Recruit Selene quest guide has been updated.

Lorraine & Dolores in Japan

Japan servers have added Lorraine and Dolores. Their personal skills have also been customized to grant ATK Rating +3 in addition to the standard buffs. See イノリーの双子魔術師 アップデート情報 for details.

Both characters can be acquired via:

The more expensive package (3,800 HC) includes Lorraine Character Card, 2 stance rings, and 2 random weapon boxes among other cash items. The random weapon box drops one Aristocrat, Tyrant, Elite Bristia, or Armonia Weapon.

The latest sound effects file for this version has been uploaded as This file includes Japanese voices for Van, Dolores, and Lorraine.


 Lorraine and Dolores are voiced by Yuka Iguchi (井口裕香), who performed in A Certain Magical Index (Index), Bakemonogatari (Tsukihi), Fairy Tail (Chelia), Kantai Collection (Kaga), and Kara no Kyoukai (Seo Shizune).

Van is voiced by Nakamura Yuichi (中村悠一), who performed in Fairy Tail (Gray), Clannad (Okazaki Tomoya), Macross Frontier (Saotome Alto), The Irregular At Magic High School (Shiba Tatsuya), and Owari no Seraph (Ichinose Guren).