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The following summarizes some changes from Korean live server patch notes. American server is currently at v22.80.01. See Patch Notes page for earlier versions.

The Future of Enhancement!

Even during discount event, the cost of enchantment separation/combination is stupidly expensive. The system is already too restrictive, and now it is expensive too... Remember that this system was introduced to prevent players who have already enchanted their +0 weapons from losing their enchantments when enhancing them. And you have to pay millions of Feso for each weapon? What a rip-off.

Blessing of Valeron isn't much better. You basically need to break multiple weapons of the same grade to have a 50% chance of succeeding from +6 to +7 enhancement. I remember failing 5-6 times enhancing from +5 to +6 (i.e. 50% chance) in the current (old) system. Imagine that happening in the new system! 

Players who gambled for cash weapons (e.g. Tyrant Weapons) will get screwed as well, since the value of these +0 weapons will drop... And they decided that what players need/want is more AR30-31 weapons. WTF is wrong with these IMC game designers?

Imperial Wheel S has been updated for Jan 21-26, 2015. The featured loot are Elizabeth, Tyrant Ring, Abyss Shield, and Tesla Coil Pet. Elizabeth Card (Event) can also be acquired from the new event - 「エリザベート」新大陸デビュー during 1/21-2/18, 2015. Pet Box (Tesla Coil) can also be acquired from roulette in Lucifer Death Corridor mission (available in Japan only).

Elizabeth is voiced by Rena Maeda (前田玲奈), who performed in Jinsei (Ayaka), Kiseijuu (Akiho), and Hunter x Hunter (Machi). Anis is voiced by Fukagawa Seria (深川芹亜), who performed in Glasslip (Touko) and Happiness Charge Precure! (Aloalo).

Japan - Armonia Final Episode (2015-01-21) 240 MB
This file includes Snow Montoro, Elizabeth, and Anis.

Japan servers have been updated to Armonia Final Episode. Van (v23.70.38) doesn't seem to be available yet, so this update should be v23.63.43. However, it does not seem to have the new ranking of missions as well as the dreadful weapon enhancement and enchantment transfer... I don't know if they just aren't implemented yet, or if Japan simply has no intention of implementing them.

UI Skin & Sound Files
The default UI skin has been updated, specifically button.bmp, hotkey.bmp, ping.bmp, and transfer.bmp files. I will update the existing skin packs on this site soon. The sound file will also be posted soon, along with the latest Imperial Wheel release.

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Taiwan server has been updated to Armonia Episodes 3 & 4 (v23.07.18). Abyss Weapons (AR36) have also been released this year. 

  • Combat EXP +100% during event period 1/21-2/11, 2015. 
  • Login during event period for 16 days to get Berthe's Lilith & Daemon Costume Set and 21 days to get Character Card Box.
  • Newly created families during event period will get free character cards - Grace, Lisa, Elisa, Ion, and Tora.

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Recruit Anis quests was added in v23.63.43 . You will need the following items, depending on which route you have selected:

Route A
Elemental Jewel x3
Holy Water of Armonia x10
Rare Book of Combat x20
Rare Book of Magic x20
Rare Book of Shooting x20
Growth Stone* x6
Route B
Armonia Coin x20
Elemental Jewel* x8
Mysterious Steel Piece* x20
Growth Stone* x6

Route C
Token of Virtue* x50
Growth Stone* x6

An asterisk (*) above denotes that the item is optional. Thanks to various readers for posting the missing portions of this quest guide!

Synopsis :
Saint Anis considers Van to have died in her stead, and worries about Vincent. You bury Cesar with Tokens of Virtue to track down Vincent, who wishes to purify the polluted souls. As he talks to Anis, assassins attempt to kill her. Upon defeat, the assassins committed suicide. Vincent suspects Archbishop Vega since the defeat of Oscuras renders the Saint's existence unnecessary. As usual, Shuran sends you on his personal vendetta against beasts. After which, he gives you a sealed letter for Bishop Lennon. Lennon confirms the culprit is Vega, but urges you to avoid a direct confrontation, as a schism would destroy the church.

Vincent considers making a deal with Vega to protect the peace of Armonia. Vega admits his guilt, and wants an abyssal record to give the Saint, who is gathering information about the army of Abyss. Saint Anis accepts the repentance of Vega, who also suggests she visits Bristia with you. Anis wants to learn about the outside world, since she has always been staying in the cathedral. Caisse welcomes Anis to Kielce. Anis glows, and prophesies that Caisse's destiny is to make a decision that will save or kill many people. (Hasn't Caisse been doing that since Day 1?) Caisse requests Anis to visit Cano, who is uncertain about destiny itself.

