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Armonia Episode 1 was added in v21.62.18 .

 This quest guide has been updated according to American game server (v21.77.84). It took longer than necessary because of the trolls from TheOne, Candy, and NorthKorea factions who have nothing better to do than to block other players' quest progression. Thanks to Script and others who helped me with Earring of Cepheus. Hopefully, newer players and those from other servers will find this useful.

The entire scenario requires the following items and characters:
  • Vincent - recruited and created. [Abyss] stance book quest not required.
  • Ice Rufus Reaper Wing x10 - drops in Snowfield of the Ice Wizard.
  • Sedative x20 - available from Grade 0-3 Alchemy roulette.
  • Otite Perfume x1 - available from Feso Shop.
  • Amethyst Piece x1 - drops in Tierra Putrefacta and its dungeon.
  • Ancient Rune - Ti & Ar (1 each) - drops in Errac Land of Day.
  • Ancient Rune - Te & An (1 each) - drops in Errac Land of Night.
  • White Gold Bar x2 - available from any potion merchant shop for 1,000,000 Vis each.
If you are doing the quests together with other players, you only need 1 set of Ancient Runes for the entire group. If you have at least Baron Lv.1, you do not need Otite Perfume.

The priests of Armonia visit Kielce to hold a memorial ceremony for the deceased, during which Vincent notices traces of a rune spell used by his brother Van to gather the souls of the dead. Olivia reveals that she met Van in Bristia Scar before, where Van used another rune spell to bind the souls of those who died from the Cannon of Concentrated Magic during the Three-Year War. The moth-shaped monster, Breeze, binds the souls of the dead by devouring living souls. Van is trying to resurrect someone by sacrificing innocent lives.

You gather more information. Kurt reveals that while Montoro created undead by using the living, Van imbued souls of the dead into their original bodies. Gerar Loren reveals Van was responsible for starting the war between Royalists and Republicans. Van is gathering the remnants of the Five Elements. At the end of the trail, you discovers Van is trying to revive a woman named Ornella.

Conflict soon arises between the priesthood and Memento Mori when Pope Vasnuela III was murdered. Thinking Van has been framed for the murder, Vincent returns to Armonia on the zeppelin designed by Marchetti. You arrive in Armonia Anilio, which used to be a gateway between Vespanola and Illier. You discovers Jurgen to be behind the beast attacks in Armonia Latina. As a reward, Shuran the Mediator sends you on to Archbishop Vega in the cathedral.

Sirius does not trust Memento Mori, so he heeps throwing you to the beasts, which you discover to have been embedded with strange ores. Archbishop Lennon distrusts Vega, wondering where is the dispatch of crusaders sent to suppress the beasts of Latina. The dispatch was baptized but was not sent out of the city, and a lot of supplies were purchased but not accounted for. Lennon confronts Vega.

Vega explains that Armonia has existed since the beginning of human history, and has fought to break the link between the present world and the Abyss. William and the First Crusader Unit were dispatched to the basement camp after the energy of Abyss grew stronger. So Sirius leads the 2nd Crusader Unit to join in the holy war. William claims that he never received any supply since dispatched, and they are running of holy water. Saint Anis creates the holy water out of Armonium, the same substance Jurgen used to corrupt the beasts.

After returning to the basement camp, Sirius got hammered by Bryan the Blacksmith. You learn that Abyss can corrupt even crusaders. Identifying a newly found earring, Sirius concludes that his friend Cepheus had fallen in the war, and is now a monster. Cepheus asks to be released from his pain, you oblige him by slaughtering him. Archbishop Bruno, however, has accepted his abyssal form, and Van appears later to forcefully release his soul. But before Van can be questioned, useless Vincent falls unconscious... You report to Archbishop Vega, who gives you something prepared by the parish - Tears of Sara the Grand Saint.

Imperial Wheel S (Japan) has been updated twice for April 2014.

 See GMフォーン の『新アイテム』ご紹介  for GM's introduction.

Recruitment Set - Hunter Claire
Hunter Claire Character Card + Upgraded Cannon Shooter Ring
Hunter Claire (aka Cannon Shooter Claire) will be voiced by Kugimiya Rie (釘宮理恵), who also voiced as Happy in Fairy Tail, Hastur in Haiyore! Nyaruko-san, etc. In Japan, she has CON 65 and DEX 85, which is 5 more points in both abilities when compared to her counterpart in Korea. The character card is also available in-game from Lair of Jormungand mission (both normal and hard versions; Japan only). See ハンタークレア登場!!  and 釘宮理恵さん演じる新キャラクター「ハンタークレア」が本日実装  for more information.

Special Costume Set - Emilia
Le Reve Bleu Costume (Emilia/ETS) + Le Reve Bleu Hair (Emilia/ETS) + Strata Devil Necklace

Support Set - Nena
Vigilar Poleaxe (Polearm • ATK Rating 36 • ATK 408) + Upgraded Invertir Ring
Guardian of Altar Costume (Nena) + Refinement Hair (Nena)
Note: See Imperial Wheel S: March 2014 for screenshots of the costume set.

Pet Box (Red Popo)
ATK vs. Human +15%, Penetration +10, Immunity +10, DEF +10, HP +10,000, All RES +10

Production Set - Elite Bristia Crossbow
Recipe - Elite Bristia Crossbow + Grade 36 Range Weapon Crystal (x2)
Elemental Jewel (x20) + Twisted Weapon Piece (x3,000)

Production Set - Elite Bristia Cannon
Recipe - Elite Bristia Cannon + Grade 36 Range Weapon Crystal (x2)
Elemental Jewel (x20) + Twisted Weapon Piece (x3,000)

 See GMフォーン の『新アイテム』ご紹介  for GM's introduction. Unlike other weapons, Vigilar Weapons can be enchanted up to ATK +50%, Racial ATK +120%, Penetration +10, etc.

