Best Blowout Support Event 2017 until July 04 (Europe) or Aug 23 (USA).  

Imperial Wheel S (Japan) has been updated for Sep 2013. Other prizes include Enhanced Will of Argus and Enhanced Shadow of the Abyss. See GMオーキスの『新アイテム』紹介ブログ! for GM's introduction.

Tyrant Rapier
Rapier • ATK Rating 35 • ATK 225
Trigger [Weapon Block] 10%, Penetration +10, Block +5, Immunity -10

Kess Support Set
[Heavy Stinger] Stance Book x1
IBR-620 Large Caliber Rifle x1

Tyrant Crescent
Crescent • ATK Rating 35 • ATK 510
Trigger [Rush] 10%, Penetration +5, Accuracy +10, Immunity -10

Tyrant Rod
Rod • ATK Rating 35 • ATK 335
Trigger [Power Magic] 5%, Penetration +10, Mental RES +10, Immunity -10

Standard Costume Exchange Ticket
Exchange for an invisible costume usable by all characters

Tyrant Sabre
Sabre • ATK Rating 35 • ATK 325
Trigger [Weapon Block] 10%, Penetration +5, Immunity -10

Tyrant Fire Bracelet
Fire Bracelet • ATK Rating 35 • ATK 295
Trigger [Eternal Fire] 10%, Penetration +10, Immunity -10

Enhanced Valkyrie Belt
Belt (Veteran) • DEF 5 • STR +10, CON +10, Immunity +5

Enhanced Designer Belt
Belt (Veteran) • DEF 5 • SEN +10, CON +10, Immunity +5

Montoro Support Set
Enhanced Elemental Belt x1
Rod of Carla x1

Viron Ore Set
Devil's Dream x5, Symbol of Naraka x5

Viron Ore Special Set
Devil's Dream x25, Symbol of Naraka x25

Zebra Costume Set
Zebra Costume • Body Costume (Freeday)
Gradient Shaggy Band • Hair (Freeday)

Upsilon Costume Set
Upsilon Costume • Body Costume (Marchetti)
Hissioum Hair • Hair (Marchetti)

WAYI has started Rosa's Summer Event - 歡樂開學祭,好禮二重送! for Taiwan's servers. The event rewards are:

  • Kano's Marine Look Costume (3 Rosa's Notes)
  • Kano's Marine Look Hair (3 Rosa's Notes)
  • Gigante Mascot Medal (5 Rosa's Notes)
  • Roht Character Card (15 Rosa's Notes)
In addition, top up 2500 cash shop credit during event period to get a free Valeria Vendetta Card. Their new Lyndox Box also features Montoro Card + Experimental Rod, and Cherlyn's Desire Costume Set.

Compare with Rosa's Summer Event for other regions:

Nowadays, everything looks boring and not motivating. The new quests can easily be completed in 1-2 days. I don't care much for Veil. Kess/Caisse is pointless without his stance and heavy rifle. He is really a pseudo-cash character.

And Tigres Prison is just a waste of time... it serves nothing more than to dangle the stance book and heavy rifle to annoy you. The drops are rubbish. [Heavy Stinger] stance book is stupidly low at 0.01% (see Tigres de la Carcel Roulettes). Each boss drops only 1-2 Twisted Weapon Pieces, and you need to share it with the rest of the squad. Marchetti wants 8,000 Twisted Weapon Pieces for the weapon, so if everyone in the squad get 2 pieces per day, it will take...

10.9 YEARS 

... to finish the collection for 1 weapon. Feel the motivation yet? As I said before, it is not even a slow, feasible way to gain those items. They are merely designed to frustrate the players and push them to gamble with Lyndon Box.

Everything else is just Lyndon Box. It's like everything is just cash these days. Even the future versions in Korea has nothing worth looking forward to. It's like IMC doesn't even bother to design proper quests/raids anymore. Just make new characters and dump them in Lyndon Box. I don't even feel motivated to do the daily activities anymore... just AFK for the new Play Time Event and train the new stances.

Oh, and did I mention T3Fun still haven't restore the lost enchantments due to server transfer yet after so many months? Too busy making Lyndon Box for that, it seems...

T3Fun has updated the North American servers to v19.45.02. The patch was full of bugs however - see Emergency Maintenance Notes and 09/11/2013 Bug Fix Update. New features include:

Meanwhile, the lost enchantments from server transfer are still NOT fixed after so many months.

