[KOR] Altria Ep.1 Preview + New Characters Coa.

Imperial Wheel S: 1/21-26, 2015

Imperial Wheel S has been updated for Jan 21-26, 2015. The featured loot are Elizabeth, Tyrant Ring, Abyss Shield, and Tesla Coil Pet. Elizabeth Card (Event) can also be acquired from the new event - 「エリザベート」新大陸デビュー during 1/21-2/18, 2015. Pet Box (Tesla Coil) can also be acquired from roulette in Lucifer Death Corridor mission (available in Japan only).

Elizabeth is voiced by Rena Maeda (前田玲奈), who performed in Jinsei (Ayaka), Kiseijuu (Akiho), and Hunter x Hunter (Machi). Anis is voiced by Fukagawa Seria (深川芹亜), who performed in Glasslip (Touko) and Happiness Charge Precure! (Aloalo).

Japan - Armonia Final Episode (2015-01-21) 240 MB
This file includes Snow Montoro, Elizabeth, and Anis.

Recruit Set - Elizabeth
Elizabeth Card
Painter's Beret Hat (Elizabeth)
Upgraded Drawing Ring (x2)

Recruit Set - JD
JD Card + BR254 Zeppelin Signal (Royal Guard Stance Book)
Upgraded Royal Guard Ring (x2)
Wolf Style Hair (JD) + Inverno Costume (JD)

Tyrant Ring
ATK Rating +1, DEF Rating +1, All Stats +3

Abyss Bangle
Elemental Bracelet • ATK Rating 37 • ATK 293
Penetration +10, Immunity -5

Abyss Shield
DEF Rating 6 • DEF 36 • Block +15

Pet Box - Tesla Coil
ATK Rating +1, Penetration +10, ATK vs Lifeless +30%, Lv.12 Divine Bless

Bahama Necklace
ATK Rating +2, DEF Rating +1, All Damage Received -10%

Strata Devil Armors for Fighter and Elementalist
DEF Rating 35 • DEF 211 (Fig) or 190 (Ele)