[KOR] New character—Navas (any bracelet).   ⭐   [SEA] Spring Grabber Event until Oct 4, Rubiana's Blessing Event until Oct 10.

Summer Spotlight: Weapon Crafting

American server is having Summer Spotlight: Weapon Crafting πŸ”— event. Simply acquire the following weapon as a quest reward during the specified week.
  • July 1-8: Diary of Veronif πŸ”—. Reward: Summer Weapon Costume Summon Stone (Event), Enchantment Tranquilizer (Event; 5 minutes); Character: Queen Sereni Joshua.
  • July 9-16: Old Broom of Witch. Reward: Sacred Chaos Requiem Pass (Event; 3 days), Enchantment Tranquilizer (Event; 5 minutes); Character: Aclla.
  • July 17-24: Le Conjelable (not repeatable) or Encyclopedia πŸ”—. Reward: Dazzling Obsidian, Red Devil Wings (7 days); Character: Rada.
  • Special: "Craft" all 3 weapons above. Reward: Grade 37 Weapon Box (Event), Dazzling Spodumene.
Each week, there are also 1 winner of 5,000 T-Coins and 2 winners of a character card (event).