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Bahamas Postponed!

A quote from Hrin's Blog:

Bahamas Swamp which was scheduled to be released on 20 March 2008 is now postponed to 17 April 2008 instead.

IMC has a certain set of requirements before they allow Bahamas Swamp to be opened up. I'm not allowed to reveal the exact statistics but in summary, it is a % combination of Expert Characters and equipment that give a good rating. Their concern is that by opening up Bahamas when the majority of the community is not yet ready will further widen the gap between the hardcore users and the casual gamers.

With Bahamas Swamp being postponed, the original release of pretty boy Gavin Jameson would have to be delayed as well since his quest line involves the Bahamas Swamp. We haven't yet decided the release date, most likely 24 April 2008, Thursday.

So in order to get new content (i.e. Bahamas), our characters must become experts. To become experts, we need to play the game... a lot. But without new content, the game is totally boring to play. (You can fall asleep just mindlessly killing monsters and watching your veteran EXP crawl at the rate of 0.0001%.) In summary:

No new content = bored players = less game time = less experts = no new content = ... ad infinitum.

WTF are they thinking?! So what's the solution? BOT! I have been getting this feeling for some time. It seems like IMC designed the game with the assumption that the player will be botting. How sad.