Recruit Selene quest guide has been updated.

Patch Highlights v22.78.09 ~ v22.98.87

The following highlights noteworthy points from Korean live server patch notes. American server is currently at v22.43.79. For patch notes of other versions, see Patch Notes page.

New content is so predictable and repetitive... 1 quest scenario, 1 recruitable character, 1 raid mission, 1 field map, 1 armor, 1 accessory, 1-2 new story books, 1 cash character per month, etc.

  • Added Sound Option to turn on/off attack sound effects. 
  • Added special buff to MCC1 Spy Olivia mission in Recruit Olivia quests.
  • Increased drop rates of quest items for Episode 2-3 Armonia Daily Quests.
  • Armonia Gloria safety area no longer removes summoned monsters.
  • Reduced stats of monsters in Armonia Gloria.
  • Modified [Sanctity] buff levels, and removed stack effect with [Protection Field] (?).
  • Modified All Quest List UI window.
  • Started Thanksgiving Event .

  • Updated Raid Mission Info window. Added Armonia missions to the list.
  • Modified color of ticket icons based on ticket item duration - blue = 1 day, green = 7 days, silver = 15 days, gold = 30 days, and red = 90 days.

  • Added show ping function using /ping on or /ping off chat command.

  • Added equipment preset in Barracks.
  • Added new character Jin to Lyndon Box

  • Added Armonia Episode 4 scenario. See Armonia Episode 4 Feature Site .
    • You must have completed Recruit Patrick quests. Quests reward new story book.
  • Added new character - Berthe and Charles .
    • Her recruitment quests begins after Armonia Episode 4 scenario. 
    • Quests reward another new story book.
  • Added new map - Armonia Viego , accessible from Armonia El Templo (B7).
    • Added 4 new Abyss bosses, respawning Thu 18:00-24:00, Fri 18:00-24:00. 
    • They drop Recipe - Santo de Blanc (Fighter).
  • Added new mission - Enforcers of Hate.
    • Available from Memento Mori Bible for 3-12 players. 
    • Recipe - Armonia Earrings drops at low rate.
  • Added Armonia Second Temple mission (?).
    • Contains 4 mini-bosses and 1 final boss. Kill more for better reward.
  • Modified Abyss field bosses.
    • En Celar/El Templo: Increased damage slightly.
    • Gloria: Reduced damage and penetration. Increased skill frequency. Reduced HP Regen and DEF.
  • Fixed some issues for equipment preset.
  • Modified Arsene's Secret Vault mission relating to its 4th room.
  • Added Hunter Hat in dress room for Sesil.