Recruit Selene quest guide has been updated.

Update Preview J.D.

IMC has released a new update preview - 업데이트 미리보기 - 영입NPC J.D. See also Frontiers Vol.11 for more information.

1. New Character - J.D.
Added new character J.D. (i.e. Judgment Day) in B1.4.0. His quest begins with the scenario of Bristia in Kielce, involving the Bloody Navy. His unique stance [Royal Guard] uses one weapon - sword, great sword, rapier, blunt, or crescent, with 4 attacks per cycle. He can call Zeppelin for air strikes. His personal skill [Weapon Master] buffs himself differently, depending on his current weapon.

For details, see Blue Moon Waltz (Chinese) - J.D. and [Royal Guard] stance, or PlayForum article (Korean) - 신규 영입 캐릭터 - J.D. and Royal Guard: Sword Or Crescent?. See also JD 로얄 스탠스입니당~~~ for more screenshots.

2. Bristia Scenario III
Added 3rd Bristia scenario quests. To start, you must have completed Bloody Navy mission several times and the previous scenario. It begins with the governor Richelieu (sp?), involving the Liberation Army. This leads to J.D.'s recruitment and his stance book.

3. New Field - Resistance Hideout
Added Resistance Hideout. The resistance hang out in the woods far away from the town... and there are missing villagers. Various quests will be updated with respect to the new field.

4. New Stance - Battle Medicine
Added a new scout-only stance - Battle Medicine, which uses rosario. It features attack and defense buffs, as well as trap skills. Now, scouts no longer need to stay in the barracks to collect dust...

5. New Sub-Quests
Added new sub-quests for Lorch & Engineer, requiring Jack's sub-quests completed and Lorch recruited. Claude & Claire sub-quests require both characters recruited. Selva's sub-quests require her recruitment and previous sub-quests completed. The new quests involve the attempt to revert her cursed arm.

6. Unlimited Pew-Pew!
Pre-Veteran shooting stances no longer use bullets. The respective 5 ammo types are deleted. A good thing too, I always thought the different types of ammo take up too much inventory space...

See also [專題]部分角色職業技能置換說明 (Chinese) for revised personal skills of wizard, Kurt, Eduardo, Claire, Grace, and Ludin in B1.4.0.


Ashardalon said…
New promo character - Sorang. Available from Lyndon's Box Event (B1.5.2). Another martial artist, she is Soso's younger sister.

See here and here for screenshots. More character info at Blue Moon Waltz.
zhain said…
any info about J.D armor type ? leather fighter, leather scout, metal ? thanks
Ashardalon said…
Leather-Fig, Leather-Sco.