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This package contains selected Granado Espada (Japan) client files, updated to revision 101092. The sound effects (se.ipf) include all characters up to Ciel.

To update the sound file:

  1. Download and extract (277 MB).
  2. Run to start the patcher.
  3. After patching is completed, click on the lower right button to close.
  4. R-click on cleanup.bat and run as administrator to remove unwanted files. (optional)
To install Japanese sound file in other regional clients, simply copy over se.ipf from ge folder into the respective folder of the other client.

Read readme.txt file for more information.


hi ash can upload to Mega since mediafire is pain for download plz

Hm. What is the problem with MediaFire? I never had any issues with it.

the problem is at least for me is, the downloading is too slow take 11 hours. in Mega only took me 30 min