Update v27.96.08 v27.93.80 delayed to May 30, 2017. Best Blowout Support Event until July 04.  

Resurrection of Orden scenario was added in v26.85.93. In v27.56.86, some quests will be made easier to complete. You will need the following items:

Synopsis :

The following post summarizes changes based on patch notes for Korean live servers. American server is currently at v26.60.82. European server is at v27.31.33 and will be updating to v27.96.08 by May 16, 2017. I won't be posting the Korean patch notes for v26.32.48 to v27.96.08, since these versions already exist (or will soon exist) in English. See Patch Notes page for other versions.

I'm starting to get bored with the game again, if T3Fun doesn't update soon. All these excessive farming and grinding always feel like a waste of time. Seriously, at the rate they are updating, players on American server can just live off European server's patch notes. There is barely any need for the Korean patch notes. The previous updates took T3Fun 5-6 months per update, so I'd expect Orden update to be around June? That means November/December for Baron's Pledge update... and April/May 2018 for The Symphonia Episode 3... Ugh.

Also, since Blue Moon has stopped updating, I'm trying to do data extraction for new characters/stances, so I still need updater.config.xml file from the Korean game client. Someone with the Korean client help out and post/upload it already. It's just a small file no larger than 5 kilobytes.

Holy Armonia update introduces 3 tutorial quests involving Degenerate status and Armonium purification.

This package contains selected Granado Espada (Japan) client files, updated to revision 101092. The sound effects (se.ipf) include all characters up to Ciel.

To update the sound file:

  1. Download and extract JapanGESE_101092.zip (277 MB).
  2. Run patch.ge.exe to start the patcher.
  3. After patching is completed, click on the lower right button to close.
  4. R-click on cleanup.bat and run as administrator to remove unwanted files. (optional)
To install Japanese sound file in other regional clients, simply copy over se.ipf from ge folder into the respective folder of the other client.

Read readme.txt file for more information.

Recruit Hektor quests were added in v26.69.00. This quest guide is translated from FatSnake's guide, and will be updated when I have done the quest myself. You will need the following items:

  • Reinforced Leather x200
  • Health Generator x2,500

Check also European server's guides - Recruit Friede and Recruit Liung .

Synopsis :

First introduced in v8.5 as part of the clique system involving Lealtad (aka Esmero/Dronarati) vs Gleichstellung (aka Souveran/Sahasrha), these quests were administered by NPC Brown in every city. When the clique system was abolished in v19.84.44, these quests were revised and the NPC Brown was replaced by other NPCs. The rewards were modified in v24.85.71 when Enchantment Tranquilizers were diversified into different weapon/armor grades.

The faction daily quests are organized into 3 groups - A, B, and C. You may only do 1 quest per day from each group. To qualify for the quest, you must have completed the scenario quest for the respective city and must have joined a faction. 

Each quest has a limit on how many players are allowed to do it, and the limit resets after 4-6 hours. Once taken, the quest must be completed in 60 minutes or it will be cancelled when you talk to the NPC again, although you are allowed to redo it. 

The special reward is given instead of regular reward for every 10 times you complete the same quest. You can check the favor rate (number of quest completions) in Family Information (Alt+R).

That awkward moment when you are late in delivery by 3 years, and the other person still remembers...

European server is having another imported event from Korea. It mainly provides some event buffs. Players under Family Lv.40 also gain EXP +30%, free entry into Ancient Dungeons, and Bonus Roulette Reward x2.

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놀라운 서버 통합 이벤트 3/23-4/06, 2017
Amazing EXP Event 4/04-4/25, 2017

Avenging Princess quests were added in v26.44.97. This guide is based on American game client (v26.60.82). In v27.56.86, the drop rate for quest items will be improved. You do not need any items, but you must have Marchetti to initiate some NPC dialogues.

Synopsis :
Valeria is busy learning etiquette from Simon Ayende. Gavin expresses concern that despite her being a political tool, Valeria should be forced to fight her sister. Valeria wants to visit Marchetti, who still couldn't figure out her healing ability. While roaming Kielce, Valeria meets Elizabeth who says that she looks like the princess of Vespanola. Simon considers letting Valeria learn of the truth to make her hate the royal family.

Valeria wants to see Princess Gabriella. Gerar refuses to help, but Calyce drafts you as escorts for the princess to visit the Rescue Knights in Katovic Snowfield... in exchange for acquiring Renauld's notes. During the inspection, Valeria faints upon seeing the princess. When she recovers with Elisa's medicine, Valeria runs off to Prison de Joaquin to discover her past. Testormento turns out to be a nice guy, who just happens to be into BDSM and was asked by a crying woman to protect Valeria and keep her existence a secret.

