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King Crab Event

We are having another imported event from Korea. I kind of want Natalie's Summer Event though, but it looks like we are skipping it..? This crabby event is basically similar to Young Divino Event, featuring Pet Box (Crabby) on Day 10 and Character Card Box on Day 15. For other rewards, see the links below.

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King Crab Event 10/15-11/05, 2014
螃蟹王基德培育計畫 9/24-10/22, 2014
KETO, Red Crab King of Legend! 10/07-28, 2014
전설의 꽃게왕 키토 오픈 08/21-09/11, 2014
カニ王キトのギガンテ王位奪還大作戦 10/1-10/22, 2014
Kito's Throne 1/22-2/12, 2015

Post-Maintenance (10/15/2014) T3Fun Game Client Crashes
If you are crashing frequently in-game, you may be patching from the wrong patch server. Open updater.config.xml file in Granado Espada folder with Notepad, and look at the 4th line <URL Key="Revisions" Value="..."/>. If the value is, then change it to:

Save it, and restart the game patcher. It should patch properly now, and the laucher will restart after patching. To check patch number, open updater.revision.txt file in Notepad. The current patch number for this maintenance should be 220295. This is probably due to T3Fun changing to a different patch server without informing or changing the configuration file...


Cipriany said…
wht does the pet do?? loot?? or any buff??
Ashardalon said…
- 10 Round : Pet Box (Keto) x 1
* [Essential Amino Acids] : Stance EXP +15% Buff and pickup Item.