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The Die Is Cast scenario quests were added in v26.32.48. This quest guide is based on American game client (v26.60.82). In v27.56.86, this quest will be made easier by reducing amount of quest items or improving their drop rates.

You must have Panfilo (or Battle Cook Panfilo) to initiate some NPC dialogues. You will need the following items:

  • Symbol of Pisces x1
  • Symbol of Aries x1
  • Symbol of Taurus x1
  • Symbol of Gemini x1
  • Symbol of Cancer x1
  • Symbol of Leo x1
  • Symbol of Virgo x1
  • Symbol of Libra x1
  • Symbol of Scorpio x1
  • Symbol of Sagittarius x1
  • Symbol of Capricorn x1
  • Symbol of Aquarius x1
  • Archangel's Heart x15 (optional)
  • Seed of Rafflesia x15 (optional)
  • Siren's Scale x15 (optional)

Synopsis :
Leona informs you that Stratavista is not behind the Talos disturbance. The mysterious stranger has power comparable to Hernandez. Stratavista sends Jurgen to recruit this stranger. You learn that Lynn adores Dietrich and is jealous of her sister. Their father favors Dietrich, who becomes the royal guard commander. After a duel when Lynn was ten, they have been in conflict ever since.

Monblant Bethel wants to demolish Bernier Mansion for urban development. A fight broke out, which Dietrich resolves with words. Lynn is depressed, even after beating up Panfilo, who admired his brother who died during the Illier-Targa War. The cook makes a dish with his late brother's recipe to cheer Lynn up.

Dietrich confesses to sympathizing with the former archon Machia, who sacrificed himself for Illier, yet caused the Targa War. After the duel, Lynn and Amy send you to investigate unknown monsters in the Great Plain, which turned out to be Jurgen's army. Jurgen says Stratavista wants to eliminate the Dark Soul and warns you to stay away from the mansion.

Amy confronts Duke Bethel since Dietrich is missing after investigating the Great Plain. After suppressing the vanguards, you find some bloodstained insignia, suggesting Dietrich killed the bearers. Since you are of neither Patrician nor Evora cliques, you must find Dietrich.

After overcoming some golems from Viron Clock Tower, you enter the mansion and fight Jurgen, while the Dark Soul somehow controls Dietrich. Hamaan says that Dietrich is possessed by the distorted power of the stars, and she uses the constellation symbols to make an energy sphere to break Dietrich's twisted stellar connection.

You free Dietrich from her possession, and break through the barrier inside the mansion. But Bethel arrives and prepares to execute Dietrich for killing the vanguards. Lynn returns with a message from the archon, who wants to hear Dietrich's side of the story.

Dietrich wants to lead the Herbert Knights to capture Bethel, but Lynn stops her. After a trial, Dietrich is deemed innocent and is placed under probation. She is also required to compensate the bereaved, so you asked Leona for help. To keep the nobles of Vespanola quiet, Leona needs some items of the New Continent. A civil war seems to be brewing. Leona will stay and watch the situation in Illier...

Leader of New Era scenarios came with a series of repeatable quests - Lucifer Castle mission/hunt quests (v24.89.71), Tigres Prison mission quests (v24.93.46), Truman's Workshop hunt quests (v25.04.52), Clock Tower Basement mission quests (v25.13.03), and Lynn's unlimited quests (v25.31.84).

American server is having a chip-collection event. Collect up to 40 Veteran Enchantment Chips, 30 Lv.100 Enchantment Chips, or 15 Lv.100 + 20 Veteran Enchantment Chips from roulette every day to gain 3 Costume Tickets (Event). You can trade 25 tickets for 1 School Look Costume for either Judith or Berthe.

Lv.100 Chips drop from Rank 3 missions. Veteran Chips drop from Rank 4-5 missions, Armonia daily missions, Viron Clock Tower (and Basement) missions, Bounty Hunter's Guild (Hard) missions, and Coimbra Mercenary (Hard) missions.

Other Servers
Korean server's Valentine's Day + 11th Anniversary event is giving Bernier Weapon costumes. Europe server offers various costumes, including Santo de Blanc costume for NPCs (Anis, Lynn, etc.). Comparatively, the reward options for American server are really limited.

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