Republican soldiers arrive and attack Testormento, prompting Valeria to be consumed by resentment. Valeria escapes, claiming she does not need anyone to help her. You bring Marchetti to visit Valeria. Marchetti claims that she is just his research subject, but the time they spent together is still precious to him.

Valeria asks you to retrieve the journals of Testormento for her in exchange for letting you use her power... [To be concluded]

IAHGames is officially closing their game server on April 27, 2017. According to their official Facebook post here :

There is no mention of account transfer. Before this notice, the cash shop was changed to charge 1 G-Point (gold) for various items. This "event" makes it unlikely that transfer will be available, so keen players will have to restart on another server. There are currently 3 English servers available.

European server (EuroGamez) seems to be the most updated and eventful. They are on v27.31.33 and, according to this post , are planning to update to v27.96.08 by April or May.

American server (T3Fun) lags behind in updates at the same pace as Singapore server, currently at v26.60.82. Because of the update lag, we miss out on several Korea-exported events as well. One good thing is that the Lucky Shop (cash casino) allows older premium characters to be more readily available. (It seems harder to find such characters in European server, once their Lyndon Boxes expired.)

Hm. European server actually sells old premium characters from web shop ... I guess that lack of randomness means people don't get them unless they want the characters, which explains the lack of surplus inside market manager. Thank to Lana for the information.

Renaissance server (private), as with most private servers, is lagging badly behind in v21.84.39 (Armonia Episode 1). They do a lot more customization, but players will have to deal with the lack of new content for a very long time...

I was first introduced to Granado Espada on Singapore server during v2.1, under Starstorm family on Caracci server. The first update I encountered was v2.4 update, which introduces Bahia Island and the Island of Fire. To be honest, I'm surprised they lasted this long. When they closed their website/forums and moved to Facebook, it already seems like desperate cost-cutting measures. I haven't seen a MMO game running official notices through Facebook...

I guess IMC Games is trying to squeeze too much money out of a game that they haven't put that much effort into nowadays. Incidentally, according to this post , Nexon is investing in IMC Games with respect to Tree of Savior...

Well, don't ever spend too much on an online game, so you won't regret it when the server closes. Bye, sGE.

A few new events starting this week...

School Look Event 3/29-4/12, 2017
Talk to Suspicious Veronif in Cite de Reboldoeux (E4) and trigger quest item acquisition in a randomly determined location for 2 School Look Tickets every day. You can acquire a total of 30 tickets during the event period.

Play Time Event 3/29-5/22, 2017
American server is having another Play Time Event for 55 days. The 4 featured rewards require a total of 5800 points, or an average of 106 points (18 hours) per day. Costume Coupon can be exchanged for a weapon costume from a selected list - see Event Added Mechanics .

World X PvP Tournament (April)
World X PvP (single fixed mode) offers bonus rewards (Strata Devil Weapons/Accessories, etc.) for top 30 players. All participating Families ranked as Knight and above will receive participatory items - Rose Wing (30 Days) Gift Box and 100 Pet Food.

Claire's Mission Event 3/28-4/11, 2017
European server is recycling Claire's Carnation Event from 2014.

The skin packs (v25.35.50) from Skins page are currently outdated. To update the skin to v27.31.33 (usable for the current American/European clients), do the following:

  1. Download and install the desired skin (v25.35.50) from UI Skins page.
  2. Download and install ImageMagick from ImageMagick or MediaFire .
  3. Download updateskin_v273133.zip .
  4. Extract updateskin_v273133.zip into Granado Espada\release\user\skin folder.
  5. R-click on updateskin_v273133.bat and run as administrator.
  6. If prompt for ImageMagick file, locate and select magick.exe file (usually in C:\Program Files\ImageMagick folder).
ImageMagick is a free command line tool for automated image-processing.

There are additional files in the new skin, such as missiongoal.png, missiongoal_a.bmp, missiongoal_b.bmp, and tooltip_line.bmp. But since the files never existed in the old skin packs, it is fine not to have them as the client will automatically load the default files if they are missing.

Starting with New Era update, old premium characters will become available for free recruitment. A few of them are available via quests, while others (like the ones below) are rewards for the new achievement system. These are acquired via the Achievement window (Alt + L). For more on the achievement system, see Prestigio Mundial .

