[KOR] New Premium Character—Kiss (키스). See [YouTube] Skill Motions.

Patch Notes - May Highlights

The following are some selected highlights of upcoming patches after v18.29.20 (current T3Fun server version). This covers up to v18.97.64 of Korean live servers. See the links below for the full patch notes. Singapore servers are currently at v18.45.16.

v18.32.09 - http://ge.hanbiton.com/NewsInfo/UpdateCompleteView.aspx?post_key=232859
  • Added colony upgrade feature for Colony Wars.
  • Increased damage of Valkyrie Crashers significantly.
  • Revised market reserves for Colony War dividends.
  • Revised La Tierra de Sed time from 21:30 to 22:30. (Korean servers only?)

v18.36.98 - http://ge.hanbiton.com/NewsInfo/UpdateCompleteView.aspx?post_key=233987
  • Nothing noteworthy.

v18.40.39 - http://ge.hanbiton.com/NewsInfo/UpdateCompleteView.aspx?post_key=235136
  • Revised Fire Island with respect to Esmero/Sourevan alliances.
  • Revised Lift the Raven Curse (Crow Forest) mission. Added new monsters and higher level cap. Improved chance of getting Serpent Weapons.
  • Revised [Telekinesis], [Inferno], and [Storytelling] stances.
  • Revised weapon types. Bayonets become rifles, special shotguns become shotguns, special rods (wands) become rods.
  • Removed Ancient Weapon recipes from Bounty Hunters' Guild shop. Get from Wandering Merchant in Bahama Base Camp.
  • Increase (slightly) the detection range of G.Lich in Lucifer Banquet Hall.
  • Revised Arsene Circus mission. You can start mission with 3 characters. Only the leader will raid, the other 2 characters are sent to barracks.

v18.45.16 - http://ge.hanbiton.com/NewsInfo/UpdateCompleteView.aspx?post_key=236061
  • Added Equipment Protection window to UI. Removed NPC.
  • Added new artifacts for Andre, Veronif, Adriana.
  • Revised Blood Fog Forest mission. Improved rewards.
  • Revised Recruit Garcia quest. No more Sage Necklace, but quest mission becomes easier.
  • Revised [Telekinesis] stance.
  • Reduced minimum attack range of Mantara in Moonlight Garden.
  • Revised Enhanced Health Fillers. Changed item price in Errac shop. Existing fillers are integrated with those purchased from elsewhere.

v18.50.92 - http://ge.hanbiton.com/NewsInfo/UpdateCompleteView.aspx?post_key=237054
  • Revised colony upgrades.
  • Revised receipt of mini-game tokens.

v18.56.36 - http://ge.hanbiton.com/NewsInfo/UpdateCompleteView.aspx?post_key=238045
  • Revised target range of [Serenade] stance.

v18.63.77 - http://ge.hanbiton.com/NewsInfo/UpdateCompleteView.aspx?post_key=239224
  • Revised team buffs to character buffs. See here for details.
  • Added Bristia Scenario 2-1.
  • Added new character - Olivia.
  • Added Scars map and raid boss. See here for details.
  • Modified Charisma to Sensation. See here for details.
  • Added Elite Bristia Weapons (AR35). Recipes drop by raid boss of Scars map. See here and here for details.
  • Changed respawn times for Lucifer Castle bosses. See full patch notes link above for details.

v18.68.43 - http://ge.hanbiton.com/NewsInfo/UpdateCompleteView.aspx?post_key=240493
  • Added list of characters to barracks.
  • Added new artifacts for Rio, Leonele, Lisa, and Cruz/Asoka. Requires 500 Essences.
  • Reduced casting time of [Deep Sleep] skill.

v18.72.20 - http://ge.hanbiton.com/NewsInfo/UpdateCompleteView.aspx?post_key=241556
  • Revised Tower of Chaos. Increased number of buff robots before Queen of Valkyries to 12. Each robot can only buff once.
  •  Revised some quest monsters. Respawn time of Exiled Valkyrie and Queen Bee reduced from 30 to 20 minutes.

v18.75.80 - http://ge.hanbiton.com/NewsInfo/UpdateCompleteView.aspx?post_key=242701
  • New Veteran Pioneer Weapons (AR29): rosario, elemental bracelet, tome, encyclopedia, cube.
  • Increase EXP for monsters in Sacred Sedecram.
  • Revised exchange of Ancient Rune Pieces.

v18.80.16 - http://ge.hanbiton.com/NewsInfo/UpdateCompleteView.aspx?post_key=243461
  • Changes relating to player affiliation for Lucifer Castle bosses
  • Bristia Scars boss appear about 20-60 minutes after server is up (?).
  • New daily quests in Bristia Scars.
  • Minor revision for [Trans Robo].

v18.84.61 - http://ge.hanbiton.com/NewsInfo/UpdateCompleteView.aspx?post_key=244608
  • EXP Cards for Heavenly Vespanola Soldiers in Sacred Sedecram.
  • Stance updates for [Dominate the Sky], [Trans Robo].
  • Added Pose Book 11 to Feso Shop.
  • Marchetti can now craft Cube even if he is not recruited.

v18.92.45 - http://ge.hanbiton.com/NewsInfo/UpdateCompleteView.aspx?post_key=245784
  • Added Enchant Conservation System. Use "Tears of Ana" cash item to revert to previous option. Cannot be used continuously more than 2 times.
  • Added Bristia Scenario 2-2.
  • Added Tigres Camp mission. 1 Elemental Jewel for re-entry after exhausting free entries.
  • Added new character - Veil.
  • Increased base damage of [Shadow Sting] and [Shining Sting] stances.
  • Changed crossbows to be one-handed weapons.
  • Added [Battle Medicine] stance. Buy book from Emilia with Symbol of Aquarius.
  • Reduced colony HP by 30%.
  • Added new artifacts - racial talismans dealing ATK +5%/15%/20%.
  • Changed Cortes' attack range.

v18.96.39 - http://ge.hanbiton.com/NewsInfo/UpdateCompleteView.aspx?post_key=246536
  • Added pages to Family Attribute window (max 5).
  • Changed Family Attribute monster damage reduction from 50% to 30%. QQ!
  • Changed DEF Rating of Strata Devil Rosario to 1.
  • Modified [Trans Robo] monster splash attacks.

  • Added new character - Rose Spirit. She comes with Experimental Bracelet (30 days). See here for HQ screenshots of Rose Spirit.
  • Added J.D sub-quest. Must have completed Bristia Scenario 2-2.
  • More changes to neutral faction in squads.


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