Best Blowout Support Event until July 04.  

The results for SGE's Valentine's Day Event are out. Players who cast 500 votes or more also get additional Adelina's Booty Searches. See Win a date with a [GM] 2 Results!

With bonus 20% G-Points from the recent iCash Card Special Promotion, SGD 60 will buy 84k G-Points. This means each Heart Chocolate (50 G-Points) costs SGD 0.0357 (or USD 0.0236).

The top voter across all servers was XenoDoLL of Rembrandt, with 16,739 votes. So, this player spent at least SGD 597.58 (or USD 394.44). He will receive a Constellation series weapon of his choice, such as Shrewd of Altair. See here for more pictures of Constellation series.

The entire event involved a total of 79,470 Heart Chocolates, earning IAHGames at least SGD 2,837.08 (or USD 1,872.66). While the top voter still spent nearly as much, the total profit seems to be significantly lesser than last year's event. For last year's costs, see Valentine's Day Event. All costs are converted from SGD to USD with Yahoo! Finance on 16 Feb 2009.


Dear god, 400 dollars...


It sucks for whoever got second...

i spit on this event. *ptuh*