Recruit Selene quest guide has been updated.

Patch Notes v27.98.28 - v28.10.94

The following post summarizes changes based on patch notes for Korean live servers. American server is currently at v26.60.82. European server is at v27.31.33 and will be updating to v27.96.08 by May 16, 2017. I won't be posting the Korean patch notes for v26.32.48 to v27.96.08, since these versions already exist (or will soon exist) in English. See Patch Notes page for other versions.

I'm starting to get bored with the game again, if T3Fun doesn't update soon. All these excessive farming and grinding always feel like a waste of time. Seriously, at the rate they are updating, players on American server can just live off European server's patch notes. There is barely any need for the Korean patch notes. The previous updates took T3Fun 5-6 months per update, so I'd expect Orden update to be around June? That means November/December for Baron's Pledge update... and April/May 2018 for The Symphonia Episode 3... Ugh.

Also, since Blue Moon has stopped updating, I'm trying to do data extraction for new characters/stances, so I still need updater.config.xml file from the Korean game client. Someone with the Korean client help out and post/upload it already. It's just a small file no larger than 5 kilobytes.

  • Fixed issues relating to Whisper stance.
  • Started Busy Marcelino Event.

  • Modified stances/skills. See embedded Google Sheet below or here.
    • Skills are at Lv.10 unless otherwise noted.
  • Added Ciel to Heavenly Character Card Box.
  • Modified animations of Hermes' Whisper stance.
  • Fixed Wolf Eye skill duration issue.

  • Modified Death Stunt skill from Death Chopping stance.
    • Cooldown 15s → 25s.
    • Critical hit no longer applies.
  • Modified Rumin Removal function to require user verification.

  • Added new character - Queen Cerny Joshua to Lyndon Box.
    • Added her skill rings to Chester's Ring Box.
    • Added her glasses costume to Dressing Room.
  • Fixed Split Shooter stance's bullet consumption.
  • Started Lorraine's Gift Event for 6 weeks.

  • Added new scenario - The Symphonia Episode 3.
  • Added new maps - Royal Road (accessible from Bedel), Illisia, Imperium Arma.
  • Added Illisia daily quests. Quest list is random, maximum 3/day (but can be increased after repetitions).
  • Added new item - Valeron's Favorite. It adds additional stats to Valeron Weapons/Armors.
  • Added new equipment - Valeron series: 32 weapons, 4 armors, 5 accessories.
    • Weapon recipes can be exchanged with 10 Valeron's Weapon Scrolls. 
    • Added weapon enchantment scrolls to Enchantment Merchant.
    • Armor recipes dropped by the 2 raid bosses in Imperium Arma map.
    • Added +5/+6 Impervium: Valeron to cash shop.
    • Accessory recipes drop rarely in Royal Road Battle and Imperium Arma Battle missions.
    • Set effects: Max HP +2500, Penetration +2, Immunity +1. When wearing weapon + all 6 items: AR+1, DR+1, All Stats +5.
  • Added Empires item, used for Twisted Time: Imperium Arma. NPC sells for 1 Elemental Jewel.
  • Added new missions - Royal Road Battle, Imperium Arma Battle.
    • Location = NPC in Royal Road map.
    • Difficulty level = Expert, Master, High Master.
    • Cost = Free (1st entry/day), 1 Elemental Jewel (2nd entry/day).
    • You can acquire Solaraion item from missions.
    • Solaraion can be refined by NPC into Glowing Solaraion, which can be traded.
  • Modified maximum Enhancement Boosters for weapon/armor enhancement.
    • AR33 = E.Booster x8 → Shiny Crystal x800.
    • AR34 = E.Booster x20 → x12.
    • AR35 = E.Booster x20 → x16.
    • DR30 = E.Booster x12 → Shiny Crystal x900.
    • DR32 = E.Booster x18 → x12.
    • DR33 = E.Booster x20 → x18.
  • Modified names and prices of Impervium.
    • Item names changed to indicate armor types; e.g. +5 Impervium: Master becomes +5 Impervium: Strata Devil.
    • +5/+6 Veteran = 400k/600k Feso → 40m/70m Vis (added to NPC shop).
    • +5/+6 Expert = 700k/900k Feso → 400k/600k Feso.
    • +5/+6 Master = 800k/1000k Feso → 700k/900k Feso.
    • +5/+6 High Master = 900k/1100k Feso → 800k/1000k Feso.
  • Fixed issue with Joshua's stance - buff duration, skill radius, etc.
  • Started Joshua's Golden Flame Power Event involving rank missions.
  • Started Jack & Rose Event.
  • Started Dolores' Gift Event.

  • Added new character - Joshua.
    • Recruitment quest begins after completing The Symphonia Episode 3 scenario.
  • Fixed issue with Fragmented Weapon Fragments being not tradable.
  • Modified Royal Road Battle (E/M/HM) mission.
    • Adjusted boss monster's defenses.
    • Fixed monster AI issue.
  • Modified Imperium Arma and Twisted Time: Imperium Arma.
    • Reduced monster stats slightly.
    • Increased drop rates of Evora/Witchcraft Troops/Patrician Insignia and Solaraion slightly.


shun yao said…
Thank you for your work bro!

Sadly BlueMoon stopped working, I've been following his site for a looooong time..

Great you took the relay, bon courage!
Ashardalon said…
It's not happening unless people with the Korean client give me the file I need. I'm starting to lose interest since nobody could be bothered to help.
shun yao said…
I can't read Korean tho otherwise i would have helped :(

Fatsnake seems to have the first handed info maybe you can work together.

btw nice profil pic lol

Trường said…
Thank you so much for doing this :P
Roman said…
I`ve developed the extractor for GEEU admins,but since GM_Chris scammed me- i don`t really want to host it. I can give you all the sources for it.
My kit automatically handles the IPF extraction (with geer ipf kit) and XML parsing with HTML templates - you get a bunch of HTML pages for every category (Characters+ stances in Jupath style, Achievments, missions ,quests) which can be easily pushed into some CMSs (like for Joomla there`s a special component, HTML2Article).
Not sure if it`ll work for KGE, but for GEUU it did me a great job.
Contact me at if you`re interested.