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I was curious about how shields work, and wanted to make a good shield for my fighter. Granado has a list of shields, but it doesn't say anything about block rates. So I decided to test things out. The following is the results.

I was told in the forum here that Undead Protector has 0 inherent block. So the table below lists the inherent block bonus of some shields I tested.

To get the total block for a veteran fighter with Agility 6, add the following to the inherent block bonus: +29 (Lv25 Back Guard), +51 (Lv25 High Guard), +55 (Lv25 The Defender), or +22 (Lv25 Stave Guard).

Some conclusions...
  1. Most elite shields do not provide any extra block rate, instead their block rates are the same as normal shields within their level ranges. The only exception seems to be elite Lv84 shield, but the bonus block may be derived from its level, instead of elite status.

  2. Elite shields do not provide any extra Defense Rating either.

  3. Most unique shields have the same block rates, regardless of level.

  4. Enhancing a shield to +5 or higher does not increase its block rate or Defense Rating.
However, I was unable to test out higher level shields, like Phantom Guard.

Shield Name
Inherent Block
Reinforced Shield 36 10 2
Elite Buckler 36 12 2
Elite Iron Shield 52 15 4
Templar Guard 60 15 4
Cross Guard 68 16 4
Elite Templar Guard 68 19 4
Royal Guardian 72 17 6
Tower Shield 76 18 5
Crusader Ward 80 19 5
Royal Guardian 80 19 6
Elite Royal Guardian 84 22 12
Cumulonimbus 100 12 8
Pollux Guard [Unique] 40 11 0
Castor Guard [Unique] 40 11 0
Elemental Protector [Unique] 44 13 0
Beast Protector [Unique] 60 16 0
Golem Protector [Unique] 76 20 0
Undead Protector [Unique] 92 23 0
Skullic Guard [Unique] 96 22 7


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