Recruit Liung: Mystic Fighter

Mystic Fighter quests were added in v26.89.74. This guide is based on v27.40.06. See Patch Notes for further changes (if any) in later versions.

You will need the following items:
Clear Rum x200Ice Crystal x200Bristia Style Stir Fried Octo x1Pebble x20 You will need to do the following missions:
Leo Room (Rank 3) or Demonic Ice Wizard's Tower (Rank 3 or Hard)
Synopsis : Liung was beating Viron soldiers while waiting for baldy to show up. Gracielo took offense but got his ass kicked instead. Liung then beat up Gascon, but Baek Ho dragged him off. Baek Ho recognized Liung as the son of Seol Ran from Dang. Apparently, Seol Ran often trained with White Dragon, Baek Ho's master. Liung tried to Lightning Bomb, a skill even his mother failed to use properly.

After recovering from his injuries, he apologized to Gracielo as Fritz showed up. Fritz called Liung over to fight Stratavista, but now asked him to test himself. Liung fought Phobitan General and said only the two daughters of …

Europe Update: The Symphonia Episodes 3+4

Europe server has updated to v28.50.39 (The Symphonia Episodes 3+4). See 카엘 영입퀘스트 🔗 for an outline of Recruit Kael quests.

There will be +100% EXP, Stance, and Drop Rate until Oct 31, and 1 Vis Bonus Roulette Event until Oct 24.

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SEA Launch Road Map

More news about the relaunch for Granado Espada SEA... The publisher hasn't been communicative with the potential players since the website was setup. They didn't respond to players' inquiries about old accounts or even the date of release since the start of October. They didn't even tell you what are in the founder's packs or what version the server will start with...

Well, they finally did so. They are starting with The Symphonia Episode 3, updating to Episode 4 in late November, and Episode 5 in late December. That's fairly fast, but so was T3Fun when USA server first started... As expected, no transfer from the old server. The founder's packs basically contain cash items and bulk of Enchantment Chips. See Future Schedules and Founder's Pack Products 🔗 for details.

According to Service Opening Notice 🔗:
We are happy to announce that we are currently preparing to release Granado Espada for SEA on the Steam platform. We will be servicing the game in…

Recruit Rose Spirit: A Red Rose Petal

A Red Rose Petal quests were added in v27.40.06. This guide is based on v27.40.06. See Patch Notes for changes (if any) after this version.

The quests require the following items:
Chocolate x5Tofu x100High Quality Cloth x100 The quests require the following raid missions:
Curse of Red Sunset Forest (faction mission) Hell Breaker (Rank 2) Inside the Crater: Sekhmet (Rank 4) Gate of Ice: Ice Wizard's Tower (Rank 4) Gate of Lightning: Silent Maze (Rank 4) The quests require killing monsters in the following maps:
Bahama Prophet's Forest
Synopsis : After Montoro died, the Rose sisters were released from Moonlight Garden. Raven sent you to suppress the rampaging monsters that were fighting among themselves. Rose Heart did not trust you since you broke Montoro's seal. Rose Spirit then apologized for hurting you. You learnt that Rose Heart was made only for battle, and that Rose Spirit was the thinker and decision maker.

While Rose Heart was being treated by Key Holder, Rose Spi…

Patch Notes v28.48.47 - v28.71.02

The following post summarizes changes based on patch notes for Korean live servers. Even Korean server is slowing down in its updates. It used to be 1 major update (scenario episode) per month, but now there is nothing for 9 weeks... American server is currently at v27.40.06, while European server is at v28.00.72. See Patch Notes page for other versions.

Recruit Joshua: Golden Flame

Recruit Joshua quests were added in v28.10.94. See Patch Notes for further changes (if any) after this version.

⚠ WARNING! This guide is based off Japanese server, which means it may not be accurate for other servers in terms of monster statistics, drop rates, required items, and required amounts.

The quests require the following items:
Blue Armonium Ore x10Composite Steel x500Cast Iron x500Pure Gold Bar x20Yellow Rafflesia Leaf x5Red Rafflesia Leaf x5Green Rafflesia Leaf x5Refined Leaf x3Honey x20High Quality Red Cloth x5,000High Quality White Cloth x5,000 The quests require the following raid missions:
Distorted Time: Royal Road mission The quests require killing monsters in the following maps:
Imperium ArmaBahama Prophet's Forest

Recruit Friede: Freedom

Freedom quests were added in v27.29.12. This guide is based on v27.40.06. For changes (if any) after this version, check Patch Notes. The default English name (based on Korean client) for this character is actually Freeday.

The quests require the following items:
Big Watermelon Slice x10Golden Apple x75Beet x75Giant Cockatrice Egg x10 The quests require doing the following raid missions:
Demonic Dr. Torsche's Mansion (Rank 1 or Hard) missionDemonic Ice Wizard's Tower (Rank 3 or Hard) mission The quests require killing monsters in the following maps:
Red Sunset Forest, Blood Fog Forest, or Crow Forest
Synopsis : A "trap" was wandering around Viron and beating up Taikbin who wanted him to play with his elephant. His stage name was Friede, who was the lead vocalist of a band in Vespanola. He thought he wouldn't be recognized in the New Continent, so he wanted to explore without being bothered by fans.

Friede annoyed a griffon with his out-of-tune lute, then tried to …