And apparently, you can regain access to a banned account, but you probably need to tell them that you are super paytard so it's okay to bot and RMT as much as you want. See Follow Veil's Lead for details.

IMC has released a new update preview - 업데이트 미리보기 파벌 리뉴얼. See also [韓更預覽] 高級派系系統廢黜及黨的變革. This preview article is quite long, and somewhat confusing. Certain parts may have been mistranslated. Leave a comment if correction is needed.

Note: A party refers to the clan/guild (aka "faction"). A clique refers to the political secret society (aka "alliance"), namely Lealtad (aka Esmero) and Gleichstellung (aka Souveran).

All cliques, including Pegadilla, will be deleted. All clique-related quests will be removed.

Clique Medals - Lealtad (aka Esmero) and Gleichstellung (aka Souveran) medals will grant Penetration +2.

Missions - Neutral families now gain free access to Blood Navy, Tigres de la Carcel, and Viron Clock Tower missions. Spell Key is still required. Existing Pass of Gerrard will be refunded with 1 Shiny Crystal and 50 purchase points.

Kielce Night - Neutral families no longer need to pay Serena/John/Heinz to enter Kielce Night.

Fire Island - Movement between zones are modified.

Recruit Valeria - You no longer need to be of Royalist/Republican to do her recruitment quest. Joaquin Underground Prison mission can also be accessed.

Artifact Exchanger - Neutral families can now exchange 5 artifact materials for 2 random materials (instead of only 1 random material) using the exchanger in Kielce.

NPC Brown (v19.90.36) - All existing quests and NPC Brown will be removed from the various towns. The daily quests are re-organized into 3 groups, available for everyone. You can do 1 quest per group daily.
  1. Old Towns - Reboldeoux, Coimbra, Auch
  2. Bases - Ustiur, Bahama, Errac
  3. New Towns - Viron, Kielce
Pegadilla Buff - Neutral families cannot gain [Blessing of Neutral] buff for participating in Clique War. 

2. PARTY REVISION (v19.82.65)
All parties will be reverted to Lv.52. 

La Tierra de Sed - The map and daily war will be deleted. All families can get the buff from Ancient Blessing Statues in Queen's Gate, Nimrod Bridge, or Thueringen Lakeside instead. Existing La Tierra de Sed buff will persist, but can no longer be regained.

Faction War - Lealtad (aka Esmero) vs. Gleichstellung (aka Souveran) war will be removed. Players from previously opposed cliques are no longer auto-red to each other. Clique association for squad is also removed.

New Party Missions - Mad Montoro and Mad Kielce Night. A party can accumulate party points to level up beyond Lv.52 in these missions. For Mad Montoro mission, there are 5 bosses, so kill as many as possible. Mad Kielce mission is about increasing time by killing resistance fighters. There are innocent NPCs as well, but you lose points for killing them.

Existing parties will be given 325 points per 5 clique members, up to a maximum of 5850 points. You can use the points to level up the party up to a maximum of Lv.70 via a new NPC in towns. This will grant [Party Blessing] buff for ATK vs monsters.

It is unclear if a neutral party can also advance beyond Lv.52 under the new system, or if it is restricted only to Royalist/Republican parties.

The old war declaration system has been revived. You can declare war on a party by consuming a War Declaration Scroll, available in Villa de Libertad of Auch or Royal Embassy of Reboldoeux.

Each war will last for 2 weeks. After 2 weeks, the war will end automatically, if no truce is agreed upon by the party leaders. Warring parties may attack each other in all maps except for towns, forgotten/ancient dungeons, heavenly dungeon (aka Sacred Chaos Requiem), and Coimbra Nimrod Bridge.

It is unclear if a neutral party can still be subject to player-kill in the new system. Previously, PVP is disabled for neutral parties even if a war has been declared.

Elections will be deleted. Election Registration items will be refunded with Vis. Back costumes for duke and chancellor will be removed.

A party leader must now register for his party to participate in Colony War. Registration opens 30 minutes before the war. As before, the war is only available in 1 channel. Monsters vanish when the war begins. Unregistered parties cannot attack or be attacked (?).

