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Remote Desktop with Granado Espada

You can use remote desktop applications to control your Windows PC, including games such as Granado Espada. This has been tested on Windows 10 (x64) and Android v7.0, with USA game client (X-Trap 10.2016-2448), Europe game client (X-Trap 10.2016-2460), and SEA Steam client.

On Windows PC
  1. Install Chrome Browser ðŸ”—, if you don't already have it.
  2. Install Chrome Remote Desktop ðŸ”— extension from Chrome Store.
    • You must be using Windows 7 or higher to use this extension.
  3. Start Chrome Remote Desktop from Chrome Apps panel in Chrome Browser.
    • You can access Chrome Apps panel by typing chrome://apps in the address bar of Chrome Browser. 
  4. Click My Computers > Enable remote connections.
    • You may need to sign into your Google account first.
  5. Download and install chromeremotedesktophost.msi, if Chrome Remote Desktop asks for it.
  6. Click My Computers > Enable remote connections again, if you installed the host from Step 5.
  7. Choose your PIN and input it twice, then click OK.
Your Windows PC is now ready for remote connection. You must keep Chrome Remote Desktop open, but you may close Chrome Browser. To end the session, click My Computers > Disable remote connections in Chrome Remote Desktop.

On Android Device
  1. Install Chrome Remote Desktop ðŸ”— app on from Google Play Store.
  2. Start Chrome Remote Desktop app.
  3. Select the computer name of your computer that enabled remote connections.
    • In Windows 10, you can find your computer name in Settings > System > About window.
  4. Enter your chosen PIN and click Connect.
You should now see your computer desktop on your Android device.

Alternatively, you can also use other remote desktop applications, such as TeamViewer ðŸ”— (PC) + TeamViewer Remote Control ðŸ”— (Android/iOS/Windows Phone). For TeamViewer (PC), you may need to start Granado Espada first before starting TeamViewer.