[KOR] New Premium Character—Kiss (키스). See [YouTube] Skill Motions.

Patch Highlights v24.19.34 ~ v24.36.48

The following post summarizes some changes based on patch notes for Korean live servers. American server is currently at v22.80.01 after nearly 4 months of nothing. See Patch Notes page for earlier versions.

In my opinion, the new Enchantment Tranquilizers are still too expensive. Constellation Weapon (AR33) uses Veteran Chip, while Elite Le Noir (DR32) uses Lv.100 Chip. Neither Veteran nor Lv.100 Chip is worth 540,000 Vis... Might as well just throw more chips at the item without using tranquilizer at all. The same with the ones in Feso.

This is the typical problem with the changes by IMC. They changed a system (e.g. Enchantment Separation) or added a new item, then set the cost so high that the item or system is not even worth using... Otherwise, they added a new raid mission or quest, but the rewards are so bad or drop rate so low that it is barely worth the time. (They even changed the game client files so they can hide the drop rates from players...) All these just keep making their changes redundant. The root of the problem is their design philosophy and the stingy-mindedness of the developers...

  • Added new characters - Dolores and Lorraine to Lyndon Box . Their skill rings (except job rings) are added to Ring Box of Chester.
  • Lyndon's Blessing buff applies to Dolores and Lorraine during event period. Each buff level grants drop rate +100% (max. level 3 for +300%).
  • Added new (AR34) weapons - Divine Lightning Bracelet, Divine Special Bracelet, and Divine Magic Book, which can be crafted from recipe. Added new (AR34) weapon crystals. 
    • Crafting consumes Veteran Enchant Chip x100, Armonia Holy Water x10, and Grade 34 Weapon Crystal x1.
  • Modified Blessing of Valeron (AR34) to become tradable.
  • Added Soul Bringer, Heavy Stinger, Placidez, and Creacion stance books to Letizia's Shiny Box.
  • Added the 6 enhanced boss earring/belt recipes (e.g. Enhanced Will of Argus Recipe) to Rank 3-4 mission rewards.
  • Modified some stances and skills.
    • Tronada Cruz ※ Tornado Shock/Tronada/Levantar: Increases damage by 12% per 10,000 ATK (?).
    • Bloody Feast/Cutlass/Sabretooth: Normal attacks deals Assault status. Lv.3 inflicts damage proportional to max HP for PC.
    • Diable ※ Appetizer: cool 60s > 30s, buffs Will of Chef status (reduces damage taken by 25%, damage dealt by 10% for 10s).
    • Arnis/Blitz Assault/Death Chopping: Normal attacks deals Assault status. Lv.3 inflicts damage proportional to max HP for PC.
    • Magic of Occultism ※ Breath of Fire/Abyss Flare: HP Concentration increases damage based on number of enemy hit.
    • Efreet ※ Fire Vrille/Breath of Flame: HP Concentration as above.
    • Frost ※ Frost Storm/Freezing: HP Concentration as above.
    • Tempest ※ Tempest Blow/Tempest Roar: HP Concentration as above.
    • Activator ※ Harsh Blaze: HP Concentration as above.
    • Infernal Burn ※ Flame Mallet/Summon Sekhmet: HP Concentration as above.
    • Maiden of Glacier ※ Snow Storm/Thorn Field: HP Concentration as above.
    • Demolition/Tested Burst ※ Blazing Buster: Cool 45s/30s > 25s/20s. Lv.12 ATK 1320%/1245% > 1760%, damage -50% on colony.
    • Demolition/Tested Burst ※ Castle Crusher: Cool 90s/80s > 45s/35s. Enhanced damage to colony > damage -60% on colony. Hit on colony applies Siege Start status, which greatly reduces damage of Castle Crusher on colony while increasing damage (+50%) of Valkyrie Crushers except Catapult types.
  • Removed World Cross PVP Mercenary Packages from Feso Shop and World Cross PVP Shop.
  • Enabled purchase for Avalanche Hair (Cruz) in Dressing Room.
  • Added Avalanche Costumes for Lisa, Sierra, and Grace in Cash Shop for 2 weeks. More screenshots are available here .

  • Enabled purchase of Laura's Enemy of Abyss costume set in Dressing Room.
  • Modified Psychic Rev stance to use Psychic Spheres as ammo.
  • Modified Saint Shot stance to consume Large Caliber Bullets for some skills.
  • Started Collect World Tokens event.

  • Modified Enchantment Tranquilizers (ET) into different types by ATK Rating or DEF Rating. Enhanced Enchantment Tranquilizers remain unchanged.
    • They can be purchased for Vis or Feso. See table below. 
    • Those listed in Vis are sold in a bundle of 100 units.
    • AR36/DR34 ET are also available in Cash Shop for 220 Gold.
  • Added returning family quests for retired players who return to the game, rewarding the useless Refined Vespanola Weapons... /facepalm.
  • Mouse-over stance icon will show the weapons associated with the stance.
  • Started Romantic White Day event. 
ATK Rating Individual Cost DEF Rating Individual Cost
1-30 90,000 Vis 1-27 90,000 Vis
31 180,000 Vis 28 150,000 Vis
32 270,000 Vis 29 210,000 Vis
33 540,000 Vis 30 270,000 Vis
34 10,000 Feso 32 540,000 Vis
35 15,000 Feso 33 10,000 Feso
36 20,000 Feso 35 15,000 Feso
- - 34 20,000 Feso

  • Added 2 new missions - Lucifer Basement Lab and Lucifer Basement Warehouse.
    • Available for 1-5 players.
    • Talk to NPC in Lucifer Castle Entrance to start normal or hard mode.
    • Normal mode requires Shiny Crystals to enter. The amount increases as you redo the mission more times per day.
    • Hard mode can be entered 1/day at no entry cost, or 2/day if you have Home Premium Service (aka Explorer Pack) activated. 
    • Entry counts will reset at the start of the next day.
  • Added new items - Montoro Energy: Greed, Pride, Time, and Anger.
    • Trade them to NPC in Lucifer Castle Entrance for Strata Devil Weapon Recipe.
    • These items can be acquired from the new missions above.
  • Added warning notice when you try to sell an enhanced item to NPC.
  • Started New Family World Support event.


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