Update v27.96.08 v27.93.80 delayed to May 30, 2017. Best Blowout Support Event until July 04.  

The following highlights noteworthy points from Korean live server patch notes. American server is currently at v22.43.79. For patch notes of other versions, see Patch Notes page.

  • Revised Blood Navy mission. Reduced entry cost from 20 to 5 Elemental Jewels. Improved rewards.
  • Fixed starting position of leader for Mad Montoro, Mad Kielce, and Armonia Second Holy War party missions.
  • Fixed some issues with Soul Crystals and Teleport Scrolls.

  • Revised some stances for World-Cross PVP. See the link above for table of changes.
  • Modified Priest of Fear mission.
    • Reduced duration to 30 minutes.
    • Increased Abyss Sorrow's HP, and nerf Crusader NPCs.
    • Removed minimum number of Crusader NPCs requirement.
  • Modified Market Manager and Cash Shop UI.
  • Modified Rose Spirit's Mantara summon to despawn after a certain time of moving beyond a fixed distance.
  • Modified Jane's debuff to stack with Rascel's debuff.
  • Started Roreta VS Pioneers event.

  • Modified Home Premium Service (aka Master Explorer Pack).
    • Combat/Stance EXP +40% → +50%. No change in drop rate +40%. 
    • Increased spawn rate and reduced drop rate in Ancient Castilla Temple.
  • Added new character - Roreta in Lyndon Box .
    • Added Eagle Claw related rings to Richard's Ring Box.
  • Added hard mode for Bounty Hunter's Guild missions, except for Sphinx, Minotauros, and Medusa.
    • Hard mode available only 1/day for each mission. You can bypass this limit with 80 Bounty Hunter's Guild Tokens or an active Home Premium Service.
    • Bounty Hunter's Guild Tokens can now be traded.
    • Enhanced monsters and "improved" roulette rewards. See [GE韓測23.09.86] 魔性副本困難模式 .
  • Modified Knight of Chaos mission.
    • Removed easy mode.
    • When the mission starts, gates will appear at both sides. Monsters will appear out of the gates regularly. The boss appears after you kill the gates. 
    • Modified Dullahan boss. AR/DR 83 → 81, DEF 255 → 229.
  • Revised rewards for inactive players who return to the game.
  • Improved target buff window tooltip.
  • Modified Ancient Abyss Sorrow/Gloom loot tagging to be based on cumulative damage.

  • Modified notification UI. Replaced mail box with notify me icon. Deleted mail icon at mini-map.
  • Added Event tab to Mission Info Center window.
  • Revised Armonia Degenerate Tutorial quest.
  • Added Berthe & Charles' sub-quest. Must have completed Thanatos stance book quest.
  • Revised some Armonia quests.
    • Modified Control quest (see Recruit Patrick) relating to quest items for Mage of Madness.
    • Modified Rest For Warriors quest (see Recruit Laura) to make quest items 100% drop.
    • Added Spinelles for Abyss Bear and Abyss Wolf for 10,000,000 Vis from Catherine (NPC) at Ustiur Base Camp.
  • Increased market trading limit from 100 billion to 200 billion Vis.
  • Revised drop rate of equipment in Ancient Castilla Temple slightly.
  • Modified Meteor Shower skill for Blue Flame & Student President Ludin in relation to Magic Enhancement.
  • Fixed some issues with Roreta and Mireille.