[KOR] New Premium Character—Kiss (키스). See [YouTube] Skill Motions.

Patch Highlights v23.74.53 ~ v23.90.89

The following summarizes some changes from Korean live server patch notes. American server is currently at v22.80.01. See Patch Notes page for earlier versions.

The Future of Enhancement!

Even during discount event, the cost of enchantment separation/combination is stupidly expensive. The system is already too restrictive, and now it is expensive too... Remember that this system was introduced to prevent players who have already enchanted their +0 weapons from losing their enchantments when enhancing them. And you have to pay millions of Feso for each weapon? What a rip-off.

Blessing of Valeron isn't much better. You basically need to break multiple weapons of the same grade to have a 50% chance of succeeding from +6 to +7 enhancement. I remember failing 5-6 times enhancing from +5 to +6 (i.e. 50% chance) in the current (old) system. Imagine that happening in the new system! 

Players who gambled for cash weapons (e.g. Tyrant Weapons) will get screwed as well, since the value of these +0 weapons will drop... And they decided that what players need/want is more AR30-31 weapons. WTF is wrong with these IMC game designers?

  • Added Blessing of Valeron. See 저화질주의 발레론정보(리오극혐주의) and 武器強化成功雙倍道具 .
    • You can trade 16 Powders of Valeron for 1 Blessing of Valeron at enhancement merchants.
    • Both items are specific to each weapon grade (AR33/34/35/36).
    • Blessing of Valeron (AR34) cannot be traded.
  • Modified max amount of Enhancement Boosters (EB) and Socket Tranquilizers (ST).
    • AR32 Weapon: 8 EB > 300 Shiny Crystals, 1 ST > 300 Shiny Crystals.
    • AR33 Weapon: 10 EB > 8 EB, 1 ST > 400 Shiny Crystals.
  • Modified mission reward by rank.
    • Deleted AR31-32 weapon recipes from reward. Recipe can be bought from NPC merchants.
    • Reduced drop rate of accessory recipe.
    • Increased amount of Ancient Runes.
    • Increased drop rate of AR30-31 weapons. /facepalm
  • Added new background music, available from in-game jukebox.
  • Reduced ATK Rating of bosses in Lost Time of Glory mission.
  • Reduced DEF Rating of boss in Strange Dungeon of Gullfaxi mission.
  • Enabled purchase in Dressing Room for Snow Witch costume/hat and Sunset Rouge costume/hair.

  • Reduced crafting requirement of weapon crystal from 2 to 1 for ATK Rating 32+, including Marchetti's Cube.
    • Players crafting such weapons 3 weeks before patch will be compensated with 1 weapon crystal of the respective type per weapon crafted. See here for details.
  • Added boss monster Abyss to Armonia El Adio.
  • Added Santo de Blanc (Musketeer) armor. Recipe is dropped by Abyss in El Adio.
  • Fixed problem involving NPC selling Elite Trump Weapon recipes in Queen's Gate.
  • Modified Anise's Merci skill's racial types.
  • Added Cadet Leonele Card to Heavenly Character Box.
  • Started 1-week discount event for Enchantment Separation/Combination. /facepalm2
    • Expert - Separation 1,500,000 > 900,000 Feso | Combination 500,000 > 300,000 Feso. 
    • Master - Separation 2,250,000 > 1,350,000 Feso | Combination 750,000 > 450,000 Feso. 
    • High Master - Separation 3,000,000 > 1,800,000 Feso | Combination 1,000,000 > 600,000 Feso. 

  • Added new field bosses Navas in El Sol and Osquras in El Templo.
    • Spawn after maintenance, respawn in 3-5 days.
  • Added Santuario Metal Armor. Recipe is dropped by Osquras.
  • Added First of Darkness weekly mission to Memento Mori Bible in Apostadero.
  • Modified shooting damage reduction (PVP) to 20% for various stances.
    • Rapido Cruz, Rapida Espada, Hanging Guard, Desire, Eagle Claw, Soul Bringer, Soul Guard, etc.
  • Modified Ignore DEF property of shooting stances except Heavy Stinger for PVP.
  • Modified various stances and skills.
    • Heavy Stinger - Overheating status = Normal attacks increase 1 level > 2 levels. Ignore DEF by 1% per 2 levels > 1% per 3 levels.
    • Heavy Stinger - Stinger Shot = range 25m > 22m.
    • Heavy Stinger - Over Limit = Lv.10 duration 20s > 40s, Lv.11 ATK Rating +1 (no change), Lv.12 ATK Rating +1 > +2.
    • Heavy Stinger - Cluster Bullet = range 23m > 20m.
    • Death Shadow Ninjutsu - Shadow Teleport = Lv.10 cool 25s > 35s, duration 30s > 30s. Hiding DEF/RES -50.
    • Death Shadow Ninjutsu - Ext. Fetter Circle = cool 30s > 45s. Some effect relating to Soul Crystal.
    • Wanted = base stance damage +25%.
    • Unlimited Shot = base stance damage +30%.
    • Camouflage Hunter (Cecile) = Under Silent Move status, increase physical damage and reduce magic damage.
    • Fleuret Glacier = Lv.25 Evasion 15.
    • Lightning Charge (Mireille) = DEF -20.
    • Infernal Burn - Meteor Shower = Lv.10 damage 1200% > 960%.
    • Drawing - Fail Or Success = area 10m > 12m, cool 50s > 90s, duration depends success/failure > 100s (Lv.10).
  • Modified Santo de Blanc armor damage reduction (5%) type. Fig = shoot > magic, Sco = melee > shoot, Mus = shoot > melee, Wiz = magic > shoot, Ele magic > shoot.
  • Modified the amount of Powder of Valeron acquired from enhancement failure.
    • Fail +5 = 1 powder
    • Fail +6 = 1 powder + 50% chance of 1 more powder
    • Fail +7 = 2 powders + 50% chance of 1 more powder
    • Fail +8 = 3 powders + 50% chance of 1 more powder
    • Fail +9 = 4 powders + 50% chance of 1 more powder
    • Fail +10 = 5 powders + 50% chance of 1 more powder
  • Modified the following boxes to directly insert items into inventory instead of dropping a chest or items on the floor.
    • Paradox Spoil Box, Shiny Crystal Chest, Ring Box Package, Temp Rumin Box, Enhancement Ampule Box, Armor Crystal Box, Time Ore Box.

  • Added new mission - Lords of Wrath to Memento Mori Bible. It drops Recipe - Armonia Necklace.
  • Modified difficulty of Armonia field monsters. Removed Blood Curse status. Reduced skill damage. 
  • Modified item crafting UI window.
  • Modified Trade Lock Password.
  • Modified Degenerate status.
    • Degenerate will not be cumulative in Armonia fields and missions. Holy status remains the same.
    • Degenerate will be cumulative within 30m of raid boss.
  • Auto-opens Send Mail window if you whisper an offline player.
  • Modified Armonia Holy Water to be tradable. Removed maximum amount limit.
  • Removed trading White Gold Bars for Armonia Holy Water from priest in Armonia Cathedral.
  • Reduced amount of Pure Otites required to craft Lv.92 Elite Weapons from recipes of Gloomy Old Man in Los Toldos.
  • Modified Infierno Guard rings to drop from Ring Box of Genos instead of Ring Box of Richard.
  • Removed BMP format for saving screenshots.
  • Added Lyndon Box for sets involving the 6 Armonia characters, and Divino Pet Package to Cash Shop.


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