Best Blowout Support Event 2017 until July 04 (Europe) or Aug 23 (USA).  

This quest is a special Halloween In-Game Event available from 26 Oct 2007 to 15 Nov 2007. To activate the quest, click on any one of the scarecrows, then talk to the Halloween Event Boy (Tiburon) in Coimbra, near the waypoint. For every 5 scarecrows found, Tiburon will give you a reward. (The rewards are cumulative.)

5 Scarecrows = 10 Chocolates
10 Scarecrows = 5 Lv64 Enchantment Chips
15 Scarecrows = 5 Diamond Coupons
20 Scarecrows = 3 Pumpkin Hats (stock characters only)

The locations of the scarecrows are...
  1. Reboldoeux Stone Pit, K4
  2. Ferruccio's Junction, F6
  3. Al Quelt Moreza, G9
  4. Al Quelt Moreza Parsonage, G8
  5. Cathari Falls, H9
  6. King's Garden, G5 (on the ledge up the hill)
  7. Tetra Hill, D8
  8. Tetra Catacombs, G5
  9. Jezebel Glen, E4
  10. Porto Bello Deck, K7
  11. Porto Bello Deserted Quay, G9
  12. Porto Bello Desolate Cliff, J2
  13. Thueringenwald, H2
  14. El Lago de Tres Hermanas, G5
  15. Pradera de Ceniza, G6-G7
  16. Rion Prairie, E10
  17. Bonavista River, F3-F4
  18. Vegas Javier, I10
  19. Crater of Joaquin, H6
  20. Old Port of Coimbra, D4

When the GE client is started, an error prompts and closes the client. Restarting the client does not solve the issue.

Fail to download prepared file list.
This might be the communication problem. Please restart client.
prepare_revision_v2.txt (684)
  1. Use Notepad to open updater.revision.txt, located in Granado Espada folder.
  2. Replace the number inside with the number of the first zipped file listed in revisions_v2.txt, located in the same folder.
  3. Save and restart GE client.
The client should start downloading updates. You may encounter another error while updating. Fail to download files. This might be the communication problem. Please restart client. (855)

If this happens, replace the number in updater.revision.txt with the number of the zipped file listed in the error window (e.g. 67488). Save the file and restart GE client.

The golden well (Thueringen Lakeside, E6; Channel 1 ONLY) can be used to harvest Bellem's Boxes. Simply drag gold pieces from the inventory and release on the well. You will then be prompted to input the amount of gold pieces to be dropped. Dropping gold pieces into the well gives you a chance of having a Bellem's Box going directly into your inventory.

Most people I know drop about 40-50 pieces at a time, resulting in about 50% chance of getting a Bellem's Box per drop. Furthermore, there is a chance of getting jackpot, which is when the well returns pure gold bars and gold pieces. The gold bars are sometimes enough to cover the cost of gold pieces, so the Bellem's Boxes can be sold for profit. (In Carracci, a Bellem's Box can be sold for 17,000-20,000 vis.)

Using a Bellem's Box will result in a random item being dropped on the ground. It is usually a healing potion or a spinelle, but sometimes may be a weapon, armor, or costume. Most people seem to open the boxes in large quantities (100+) at one go.

Gold pieces are dropped by monsters in Dr. Torsche's Mansion and El Tejado Verdas. They can also be bought from the precious metal merchant in Auch (G7) for 165 vis each.