[KOR] New Update Preview—Cielo Y Tierra. 💤 Updated Altria Episode 1 and Recruit Coa guides! 💤

Patch Notes v29.60.49 - v29.79.16

The following post summarizes changes based on patch notes for Korean live servers. See Patch Notes page for other versions.

  • Added function to arrange order in Warp List.
  • Modified Game Transaction Password.
  • Modified a recipe (Purified Stone Gas Piece?) to use Refined Ionium instead of Refined Quartz.
  • Modified text color to red when map is not accessible via Quest Warp UI.
  • Fixed dress room bug.

  • Added Misa Machina to Heavenly Character Box.
  • Fixed some sound and buff issues.
  • Started Love & Thanks Event ðŸ”— for 1 week, doubling roulette rewards.

  • Fixed costume issues.
  • Fixed Lord of Death, Violeta Ferro stances.

  • Added new character—Guardian Coa ðŸ”— to Lyndon Box ðŸ”—.
  • Modified Rock NPC respawn time from 1 hour to 1 minute for quest.
  • Fixed some map issues.
  • Started Angry Coa Event ðŸ”— for 2 weeks. See also Angry Coa Mini-Game ðŸ”—.
  • Started Battle of Altria Event ðŸ”— for 4 weeks.
  • Started Scenario Support Event. All quest warps are free, quest item drop rate +100%, and event buff [AR+3, DR+3, ATK vs Monster +50%]. Bonus rewards for clearing Bristia, Armonia, New Era, and The Symphonia scenarios.

v29.73.60 💥 Altria Episode 1 ðŸ”—
  • Added new maps—Camellia Teia, Frourio, River of Fire, Burrow's Hideout.
  • Added new scenario—Outpost Frourio (Altria Episode 1).
  • Added 5 new quests.
    • You need to complete certain quests first—Bahama scenario, Armonia Final Episode, The Symphonia Final Episode, Castilla Episode 3, and Recruit Najib Sharif.
  • Added Expedition system.
    • Choose from the 5 random expeditions per day. Each provides a different reward. 
    • Select 3 characters to send on expedition. Certain characters can lower the time required, cost required (Shiny Crystals, White Gold Bars, etc.), and/or success rate.
    • While a character is on expedition, you may not add him to team from the barracks... Basically, characters left in barracks can do something now instead of just playing chess.
    • See Developer's Notes: Expedition ðŸ”— and 遠征系統 🔗.
  • Added Altria daily quests.
    • Enter town to get random quests. 
    • Initially, you can do 2 quests for each of the 4 groups. Limit increases with favor rates.
    • Bonus group reward changes per day: Illier - Armonia - Bristia - Vespanola.
  • Added 4 new reward boxes—Illier, Armonia, Bristia, Vespanola.
    • Box is acquired from daily quests, and needs 3 Shiny Keys to open.
    • They are similar to Shiny Box of Jenia, including rare stance books (Corsair, Rosa Secreta, etc.) and AR33-35 Weapon Boxes. Each type has additional items like Magic Belt, Crafted Necklaces, etc. See here ðŸ”— for full list.
  • Added field raid bosses to Camellia Teia ðŸ”— and River of Fire ðŸ”—.
  • Added Bethel, Illisia, and Frourio to world map.
  • Added 12 new artifacts, such as Elite Punishment of Illier (Magic ATK +20%, Shooting Damage Received +20%). See here ðŸ”— for full list.
  • Modified weapon costumes to indicate if slot expansion is possible.
  • Modified Family Summon. You cannot be summoned to a map/town that you have not visited before.
  • Added New/Returning Family Event 🔗 for 5 weeks.

  • Modified Blood Desire and Ropera to not stack with Magic Barrier buff.
  • Fixed Altria NPC colors and textures in Imperium Glory.
  • Fixed Weapon Summon Stone issues. 
    • Removed Elite Bristia Shield from Bristia Weapon Summon Stone. Removed shield from player's accounts and reimbursed with Bristia Weapon Summon Stone. 
    • Added Armonia Shield to Armonia Weapon Summon Stone.
  • Fixed various classification issues.

  • Added new character—Coa ðŸ”—, available via recruitment quests.
    • Quest triggers when you enter Frourio with Left Over Meat item, acquired by killing monsters in Camellia Teia.
  • Fixed various issues with Recruit Selene quests, Altria Episode 1 scenario, and duplicated daily quests.
  • Fixed issue with Ferruccio Espada Record Page 916 item in Uraeus (Rank 4) mission.
  • Started We the Reds! ðŸ”— event for 2 weeks, including Blue Ball Pet for cash sale.