Support Set - Grandies
Tyrant Slayer + Strata Devil Necklace + Upgraded Soul Guard Ring

Support Set - Gracielo the Lightning
Vigilar Gaiters (Gaiters • ATK Rating 36 • ATK 175 • Penetration +5, DEF +8)
Upgraded Ultimate Bloodthirsty Windstorm Ring

Support Set - Heyran
Vigilar Dagger (Dagger • ATK Rating 36 • ATK 210 • Penetration +5) + Upgraded Femme Fatale Ring

Support Set - Elementalist
Vigilar Bangle (Elemental Bracelet • ATK Rating 36 • ATK 293) + Upgraded Magic of Occultism Ring

Support Set - Sierra
Vigilar Broomstick + Upgraded Nature Ring

Pet Box (Giant Snail)
Drop rate +40%, ATK vs. Monsters +10%, ATK Speed +10%, HP/SP Recovery, Pick Items

Cutie Claire  and Cannon Shooter Claire  are now available in Lyndon Box (Korea)  and Lyndon Box (Taiwan) . Cutie Claire is also available as a top prize in a Monopoly-like Armonia Marvel Event  (Korea). 

T3Fun will be merging Orpesia server with Castilla server on May 15, 2014. Take all your items out of the Market Manager before server merge. See Server Merge Policy  for details, and Server Merge: Discuss  for forum discussion.

Image from 1993 Heaven Sword & Dragon Saber Episode 24.

According to the private server website here , the server will be down indefinitely until further notice.

Downtime 2014-04-22
Our VPN/Antiddos provider has terminated services therefore server is being shutdown for undefined amount of time. Please follow website for more news. We are very sorry about inconvenience.

This is one of the free daily missions offered by Coimbra Mercenary. This mission is required for Family Attribute Quests and Armonia Episode 1 scenario.

Video by Pamidorke Pami

Singapore servers has been updated to Bahama Episode 2 (v20.67.61) on April 17, 2014. Since this is before v20.81.80 , players on both Singapore and Europe servers can still solo raid Time Piece - Cortes mission easily using the tank-in-the-corner trick. Also, Battle Colosseum will be deleted in v20.91.18 , so players from both servers might want to farm more Elementium before the map is removed.

There is no UI skin update in this patch, so you can still use skins for v20.38.22 without any issue. See UI Skins for download links.

Taiwan servers were updated to Bahama Episode 2 (v20.91.18) on April 9, 2014. Taiwan servers are also having Rosa's Notes Event again. The event rewards include Pet Box (Snail), Rascel's Black Scorpion Hat, Summer Costumes for Grandies/Beatrice/Mary, and Roht Character Card.

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Easter Event 2012 has been recycled for 2014... Sharif wants the painted eggs again, requiring the annoying colored dyes. You can buy dyes from Precious Metal Merchant for 50 Shiny Crystals each.

Lucky Shop  also releases Tyrant Halberd and Ice Bracelet...

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Revised in v10.4.1, this is one of the free daily missions offered by Coimbra Mercenary. This mission is required for Family Attribute Quests and Armonia Episode 1 scenario.

Video by LaRenuille

For older version of this mission, see Joaquin Barrier Siege (v3.2) and Revised Joaquin Barrier Siege (v6.3).

The roulette rewards for Tigres Prison raid mission were revised in v20.50.96 and v20.67.21 . The following tables are taken from American game client (v21.07.77). See Tigres de la Carcel Roulettes to compare with the previous roulette tables (v19.23.40).

See YouTube - 灵魂风逐  for raid videos of all 10 prison floors.

Both the tsundere demigoddess and the little bitch witch offer daily quests upon the completion of Recruit Nena quests. Battle Colosseum has been deleted in v20.91.18 . Elementium can now be collected from Royal Honeycomb (boss in the Prophet's Forest). The following quests provide an alternative source for the alchemy material.

Each day, Sierra will give you for the first quest to kill Divino, regardless of how many daily quests you have completed on the previous day. For example, if you completed up to Fire Crystallization quest and did not finish Water Crystallization quest yesterday, Sierra will give you Creating A Broom In Secret quest again today, and Water Crystallization quest will also remain in your quest window. This means you won't be stuck if you do not complete all the quests in 1 day.

Also called Sky Altar Defense, this daily raid mission was added in v20.67.61 and slightly revised in v20.72.18 . This mission is required for Recruit Nena quests and one of Prophet's Forest Daily Quests.

IMC has released a new update preview - 업데이트 미리보기 - 아르모니아 .

 See Armonia teaser mini-site - 그라나도 에스파다 .

T3Fun has updated the American servers to v21.07.77, featuring Bahama Episode 2. For later versions, see Patch Highlights v21.27.83.

  • New Quests - Bahama Episode 2 & Recruit Nena
  • Hats for Illusion and Snowflake Cherlyn can be purchased from Dressing Room.
  • PVP bug has been enabled again in Ancient Areas and Sacred Chaos Requiem maps... 
  • And Enhancement Boosters and Imperviums are still NOT restored to the cash shop... 
There is no UI skin update in this patch, so you can still use skins for v20.38.22 without any issue. See UI Skins for download links.

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