Dissonance scenario quests were added in v26.48.95. This guide is based on American game client (v26.60.82). In v27.56.86, this quest will be made easier by reducing amount of quest items or improving their drop rates. You will need the following items:

  • Solvent x200 (x10 in v27.56.86)
  • Magical Rose x3 (x1 in v27.56.86)

Synopsis :
Bagellan Witchcraft Troops have broken into Berner Mansion 2F, so Duke Bethel wants to demolish the mansion. Leona confronts Monblant Bethel, who admits that he is working with Truman to create a weapon for Illier. Apparently, this is with the archon's approval.

You collect some Dark Soul Fragments, which bear the mark that Leona once saw in the old book of Stratavista. The Dark Soul soon appears to trash-talk. Leona discerns that it is becoming stronger and that Truman must be using Magical Roses from the Garden of Heaven for his weapon.

Dr. Torsche makes a Stone Gas Magic Sphere out of Stone Gas Runes from Talos, and you use it to break the otite barrier in the mansion. You find Truman with his new weapon, Auto Baron T. You retreat after a brief fight.

Leona surmises that Auto Baron T is powered by Magical Roses and that it threatens the imperial capital Ilissia. You report to Grandma, who shrugs and asks you to waste time and rob Reaper Garas of their bandages for those injured by monsters. She affirms that Violacea will take care of the New Continent, even though they can't even find bandages on their own...

Upon return to Bethel, Monblant left to destroy Auto Baron T without Evora, and Dietrich scoffed at him. You keep the golem occupied while the army evacuates. Leona temporarily shuts down the power source. Jurgen appears, claiming to be sent by Marquis Hernandez to kill the Dark Soul. Auto Baron T has been subverted by the Dark Soul, so Truman whines about it. The Dark Soul then vanishes.

Using Magical Roses, you recover the book Bernier Rose Annihilation from the mansion library. The book claims that Magical Roses can be overcome by more powerful Magical Roses, so you acquire some materials for Leona to amplify her Magical Roses.

When you defeat Auto Baron T, the Dark Soul appears and says it needs a body to fill its power, so it will kill Jurgen first. It claims that it and Leona are a pair that annihilates each other, like Magical Roses. Leona wonders about its identity. Since it opposes Jurgen, it cannot be Stratavista.

The archon gave the order to stop the demolition of the mansion. Evora and Patrician agreed to destroy Auto Baron T. Leona writes a letter to Grandma, claiming that someone legendary will show in the New Continent.

The Shield of Illier quests were added in v26.32.48. This quest guide is based on American game client (v26.60.82). In v27.56.86, the drop rates of various quest items will be improved. You do not need any items, but you must have Adriana (or Cadet Adriana) to initiate some NPC dialogues.

See the new Quests page where various quests are consolidated by their respective patches.

Synopsis :
The royal guard commander Dietrich is bored, so she decided to find a way to screw Duke Bethel over. She visits the slums to give some money, but Lynn previously warned them not to trust her since she does not want them to become a political tool for Dietrich.

Duke Bethel asks you to watch Dietrich who is on probation and has gone to Bernier Mansion. You catch up to Dietrich and beat off some vanguards. Duke Bethel claims that surviving assassinations only proves one's competence and is expected for nobles of Illier.

Dietrich implores you to investigate the reason Duke Bethel is so keen on demolishing Bernier Mansion. You discover that they are secretly developing something under the pretense of demolishment. Dietrich thinks it is a weapon to help Bagellan Witchcraft Troops and Bethel Vanguards to fight against Herbert Knights and Shausen Ironsides.

You find Polluted Otite in the mansion, where Leona thinks Truman is hiding. You stop the machine soldiers from leaving the mansion, and Dietrich wants to search for Stratavista on the second floor.

You find Duke Bethel's contract in the mansion, and stop various monsters from taking Magical Rose Stems to the second floor. Dietrich leads Evora troops across the Apians River, only to run into a fight with Duke Bethel and his vanguards. As a civil war nearly breaks out, Lynn and Leona convinces Dietrich to stop as the chaos of a civil war may invite Targa to invade Illier.

Dietrich reports the incident to the archon, but Count Bagellan takes the fall and resigned as commander of Witchcraft Troops. Lynn asks Dietrich to remember the pledge of the Herbert Knights: "Wield a sword with a cold icy heart."

After attempting to recruit you, Dietrich asks you to recover the runes of Talos for Valeron to repair her sword. After her sword has been repaired, Dietrich challenges Duke Bethel to a duel. She claims that they have come too far for unity, one of them has to die eventually to unite Illier.

At Lynn's advice, you bring Adriana to meet Dietrich, who were rivals 10 years ago. Adriana tells her that a leader must be two-faced so she can be level-headed and yet embrace the people. Agreeing with her rival, Dietrich decides to see more of the world by joining your family.

