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SGE is hosting another money-making in-game event for Valentine's Day, similar to the one last year. Win A Date With GM event is back. The 3 GMs are now campaigning from 4-13 Feb 2009, with a 1-hour final showdown on 14 Feb 2009 (see below for time).

  • Bach 1400 SGT - 1500 SGT (GMT +8)
  • Rembrandt 1500 SGT - 1600 SGT (GMT +8)
  • Giovanni 1600 SGT - 1700 SGT (GMT +8)
Players can increase or decrease the vote for any of the 3 GMs by giving them Heart Chocolates (50 G-Points) or Broken Heart Chocolates (100 G-Points). Both items are available in the cash shop. Ka-ching! $$$

The top voter of the most popular GM across all 3 servers will get a Constellation series weapon of his choice. The top voters of the most popular GM in the other 2 servers will get a Constellation series weapon recipe instead. The top voters of the other 2 GMs in each server will get a Constellation series weapon recipe. The 2nd and 3rd voters of any GM in each server will get a Dragon Heart recipe. The top voters of each GM also get a date with the GM anytime within 14-21 Feb 2009.

By the way, at the current conversion rate (see Yahoo! Finance), 70,000 G-Points = SGD 60 = USD 40.17. Thus, each Heart Chocolate (50 G-Points) costs SGD 0.0429 or USD 0.0287. Last year's top voter across all servers was Century of Caravaggio with 14,139 votes, i.e. SGD 606.56 (or USD 405.79, using current rate). All together, last year's event involved 189,874 Heart Chocolates and 243 Broken Heart Chocolates, i.e. SGD 8,166.44 (or USD 5,463.33, using current rate). See Win A Date With GM 2008 and the event results.

... & Sword of the New World
No known event at the moment. It seems the premium users just received Santa Costumes for the Christmas event, and they only got 1 instead of 5. See Only 1 Santa Costume? forum topic.


i hate these kind of events... the spend-your-money-to-win-something prize. ugh

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