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USA Update: The Symphonia Final Episode

USA server has updated from Patch 222045 to The Symphonia Final Episode (v29.07.98; Patch 222070). The previous update (Dec 13) was 3 months ago. The new X-Trap is 10.2016-2445.

As is the case when SEA server implements the new patcher UI, the dimensions of the background image are wrong, leading to image distortion. Download this image and copy it to Granado Espada\release\res folder to replace background.jpg. Backup original first, if desired.

[Event] Quest Fest ðŸ”— Mar 14 - Apr 14, 2018
There is also an event for completing various scenario quests and selected recruitment quests. See Quests page if you need guides. The account must have completed the quest from 30 days before the start of event to the end of event. Accounts that completed Joshua or Kael quests are also eligible, regardless of the date of completion.

Rewards include Strata Devil Accessory Stone x2, Belmarth/Sepia Rings, Heavenly Character Box x2, Weapon Costume Ticket, Enchant Tranquilizer (10 min), Cano's Marine Look Costume, Elemental Jewel x3, etc.

In addition, there is also Rubiana's Blessing event, which was implemented late last year in other servers.

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