Best Blowout Support Event 2017 until July 04 (Europe) or Aug 23 (USA).  

European server is importing another Korean event to coincide with the release of Scavenger Yeganeh.The event NPC is in Cite de Reboldoeux.

  1. Select an accessory merchant - Magic, Bristia, Evil, Enhanced, or Strata Devil. Once selected, it cannot be changed.
  2. Defeat a random NPC using a quest version of Scavenger Yeganeh (MCC1).
  3. Give the required items to the accessory merchant - Silver Bar x3 + Enchant Chip Veteran x5 (Magic/Bristia/Evil) or Platinum Bar x1 + Enchant Chip Expert x5 (Enhanced/Strata).
Repeat once per day until you have the required number of completions - Magic (4), Bristia/Evil (8), or Enhanced/Strata (10). You may then choose an Event accessory of the specific type.

It looks like a decent event, too bad my Lv.6 family is too poor to even pay for Silver Bars + Enchant Chips daily. 😄

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American server is having another Play-Time Event from June 05 to July 28, 2017 (54 days). As usual, you get 1 point per 10 minutes spent in-game. The featured one-time rewards are:

  • Bane Card (Event) = 3000 points
  • Cadet Leonele Card (Event) = 3000 points
  • Strata Devil Weapon (Event) = 2000 points
  • Pet Box (Red Popo) - Event = 1500 points
Red Popo pet provides [Blessing of Popo][Lv 1] buff, which gives ATK to monsters +10%, Penetration +5, Immunity +5, Max HP +5000, Movement Speed +10%.

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The Storm & The Dragon scenario was added in v27.00.29. In v27.56.86, some quests will be made easier to complete. You will need the following items:

  • +6 Crescemento Dagger or Main-Gauche x1 (not consumed)
  • Refined Leaf x20 (x5 in v27.56.86)
  • Capybara Key x16 (optional)

Synopsis :

European server has updated to Baron's Pledge update. Originally, the update was planned for v27.96.08, then it was rolled back to v27.93.58. The next update (The Symphonia Episode 3) is scheduled to patch in 3-4 months.

  • Quests: Baron's Pledge, Baron's Future, Karin's Elixir (Repeat).
  • Characters: Rose Spirit, Rosa, Montoro, Battlefield Claude.
There will also be EXP/Drop Boost +100% for 1 week.

To elaborate on the new buff potions... Each Karin's Elixir costs 200 Shiny Crystals + 1 Karin's Certificate (from repeatable quest). The various types of elixir grant various bonuses, such as ATK +3%, Penetration +3, ATK vs Monsters +7%, Magic Damage Received -3%, Immunity +3, etc.

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Resurrection of Orden scenario was added in v26.85.93. In v27.56.86, some quests will be made easier to complete. You will need the following items:

Synopsis :

The following post summarizes changes based on patch notes for Korean live servers. American server is currently at v26.60.82. European server is at v27.31.33 and will be updating to v27.96.08 by May 16, 2017. I won't be posting the Korean patch notes for v26.32.48 to v27.96.08, since these versions already exist (or will soon exist) in English. See Patch Notes page for other versions.

I'm starting to get bored with the game again, if T3Fun doesn't update soon. All these excessive farming and grinding always feel like a waste of time. Seriously, at the rate they are updating, players on American server can just live off European server's patch notes. There is barely any need for the Korean patch notes. The previous updates took T3Fun 5-6 months per update, so I'd expect Orden update to be around June? That means November/December for Baron's Pledge update... and April/May 2018 for The Symphonia Episode 3... Ugh.

Also, since Blue Moon has stopped updating, I'm trying to do data extraction for new characters/stances, so I still need updater.config.xml file from the Korean game client. Someone with the Korean client help out and post/upload it already. It's just a small file no larger than 5 kilobytes.

Holy Armonia update introduces 3 tutorial quests involving Degenerate status and Armonium purification.

This package contains selected Granado Espada (Japan) client files, updated to revision 101092. The sound effects (se.ipf) include all characters up to Ciel.

To update the sound file:

  1. Download and extract (277 MB).
  2. Run to start the patcher.
  3. After patching is completed, click on the lower right button to close.
  4. R-click on cleanup.bat and run as administrator to remove unwanted files. (optional)
To install Japanese sound file in other regional clients, simply copy over se.ipf from ge folder into the respective folder of the other client.

Read readme.txt file for more information.

Recruit Hektor quests were added in v26.69.00. This quest guide is translated from FatSnake's guide, and will be updated when I have done the quest myself. You will need the following items:

  • Reinforced Leather x200
  • Health Generator x2,500

Check also European server's guides - Recruit Friede and Recruit Liung .

Synopsis :

First introduced in v8.5 as part of the clique system involving Lealtad (aka Esmero/Dronarati) vs Gleichstellung (aka Souveran/Sahasrha), these quests were administered by NPC Brown in every city. When the clique system was abolished in v19.84.44, these quests were revised and the NPC Brown was replaced by other NPCs. The rewards were modified in v24.85.71 when Enchantment Tranquilizers were diversified into different weapon/armor grades.

The faction daily quests are organized into 3 groups - A, B, and C. You may only do 1 quest per day from each group. To qualify for the quest, you must have completed the scenario quest for the respective city and must have joined a faction. 

Each quest has a limit on how many players are allowed to do it, and the limit resets after 4-6 hours. Once taken, the quest must be completed in 60 minutes or it will be cancelled when you talk to the NPC again, although you are allowed to redo it. 

The special reward is given instead of regular reward for every 10 times you complete the same quest. You can check the favor rate (number of quest completions) in Family Information (Alt+R).

That awkward moment when you are late in delivery by 3 years, and the other person still remembers...

European server is having another imported event from Korea. It mainly provides some event buffs. Players under Family Lv.40 also gain EXP +30%, free entry into Ancient Dungeons, and Bonus Roulette Reward x2.

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