As Cano struggles with the philosophical problem of evil and pain, Anis glows up again and says Cano will be leading soldiers. Cano retorts that if humans follow destiny ordained by God, then they are just marionettes. If Caisse and Cano follow their ordained destiny, they will never meet. So she believes destiny can be changed. Anis decides to reward Cano's insight with a blue ribbon for her encyclopedia. (Wutlol?) Anis finally recognizes that she can find herself and make her own destiny.

Back in Armonia, Anis wants to figure out the meaning of her existence with you, since Sirius and Laura will also be there. She threatens to pinch and smack Pope Ludio II, so he reluctantly gives his consent on the condition that she keeps in touch and must be prepared to return.

This skin was created by pupupe in 2011, and has been updated to v23.02.97 for Armonia Episode 4. A clean simple look, nothing fancy.

See UI SKINS page for setup instructions and more skins. 
The download links for individual skins have been removed. Use the download folder link (button) at the top of the page instead, and select the desired file to download.

Recruit Van quests were added in v23.70.38 . You will need the following items:

  • Postcard of Ornella x25 - Dropped by monsters in Armonia Latina, En Celar, El Templo, Gloria, or Viego.
  • Health Generator x100 - Buy from any potion merchant for 8,000 Vis each.
  • Sedative x100 - Roulette reward for Alchemy Grade 0-3.
  • Dragon Heart x3 - Roulette reward for Fury Montoro, Fury Autobaron, Alchemy Grade 15-16, etc.
  • Holy Water of Armonia x20 - See Armonia Daily Quests.
  • Blue Armonium Ore x2 - Refined from Red Armonium Ore by Priest Joel in Armonia Cathedral (F7).
  • Great Bristia Style Meat Stew x1 - Panfilo can cook this dish if you provide him with these items.
    • Old Journal 2 x35 - Trade them for the dish recipe from Diary Analyst in Abertal (D8).
    • Great Clear Rum x30 - Acquired from Mixture/Synethesization in Ustiur Farm.
    • Brawn x10, Wolf Meat x10, Comodo Meat x10 - Dropped by various Boars, Wolves, and Comodos.
    • Cook Stone x1 - Roulette reward for Alchemy Grade 0-9.

Synopsis :
Laura claims that she saw Van while cleaning up the remaining monsters. You find illusions of Van in El Soltado. Laura suspects Navas, and confronts her. Navas claims Van's soul in exchange for the information on how to kill Oscuras. Since Oscuras is now dead, Navas can reestablish the order of Abyss.

You tell Vincent everything, and he rushes to Van in El Adio. However, Van does not respond. Vincent summons Navas by sacrificing Dragon Hearts as he once did in Land of the Dead. Navas claims she desires to possess Van, just as Rage wants to possess Vincent. Since the Spear of Orden has perished with Oscuras, there is no way to defeat her.

You consult with Patrick whose arm was partially taken by Abyss. Patrick says the key to free Van is to awaken a strong memory, namely that of Ornella. Van responds slightly to mentions of Ornella. Vincent drags Saint Anis to treat Van with holy water. Navas interrupted, but then relented, agreeing that if Van can break her bondage, she will give up on him. Otherwise, she will take Vincent's soul as well.

Sirius prepares a green pepper meat stew and Anis mixs some tranquilizers for Van. After Vincent reads aloud Ornella's Postcards, Van finally recognizes Vincent. Navas acknowledges that Van is free, and claims that while Abyss is evil, they fulfill promises better than God. Van however tells Vincent to leave. After nullifying the red barrier with Blue Armonium, you help Van confronts Navas. Van has hidden the Spear of Orden in his body, instead of letting it vanish with Oscuras. He also carved the seals of Ornella and Vincent onto the spear.

Navas attempts to retrieve the Spear of Orden, but you help Van to hold her off. Van threatens her with mutual destruction with the Spear of Orden, if she does not return to the world of Abyss. Van knocks everyone out and casts you out beyond the red barrier. You return the next day to find Van, claiming to have wounded Navas who fled back to the world of Abyss. Vincent was once so weak that he was to be banished from Memento Mori. Van refused to give up on him, lying to incur his hatred and make Vincent a hero for killing his treacherous brother. You risk your lives to collect more bloody postcards just so Van can read about Ornella telling him to have a balanced diet.

Van enters the cathedral. Archbishop Vega wants to punish him for killing the previous pope, but Pope Ludio II stops him and reveals his findings. Pope Vasnuela III was a member of Strata Vista, creating Armonium by sacrificing the Saints and stealing them for Vespanola. He also made a deal with Abyss to fabricate all wars that occurred after the 2nd Armonia Holy War. Pope Ludio II wants to put Vega on trial for his involvement, but the latter flees. Pope Ludio II pledges on his earrings to absolve Van's sins on the condition that he aids you henceforth. Van finally makes his peace with Sirius, Laura, Patrick, and Berthe...

