar Lute
Lute • ATK Rating 36 • ATK 285 • Abnormal Status RES +15

Vigilar Cannon
Cannon • ATK Rating 36 • ATK 565 • Blind 5%

Strata Devil Accessory Set
Strata Devil Earrings • Penetration +12, Immunity +12, Accuracy +5
Strata Devil Necklace • Reduce All Damage 7%, DEF Rating +1
Strata Devil Belt • DEF +7, Immunity +12

Pet Box (Diablo)
ATK Rating +1, DEF Rating +1, Damage Reduction -10%,
Penetration +5, Immunity +5, ATK vs. Monster +5%,
DEF +5, Critical +5, Movement Speed +10%, Lv.12 [Divine Bless]

Imperial Wheel S (Japan) was updated for May 16-26, 2014.

Recruitment Set - Hunter Claire
Hunter Claire Character Card + Vigilar Cannon + Upgraded [Cannon Shooter] Ring

Recruitment Set - Sierra
Vigilar Broomstick + Sierra Character Card + Upgraded [Nature] Ring

Recruitment Set - Illusion
Recipe - Elite Bristia Rapier + Melee Weapon Crystal - Grade 36 (x2)
Elemental Jewel (x20) + Twisted Weapon Piece (x3,000)
Illusion Character Card + Upgraded [Illusion Garde] Ring

Recruitment Set - Levin
Vigilar Blade + Levin Character Card + Upgraded [Desire] Ring

Recruitment Set - Nena
Vigilar Poleaxe + Nena Character Card + Upgraded [Invertir] Ring

Vigilar Crossbow
Crossbow • ATK Rating 36 • ATK 390

Vigilar Slayer
Great Sword • ATK Rating 36 • ATK 484

Strata Devil Accessory Set
Strata Devil Earrings • Penetration +12, Immunity +12, Accuracy +5
Strata Devil Necklace • Reduce All Damage 7%, DEF Rating +1
Strata Devil Belt • DEF +7, Immunity +12

Montoro's Viscount Ring
ATK Rating +1, DEF Rating +1

Mireille  is now available in Lyndon Box  (Korea), along with a new costume set for Sierra. See 케릭보다 코튬이 더 반가운건?  and 옷이 날개여  for screenshots of Sierra's new costume set.

Updated Phoenix ST skin for v20.38.22, which is still usable for Bahama Episode 2 update. This skin was originally designed by Reyva  of Orpesia (G1) server. This is the semi-transparent (ST) version.

See UI SKINS page for download links.

This raid mission is required for the 5th part of Family Attribute Quests.

Talk to Event NPC Claire in Reboldoeux to start a daily event mission for 5 minutes. This is similar to Jack & Magic Bean mission, but allows MCC3 and has different item drops. This event is also available in other servers for 2 weeks.

Click on the treasure chests until they open or the item is revealed, before the giant wakes up. The item drops include Carnation, Constellation Symbol, Enchantment Chip Lv.88-Veteran, Weapon Crystal Grade 32-33, Armor Crystal Grade 30, White Gold Bar, Pure Gold Bar, Symbol of Naraka, Dream of Devil, Dragon Heart, Ancient Rune - Ti/Te/Ar/An, Moon/Sun Stone, Ancient Relic, Shiny Crystal Chest, Elite Treasure Box (which drops Enchantment Chip Lv.92-100 or Moon Stone x5), Rumin Ore, Composite Steel, etc.

Talk to Event NPC Claire again to exchange Carnation for Gift Box of Claire, which drops 1-2 of the following random items:
  • Soul Crystal (Event) x2
  • Ampule of Steroid (Event) x2
  • Principal Potion (Event) x2
  • Socket Processing Tranquilizer (Event) x1
  • Enhanced Enchantment Tranquilizer (Event) x1
  • Veteran G EXP Card x2
  • Ring Box of Richard/Genos/Chester/Veiren/Curan (Event) x2
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 [NA] Server Merge Events
There will be Double EXP Event for 1 week (until 5/21), and 1 Vis Roulette Event for 2 weeks (until 5/28).

 [NA] Lyndon Box - Cutie Claire & Cannon Shooter Claire 
Lyndon Box is on for May 07-21, 2014, featuring premium Claire and meta-premium Claire... because regular premium isn't enough anymore.

Updated Intrepid Skin for v20.38.22, still usable for Bahama Episode 2 update. This skin was originally designed by Reyva from American (G1) servers.

See UI SKINS page for download links.

These highlights are based on official patch notes of Korean live servers. For patch notes of earlier versions, see Patch Highlights v21.27.83. American game server is currently at v21.07.77.

The following is a guide on how to access and play Granado Espada in Japan servers. Please follow this basic rule to avoid raising suspicion of your non-Japanese origin:

Keep a low profile. Do NOT broadcast or talk openly in English. 

An active community is always needed for MMORPG. If you have a clan/faction or chat group, please post your clan/faction forum or contact (and server) in the comments, so that interested players can contact you.

GE Japan Website -

All links to GE Japan website from this post will be using Google URL Shortener  to hide the link referer, after testing with What Is My Referer .

Recruit Sirius quests were added in v21.62.18 .

 This guide has been updated according to American server (v21.77.84). Once again, the trolls from Candy faction, such as Connor and Merida, need to find something better to do with their lives than to block questers. No thanks to LegionofFire for refusing squad and killing the bear.

You will need the following items for the entire quest. See Jupath GE: Cooking Ingredients  for the locations where the related items drop. Cook Stones are available from Grade 0-9 Alchemy roulette.
  • Pure Etretanium x500
  • Pure Aidanium x500
  • Pure Ionium x500
  • Pure Quartz x500
  • Pure Talt x500
  • Mega Etretanium x50
  • Mega Aidanium x50
  • Mega Ionium x50
  • Mega Quartz x50
  • Mega Talt x50
  • Brawn x30
  • Spider Meat x30
  • Comodo Meat x30
  • Cabosse x30
  • Beet x30
  • Golden Apple x30
  • Honey x50
  • Wheat Flour x50
  • Cook Stone x50

Sirius wants you to help the fallen crusaders rest in peace. You collect some of their earrings, then Saint Anis feeds you to the Abyss Bear in order to make some holy water. After the secret memorial service, Sirius wants to fight in the holy war, so he asks you to convince Millionaire Andres to help with the supplies, while he requests the church committee to dispatch his unit.

However, the church committee denies the dispatch request, so as to reduce risk in the church's finances and honor. Sirius throws a fit, and goes crying to Commander William. William bitch-slaps him and tells him to do whatever his convictions tell him, and to stop whining.

Sirius decides to join your family to bypass church restrictions. William decrees that Sirius' deputy commander position will remain vacant until he returns. William wants Sirius to show him his convictions in a duel... and so Sirius proves his worth by running away! After Sirius ran for his life at break-neck speed, William gives up and yields [Holy Shielder] stance book to improve Sirius' overly offensive nature.