Yeganeh's Repentence Event

European server is importing another Korean event to coincide with the release of Scavenger Yeganeh.The event NPC is in Cite de Reboldoeux.
  1. Select an accessory merchant - Magic, Bristia, Evil, Enhanced, or Strata Devil. Once selected, it cannot be changed.
  2. Defeat a random NPC using a quest version of Scavenger Yeganeh (MCC1).
  3. Give the required items to the accessory merchant - Silver Bar x3 + Enchant Chip Veteran x5 (Magic/Bristia/Evil) or Platinum Bar x1 + Enchant Chip Expert x5 (Enhanced/Strata).
Repeat once per day until you have the required number of completions - Magic (4), Bristia/Evil (8), or Enhanced/Strata (10). You may then choose an Event accessory of the specific type.

It looks like a decent event, too bad my Lv.6 family is too poor to even pay for Silver Bars + Enchant Chips daily. πŸ˜„

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