Total colonies reduced from 21 to 15. They are regrouped into categories:
  • A: Tetra Hill, Rion Plains, Katovic Snowfield
  • B: King's Garden, Ferruccio Junction, El Tejado Verde, Pradera de Ceniza, Via Fluvial
  • C: Jezebel Glen, Porto Bello Deserted Quay, Lago Celeste, El Lago de Tres Hermanas, Ustiur Jungle 2, Old Port of Coimbra, Bahama Swamp of Peril
Each party can only registered for 1 category. Each colony category affects market tax returns - A (50%), B (30%), and C (20%). Each occupied colony gains an equal share within the category.

Balancing of the Royalist/Republican sides for Clique War will be revised. Neutral players are assigned to the side with less people 5 minutes after war has started. For example, there are 50 Royalists and 48 Republicans. The first 2 neutral players will join Republicans, the 3rd player will join Royalist, the 4th player will join Republican, etc.

Now, neutral families do not need to join Pegadilla to get contribution points. As before, higher ranks have population limits. Clique War Titles window will also be revised.

Killing opposed players, mining, resuscitation, etc. will get the same points as before. Bonus points for victory will be changed. Victory grants 500 points. There are some additional stuffs relating to contribution/purchase points, but I can't make out WTF it is really saying...

Royalist/Republican parties can receive reward boxes in Royalist Embassy or Villa de Libertad. Neutral parties can get from either.

This sub-quest was added in v18.07.08 for North America's servers. There was supposed to be another Kielce sub-quest for Claire/Claude (see here), but I have never seen any quest guide for it, and do not seem to be able to trigger it...

Angie broke Lorch's watch by accident, and worked to repair it. Lorch wanted to find his brother Jurgen in Kielce, so Angie accompanied him there. She overheard Jack talking to SCHIFF Owner John, and learnt about her parents' deaths. Meanwhile, Lorch worked with Cain to track down Jurgen, and found it to be related to the Blood Navy. He then spoke to Jack in Red Hat. Jack warned Lorch to GTFO away from Angie.

[120] Angie's Outing
Prerequisites: Completed Detective Angie's Training quests, Recruit Lorch quests, Heroes of Bristia - Convened quest (see Kielce Scenario).
  1. Trigger quest mail by moving to Reboldoeux Queen's Gate.
  2. Talk to Angie in Reboldoeux Queen's Gate.
  3. Trigger dialogue in City of Auch (F8). Include Angie in the team.
  4. Talk to Lorch in City of Auch. Include Angie in the team.

[120] Responsibility of Angie
Prerequisites: Completed the quest above.
Reward: White Gold Bar x5, Veteran G EXP Card x10, Expert G EXP Card x10, Training Card G (Event) x5.
  1. Talk to Angie in Reboldoeux Queen's Gate.
  2. Talk to Angie again to give her Strange Cogwheel x30, Strange Spring x30, and Strange Clock Equipment x30. These items drop in Dr. Torsche's Mansion Annex.
  3. Talk to Lorch in City of Auch for reward. Include Angie in the team.
  4. Talk to Lorch again. Exclude Angie from the team.

[120] Butterfly Effect of Angie
Prerequisites: Completed the quest above.
  1. Talk to Angie in Reboldoeux Queen's Gate.
  2. Talk to Lorch in City of Auch. Include Angie in the team.
  3. Trigger a non-combat mission by moving to Kielce.
  4. Talk to Staff Sgt. Jesef in Kielce (C7/C8) to enter Red Hat pub.
  5. Talk to Heiran in Red Hat pub.
  6. Trigger a non-combat mission at Kielce (J5). Include Angie, but exclude Lorch, in the team.

[120] Investigation Starts
Prerequisites: Completed the quest above.
Reward: (a) Veteran G EXP Card x10; (b) Veteran G EXP Card x20, Expert G EXP Card x20.
  1. Talk to Cain in Kielce (J5). Include Lorch, but exclude Angie, in the team.
  2. Collect Odd Paper (quest item) x10 by killing Thief Joel, Thief Cabadin, or Thief Angry in Kielce Night.
  3. Talk to Cain in Kielce (J5) for reward (a). Include Lorch, but exclude Angie, in the team.
  4. Collect Odd Note (quest item) x20 by killing Blood Navy Officers in Kielce Training Camp (Night).
  5. Talk to Cain in Kielce (J5) for reward (b) and to trigger a non-combat mission. Include Lorch, but exclude Angie, in the team.

[120] The Cruel Truth
Prerequisites: Completed the quest above.
  1. Talk to Staff Sgt. Jesef in Kielce (C7/C8) to start a non-combat mission. Include Lorch, but exclude Angie, in the team.