 Talk to Cadet Leonele Event NPC in Reboldoeux.

  1. Spend time in-game to accumulate event points (1 per hour).
  2. Spend event points to improve Cadet Leonele.
  3. Defeat the opponent using event Cadet Leonele (MCC1) up to 14 rounds.
Rewards include Ring Boxes, Triumph Fillers, Soul Crystals, Combat/Tactics Manuals, Pet Food, and Chief Gladiator Medal (All Stats +1 for 30 days, auto-activated). Nothing special, but at least you don't have to waste Pet Food during AFK.

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Armonia Final Episode scenario was added in v23.63.43 . You will need the following items:

  • Blue Armonium Ore x15 - Refined from Red Armonium Ore by Priest Joel in Armonia Cathedral (F7).
  • Armonia Holy Water x20 - See Armonia Daily Quests.
  • Postcard of Ornella x5 - Dropped by monsters in Armonia Latina, En Celar, El Templo, Gloria, and Viego.

Synopsis :
Archbishop Vega sends you to the Gate of Abyss ahead of the crusaders to get rid of you. Navas blocks the way and forces you to retreat. Vincent then saves the defeated crusaders by warping through the abyssal space.

Laura brings the wounded to the cathedral, while you ask Patrick and Berthe for help. Vega confronts Vincent, who admits to making a contract with Abyss in the Land of the Dead. When Sirius refuses to kill Vincent and runs away with Saint Anis, Vega coerces Pope Ludio II to declare all except Anis as heretics.

Vega sends Jurgen after you. While holding off the pursuers, Laura is defeated, while Berthe attacks Patrick to side with Van. You follow Vincent into El Soltado. As you fight Navas, Vincent turns hostile and you defeat him. Anis says Vincent is being possessed, and uses Fragments of Abyss to diminish the abyssal seal on Vincent's hand.

Sirius is injured by Vincent. You find Postcards of Ornella, which lead you to Memento Mori Bible for a method to break the barrier into El Adio. You use the Sacred Armonium and enter El Adio, leaving Sirius behind. Navas blocks you as Van hurries ahead.

Abyss reveals that the shadow of the Sky Road is in El Adio, connecting the world to Abyss. This was affirmed by Ferruccio Espada himself. Vincent went to the New World seeking Latemn in order to find his brother. Now, he has given up on Van and vows to kill him and Abyss. Van and Navas arrives, as Abyss possessed Vincent.

Borrowing the power of the Fragments of Abyss, Van uses the Spear of Orden, the ultimate god slayer, to defeat Abyss. Navas reveals that "Abyss" is merely the last fragment of Abyss' emotions - Rage. After absorbing Rage, Van says that his true goal is to kill the first devil, who instigated the present crisis.

In El Templo, the 5 abyssal emotions summons Oscuras, the first devil sealed by Strata Vista. As you defeat Oscuras, Archbishop Vega appears and says that Hernandez and Vespanola do not care about Armonia. He wants to break the vicious cycle of suffering. He believes that when the first devil is reborn, God will descend to save everyone, destroying and rebuilding the world. Van retorts that God does not care about humans. As Oscuras weakens and dies, he asks about Profes, Sara, and Mori... then tells Van that God is masking his existence as a human. Van has an idea about his identity but is not sure if they will meet.

Van tells Saint Anis that there is no destiny of death for the saint. It is merely a corrupted tradition. He wants Anis to survive because she is like Ornella. Van is hosting the Fragments of Abyss in his body still. As Vincent kills him, Van mutters something to Vincent.

Vincent becomes depressed, then rages at William. Laura tells him to stop bitching. Vincent punches Vega, while Laura gets her bleeding arm treated by Saint Anis. Laura reports to Pope Ludio II, who becomes furious with Vega and the senior priests. Pope Ludio II praises everyone during a ceremony, and awards you Hero of Armonia medal. After the ceremony, you return to El Adio, but Van's body is missing. After everyone leaves, Navas appears and wonders if Ornella, the girl who liked green pepper, might feel sad about this result...

Added new skin - Royal Blue for v23.02.97 (Armonia Episode 4) game client. All skins in this site has been updated to the same version as well.


See UI SKINS page for instructions and more skins. 
The download links for individual skins have been removed. Use the download folder link (button) at the top of the page instead, and select the desired file to download. This way, I don't have to update every single link every time I update the files. The file host has also been changed from MediaFire to Dropbox.