The Symphonia Episode 2 update (v26.32.48) introduced 2 cliques in Illier - Evora and Patrician. You may do the repeatable quest for 1 clique then do the same for the other clique, but you cannot do them both at the same time. (Once you started on one, the other NPC will not give you the quest.)

When you gain favor rate for 1 clique, you loses half as much favor for the other clique (e.g. Evora +2, Patrician -1). Favor rate will not become negative.

These quests can be repeated multiple times per day. The first time for each day is free. Subsequent repetitions require a cumulative cost of 2 Silver Bars (50,000 Vis each).

Mission Accomplishment: Evora is used for repeating Talos mission, acquiring Talos and Amy artifacts, and crafting selected Elite Constellation Weapons (e.g. sword, elemental bracelet, rifle).

Mission Accomplishment: Patrician is used for acquiring Talos artifacts and crafting selected Elite Constellation Weapons (e.g. rod, staff, cannon).

There used to be a very old guide in sGE forums, which had since been taken offline. These 2 optional side quests introduce the "Fake" Ice Gate Equipment, which were upgraded to ATK Rating 28 or DEF Rating 23-24. While the equipment are low-end for current players, these forgotten quests also unlock access to the 2 shops which sell recipes for these equipment. The shops still exist as seen here in The Symphonia Episode 2 update (v26.60.82).

European server is getting the 11th anniversary events imported from Korean server. The events look nice. Somebody pester T3Fun for them~

Banshee Natalie's event offers Bernier Weapon Costumes, 1 Vis Roulette, and x2 WXPVP Purchase Points. Blood Navy Cano's event rewards daily login with 11th Anniversary Journal, 11th Anniversary Medal, Curse Weapon Costume, and AR33-36 Weapons,

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Blood Navy Cano's 11th Anniversary Present Mar 07-Apr 11, 2017
11주년 기념선물 이벤트 Feb 09-Mar 09, 2017

Thanks to Summerscent of sGE:

JGE Voice Pack (Up to Scarlet)
Get your updated JGE voice pack here!



Since this is "up to Scarlet", it should include Scarlet, Kei, Becky, Daisy, Nina, Banshee Natalie, Aclla, Commander/Blood Navy Cano, Hektor, Jaina, Vanessa, and everyone before them. This is everybody to date, with the exception of Ciel.

American server is having a login+mission+loot event from March 02 to April 05, 2017. See [Event] Gifts from Treece for event details.

To reach Phase 5 Rewards, you need a total of 5,000 tokens. Event tokens are acquired:
  1. Talk to Event NPC in Cite de Reboldoeux (G7) 1/day for 50 tokens.
  2. Complete a series of ranked missions (1/day free, 2/day costs 2 White Gold Bars) for 300 tokens: Rank 1 x10, Rank 2 x8, Rank 3 x5, Rank 4 x3, or Rank 5 x2.
  3. Monster drops in all field maps.
Shiny Token - Pet can be exchanged for Pet Food x50 or Pet Box (Yellow Tiger). Yellow Tiger buffs Monster ATK +10%, DEF +10, Penetration +5, Immunity +5, Critical +5, and Movement Speed +10%. See Pet Comparison for details.

Family Support Token - GM Exchange
You can now submit a ticket before April 04 to use your extra tokens for:
  • Character Card Box of Heaven (Event): 1 for 3000 tokens, 3 for 7000 tokens.
  • Rose Wings (15 days): 3 for 1000 tokens.
  • Artifact Material Coupon: 1 for 600 tokens, 5 for 2500 tokens, 10 for 4000 tokens.
  • Shiny Token - Pet: 1 for 300 tokens, 4 for 1000 tokens.
  • Event Stance Book - Innocentio/Punisher/Heavy Stinger/Placidez/Creacion: 1 for 15000 tokens.

The Die Is Cast scenario quests were added in v26.32.48. This quest guide is based on American game client (v26.60.82). In v27.56.86, this quest will be made easier by reducing amount of quest items or improving their drop rates.

