Update v27.96.08 v27.93.80 delayed to May 30, 2017. Best Blowout Support Event until July 04.  

According to GE-KR v6.5.5 Patch Notes for Silver (Test) Server, five characters will receive new personal skills. The skills for Garcia and Lisa have dual functions, similar to Raven's personal skill. Screenshots below are taken from GE-KR Screen Board posts - 리사/솔져/브루니 and 가르시아, 힘까 스킬.



Tenacity [Reboldeaux Soldier]
Lv.10: Movement Speed -50%, Max HP +23%, Block +20, DEF +20.
Lv.11: Movement Speed -50%, Max HP +25%, Block +21, DEF +22, DEF Rating +1.

Fatal Blues [Brunie]
Lv.10: Normal attacks apply Lv.10 [Mortal Wound] status.
Lv.11: Normal attacks apply Lv.11 [Mortal Wound] status, ATK Rating +1.

Grinding [Lisa]
Lv.10: Normal attacks apply debuff [RES -10 ...or... DEF -10].
Lv.11: Normal attacks apply debuff [RES -10, DEF Rating -1 ...or... DEF -10, DEF Rating -1].

Shadow Trigger [Garcia]
Lv.10: ATK Rating +1, Penetration +5 ...or... DEF Rating +1, Immunity +5.
Lv.11: ATK Rating +1, Penetration +6 ...or... DEF Rating +1, Immunity +6.

Dream of Doll [Catherine STR/DEX/INT]
Lv.10: Increase STR/DEX/INT, AGI, and CON for 110 seconds. After buff, a Veteran Catherine STR has STR 100, AGI 58, and CON 85.

Blog Post Update
Added screenshots for Dream of Doll and Shadow Trigger. See here at IAHGames forums for translations and discussions, or here for Chinese translations.

Dec 02, 2010: Added extra information from [GM Tip] 직업 스킬이 추가된 NPC들!.
  • Fatal Blues has a 100% chance of inflicting [Mortal Wound] status.
  • Grinding has a 100% chance of inflicting [Physical/Magical Break] status, i.e. DEF/RES -10.
  • The offensive state of Shadow Trigger is called Shining Trigger.


Translation plz :P


Well I'm glad that they FINALLY get personal skills. But I doubt they will move up in Tier when compared to the prominent Stock Characters.

catherine summoner too ?

No. Summoner already has Release Summon skill.

YEY!! for Rebo Soldier! my Belladonna will finally get a personal skill! I could kiss anyone near me.