Best Blowout Support Event 2017 until July 04 (Europe) or Aug 23 (USA).  

The following post summarizes changes based on patch notes for Korean live servers. American server is currently at v24.85.71. See Patch Notes page for other versions.

  • Added new character - Neo , as part of GE 10th anniversary.
    • Istion stance uses sword + fire/ice/lightning/elemental bracelet.
    • Added related rings to Ring Box of Richard.
    • Neo can be created directly without using character card.
    • Each family can only create 1 Neo, and he cannot transferred as a mercenary.
  • Added Recruit Cherlyn quests.
    • Must have completed Recruit Viki quests and Judgment Day scenario.
    • Modified Witch Craft quests to start after recruitment quests.
    • Removed Cherlyn from Heavenly Character Box, etc.
  • Added 19th barracks, consuming 5 Barrack Slots for each character slot.
  • Modified Information Center window.
    • Re-categorized various items (e.g. body costumes).
    • Modified search function.
  • Modified system message relating to Saving Start Point.
  • Modified Joaquin Barrier missions relating to spawn rate of mini-boss monsters.
  • Started New Year Event.
  • Started Rest Buff Event. Pose near Event NPC for EXP +100% buff.

  • Modified Pioneering System.
    • Purchase points are accumulated on odd months (1,3,5,etc), and reset in 2 months. (E.g. Dec 2015 + Jan 2016 accumulated, Feb 2016 reset.)
  • Added Sky Blue Costume for Yuliana to dressing room.
    • The costume changes skill effects.
  • Increased drop rate of Recipe - Strata Devil Necklace slightly.
  • Modified Recruit Cherlyn quests relating to quest missions and character book log.
  • Modified Neo's Istion stance.
    • Lv.10 Bolum changed from 1280% to 1600%.
    • Lv.10 Evram changed from 1890% to 2362%.
  • Fixed markings of Armonia daily quests.
  • Fixed issues with Armonia Apostadero/Latina.
  • Fixed Wolfriner roulette chest in Curse of Red Sunset Forest party mission.
  • Fixed Yuliana's animations.
  • Modified Minelauva buff to be removed when Yuliana changes stance.
  • Started Monkey Raising Event.
  • Started Exceptional Support EP3: Accessories Event.
  • Started discount of Letizia's Feso Box .

  • Modified Integrated Info Center.
    • Area maps and locations of NPC.
    • Items and sockets.
    • Modified market to detect type of Mercenary license.
  • Modified message box relating to server selection and barracks.
  • Fixed issue relating to customized hot-key.
  • Fixed issue relating to Enhanced Accessories for Event.
  • Started Chocolate Event for Valentine's Day.
  • Started 10th Anniversary Event . 10th Anniversary Medal gives Penetration +5, Immunity -2.

  • Added details to required items for Recruit Ion quests.
  • Fixed socket processing for weapon costumes.
  • Modified Premium Item window to be part of Inventory UI (?).
  • Fixed issues with some weapon costumes.
  • Fixed issues with market search.
  • Fixed issues with information center relating to accessories and missions.
  • Modified Piece of Golem items for Reborn In Flames quests.
  • Fixed Bloody Gorgon Shield's wrong position in Lucifer Castle hard mode missions.
  • Fixed Parry trigger for Strata Devil Weapons.
  • Fixed Bristia Gloves (Event) type.
  • Fixed Viron Clock tower Basement 1-3F skill circles.