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Since Aug 2008, I have spent a total of USD30.00 on this game. A decent amount of expenditure control for so many years of gaming, I think. I will consider myself as having quit this game. I stayed on this long partly because my laptop tends to overheat and crash when I tried the newer games with more intense graphics engine. (The old laptop still works fine for everything else I do on it, so I don't see a need to buy a new system just for gaming.)

There are too much repetitive stuffs, but not all of them are specific to GE itself. Many MMO elements are just tired and dead. The repetitions of collecting materials, crafting equipment, and upgrading/enhancing equipment only to start the entire cycle again. Eventually, it gets really boring if there is no new content to play with.

Even the game update has become too predictable and formulated. Each update brings mostly the same thing - 1 new character, 1 new stance, 1 new map, 1 new scenario, 1 new recruitment quest, 1 new field raid, 1 new mission, etc. And IMC just keeps recycling old stuffs. For example, the new map in Symphonia Episode 2 is full of recycled monster models from Viron Clock Tower.

As if this tired update content wasn't enough, even Korean server has been slowing down in terms of update. Symphonia Episode 2 was updated in Feb 23, 2016 for Korean server. It's May now, and they are still at Episode 2. Previously, they were updating at a rate of once per month. I guess IMC is too busy messing about with Tree of Savior to care about GE anymore.

If even Korean server is like that, you can forget about American server... I stopped logging in-game since around Feb 2016, but I checked T3Fun website after every maintenance, there was nothing that could motivate me to login so far. And that's the thing about MMO in general. It's mostly a matter of habit. Once you lose the habit of logging in frequently to play, you just don't have the motivation to do it again. It's a kind of routine activity. To prevent players from breaking their login habits, the publisher needs to keep the game updated frequently. This is something T3Fun doesn't seem to get.

This blog will no longer be updated. I will leave the blog online, but blog comments and chat box will be locked eventually to prevent advertising spams.

Image from Supernatural S11E08

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This guide is based on American game client (v24.85.71), thus it does not account for any changes in later patches.