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I have been very busy this week, and finally have time to go through all the official posts in the forums. Most Sword 2 players should already know by now that G1 has finally revealed information on contract status which I have asked about previously in Sword Game Transfer Notice forum topic:
As of December 31st, Sword 2's contract with IMC and HanbitSoft will come to and end and we will no longer be able to host/publish the game. Sword 2 will be taken over and published by T3Fun - a subsidiary of HanbitSoft.

Well, many players already saw it coming, so it's not really a surprise. What surprises me here is that they are actually allowed to transfer accounts. This means players are able to retain their characters, items, and other game data. Frequently, a new server will refuse to transfer data, partly to avoid dealing with data conflicts, and also to recover some of the start-up costs, as new accounts will require more cash shop items than transferred accounts. Since everyone will be transferred into one server, I'm guessing that they will start a second server for new players for the reason stated above.

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In any case, transfer application is available from Nov 01 to Dec 31, 2012. First, you need to opt in to the transfer via the pop-up window in family quarters/barracks. Then, you need to complete the transfer via T3Fun Game Portal on Jan 10, 2013. Transferred families will get Master Explorer Pack (Event), 3 Master Cards (Event), and a special medal.

A few main points to note:
  • Gold will not be transferred.
  • All players will be transferred to one server, regardless of which server they come from.
  • For accounts with families in different servers, only the highest level family (or the earliest family to be created, if levels are the same) will be transferred. 
  • Families below level 5 will be deleted.
  • Party, friend, mail, colony, squad, secret guard, and election data will be deleted.

G1 will not be able to provide much details on the conditions of the new server as stated here:
Most of the game related questions after the transfer will be answered by the community managers from T3. I bet they want to reveal that info themselves rather than though us.

The teaser page (shown above) showed Grandies and Vincent, both of which were added in v9.18. So, the version will probably be what G1 promised previously here - v10.6.

According to Raiden here, it seems that some items unique to Sword 2 (e.g. Raiden's Defiance boxes) will be carried over to the new server. Raiden also warns here against listening to players who claimed "insider" information and yet could not justify or validate the source.


skiwi said…
2 remarks:
- Clans will also get deleted.
- Players can not confirm insider information, because it's inside information. Nobody is going to give away the source, as he/she may be fired, nor is insider information an official statement, so there is no way you can prove insider information to be true. However HanbitSoft will most likely soon release a press statement which will include some nasty details about G1.
banbha said…
do they reset faction medals too i hope so
xBelmontx said…
I told you that event was a premonition, but i guess this wasn't as bad as it could have been.
Ashardalon said…
Clan = party. Anyway, I doubt medals will be removed. There are still some questions though:
- baron or non-baron server?
- reset legion war points?
- reset crow mission level?
draugys said…
As i do understand this covers NA server, not Europe one. If T3FUN focuses on NA time on this new server, that's calls for a new start in the RNTS Media GmbH hosted server then.
Amnell said…
The RuGE is closing too. Players have only month to play with x20 rates and free cash, but without transfer.
Ashardalon said…
New GE forum is up -

Server will be based on New York time, meaning EST/EDT (GMT -5/-4).
Ashardalon said…
"The game servers will be powered down at 12:01 AM on January 3rd - after which players will not be able to login to the servers and the final snapshot of the DB will be handed over to HBS - completing the transfer." - Raiden [Source]