You must have Panfilo (or Battle Cook Panfilo) to initiate some NPC dialogues. You will need the following items:

  • Symbol of Pisces x1
  • Symbol of Aries x1
  • Symbol of Taurus x1
  • Symbol of Gemini x1
  • Symbol of Cancer x1
  • Symbol of Leo x1
  • Symbol of Virgo x1
  • Symbol of Libra x1
  • Symbol of Scorpio x1
  • Symbol of Sagittarius x1
  • Symbol of Capricorn x1
  • Symbol of Aquarius x1
  • Archangel's Heart x15 (optional)
  • Seed of Rafflesia x15 (optional)
  • Siren's Scale x15 (optional)

Synopsis :
Leona informs you that Stratavista is not behind the Talos disturbance. The mysterious stranger has power comparable to Hernandez. Stratavista sends Jurgen to recruit this stranger. You learn that Lynn adores Dietrich and is jealous of her sister. Their father favors Dietrich, who becomes the royal guard commander. After a duel when Lynn was ten, they have been in conflict ever since.

Monblant Bethel wants to demolish Bernier Mansion for urban development. A fight broke out, which Dietrich resolves with words. Lynn is depressed, even after beating up Panfilo, who admired his brother who died during the Illier-Targa War. The cook makes a dish with his late brother's recipe to cheer Lynn up.

Dietrich confesses to sympathizing with the former archon Machia, who sacrificed himself for Illier, yet caused the Targa War. After the duel, Lynn and Amy send you to investigate unknown monsters in the Great Plain, which turned out to be Jurgen's army. Jurgen says Stratavista wants to eliminate the Dark Soul and warns you to stay away from the mansion.

Amy confronts Duke Bethel since Dietrich is missing after investigating the Great Plain. After suppressing the vanguards, you find some bloodstained insignia, suggesting Dietrich killed the bearers. Since you are of neither Patrician nor Evora cliques, you must find Dietrich.

After overcoming some golems from Viron Clock Tower, you enter the mansion and fight Jurgen, while the Dark Soul somehow controls Dietrich. Hamaan says that Dietrich is possessed by the distorted power of the stars, and she uses the constellation symbols to make an energy sphere to break Dietrich's twisted stellar connection.

You free Dietrich from her possession, and break through the barrier inside the mansion. But Bethel arrives and prepares to execute Dietrich for killing the vanguards. Lynn returns with a message from the archon, who wants to hear Dietrich's side of the story.

Dietrich wants to lead the Herbert Knights to capture Bethel, but Lynn stops her. After a trial, Dietrich is deemed innocent and is placed under probation. She is also required to compensate the bereaved, so you asked Leona for help. To keep the nobles of Vespanola quiet, Leona needs some items of the New Continent. A civil war seems to be brewing. Leona will stay and watch the situation in Illier...

Leader of New Era scenarios came with a series of repeatable quests - Lucifer Castle mission/hunt quests (v24.89.71), Tigres Prison mission quests (v24.93.46), Truman's Workshop hunt quests (v25.04.52), Clock Tower Basement mission quests (v25.13.03), and Lynn's unlimited quests (v25.31.84).

American server is having a chip-collection event. Collect up to 40 Veteran Enchantment Chips, 30 Lv.100 Enchantment Chips, or 15 Lv.100 + 20 Veteran Enchantment Chips from roulette every day to gain 3 Costume Tickets (Event). You can trade 25 tickets for 1 School Look Costume for either Judith or Berthe.

Lv.100 Chips drop from Rank 3 missions. Veteran Chips drop from Rank 4-5 missions, Armonia daily missions, Viron Clock Tower (and Basement) missions, Bounty Hunter's Guild (Hard) missions, and Coimbra Mercenary (Hard) missions.

Other Servers
Korean server's Valentine's Day + 11th Anniversary event is giving Bernier Weapon costumes. Europe server offers various costumes, including Santo de Blanc costume for NPCs (Anis, Lynn, etc.). Comparatively, the reward options for American server are really limited.

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American server has updated to v26.60.82 (Symphonia Episode 1-2) on Jan 18, 2017. The previous update was more than 6 months ago (Jun 29, 2016). X-Trap was also updated to 10.2016-2272. Only the skin file gauge.bmp needs to be updated (copy/paste on new file), otherwise the existing skin packs are still usable.

New blog header for v26.60.82.

I was gone for a few months. I actually considered visiting for Christmas , but I was on Windows 10, which the previous X-Trap had issues with. I'm still not sure if I'm just visiting or really staying in the game again. For now, I'm clearing back-logs of quests (New Era Episode 2, Sariel, etc.). I'll probably update the quest guides as I do them, but since there are quite a few, it may take a while. (Prior to this, I was playing Sid Meier's Civilization VI .)

Blog comments have been unlocked.

External Links
Patch Notes - v26.03.46 to v.26.44.97
Patch Notes - v26.48.95 to v.26.60.82
Play Time Event - Jan. 23, 2017 to March 15, 2017
Call of Leona Event
Lunar New Year Event 2017