Updated Recruit Sariel, Recruit Evil and New Era Episode 2 Scenario quest guides...   ♥♥♥    

After about 3 months, T3Fun reintroduced Play Time Event for De Lapith Costume , running from Mar 19 to Apr 13, 2014. The previous Play Time Event was for Lothe Character Card during December 2013. The random prizes are as follows:

De Lapith Costume and Hair can also be acquired directly for 1,200 and 1,000 points respectively...

I don't know why we keep getting so many costumes for Grandies... So far, we already got her Summer and Christmas costumes for free. How many Grandies do people actually use? Also, the points are really high for a costume set. Well, at least this is one reason for me to login. I have been waiting for Play Time Event to train Sierra, Lothe, and a few others for their stances...

Enhancement Boosters and Imperviums are still stupidly expensive... This is one big reason for gaming demotivation. Mercenary Licenses are now stupidly expensive too. Lollipops are also removed from the feso shop.

The rare characters released so far this year...
Tyrant Weapons (rapier, fire bracelet) also debut in Lucky Shop  on 2014-03-19.


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