[US] King Crab Event 10/15-11/05, 2014. ☆ Updated Armonia Episode 2 and Recruit Laura quest guides.

Originally designed by Vogelang in 2010, this skin has been updated for v22.19.56, which is usable for Armonia Episode 2.

I have also added the 6 new lock icons (button.bmp file) found in Armonia Episode 3 clients, but I'm not sure where those icons were used, so I can't really verify them. If anyone uses this skin for Armonia Episode 3, let me know if there is any missing icon or button.

See UI SKINS page for download link and more skins.

These daily quests were added in v22.38.05 for Armonia Episode 2 update. The drop rates of quest items will be improved in v22.78.09 .

Armonia Daily Quests - Episode 1 • Episode 2 • Episode 3 • Episode 4 • Episode 5

We are having another imported event from Korea. I kind of want Natalie's Summer Event though, but it looks like we are skipping it..? This crabby event is basically similar to Young Divino Event, featuring Pet Box (Crabby) on Day 10 and Character Card Box on Day 15. For other rewards, see the links below.

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Post-Maintenance (10/15/2014) T3Fun Game Client Crashes
If you are crashing frequently in-game, you may be patching from the wrong patch server. Open updater.config.xml file in Granado Espada folder with Notepad, and look at the 4th line <URL Key="Revisions" Value="..."/>. If the value is http://d29sd1g3ekm7xu.cloudfront.net/Patch/, then change it to:


Save it, and restart the game patcher. It should patch properly now, and the laucher will restart after patching. To check patch number, open updater.revision.txt file in Notepad. The current patch number for this maintenance should be 220295. This is probably due to T3Fun changing to a different patch server without informing or changing the configuration file...

This mission was added in v22.38.05 for Armonia Episode 2 update. This raid mission comes in 2 modes - easy and hard. The featured loot are Red Armonium Ore, Abyss Pieces, and Recipe - Armonia Gloves (hard mode only).

Note: In v23.02.12 , easy mode will be removed. If you do not trigger hard mode, mission will fail instead.

European server has been updated to Armonia Episode 3 (v22.80.01), after Korean and Japanese servers. American server is still in Episode 2, while Singapore and Taiwan servers are still lagging in Episode 1.

See Armonia Episode 3 scenario. FatSnake's Recruit Patrick quest guide is still incomplete, Japanese GE Wiki hasn't update it either. But it seems to require:

  • Growth Stone x2
  • Red Armonium Ore x5
  • Composite Steel (or Cast Iron?) x500
  • Mysterious Steel Piece x3
  • Elemental Jewel x1

See Patch Notes page for upcoming versions.

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Armonia Episode 3 scenario was added in v22.72.16 . The following is translated from 神聖帝國主線任務EP3 . I will re-format this post once I have personally verified and completed the quests.

You will require the following items:

  • Refined Leaf x20 - Lv.1 Synthesization (aka Mixture, Combination) in Ustiur Farm .
  • Holy Water of Armonia x20 - See Armonia Daily Quests.
  • Essence of Purity x200 - Acquired from Kielce monsters, daily quests, or missions.
  • Essence of Balance x200 - Acquired from Kielce monsters, daily quests, or missions.
  • Essence of Corruption x200 - Acquired from Kielce monsters, daily quests, or missions.
  • Blue Armonium Ore x5 - See Priest of Fear or Knight of Chaos mission.
  • Red Armonium Ore x7 - See Priest of Fear or Knight of Chaos mission.

The following highlights noteworthy points from Korean live server patch notes. American server is currently at v22.43.79. For patch notes of other versions, see Patch Notes page.

New content is so predictable and repetitive... 1 quest scenario, 1 recruitable character, 1 raid mission, 1 field map, 1 armor, 1 accessory, 1-2 new story books, 1 cash character per month, etc.

The featured reward of this mission is Viscount's Skull Ring , which is needed to recruit Grandma, complete Vincent's Abyss quest, and craft Viscount Montoro's Ring .

Imperial Wheel S (Japan) has been updated for 9/25-10/01, 2014, featuring Jane, Laura's Enemy of Abyss costume set, and Minotaur Pet.

T3Fun has updated N.American server to Armonia Episode 2 (v22.43.79). See quest guides - Armonia Episode 2 and Recruit Laura. The premium characters released since last update are:

Japanese servers have also been updated to Armonia Episode 3, adding new characters - Jane (available via Imperial Wheel S) and Patrick. I will post Armonia Episode 3 scenario quest guide soon.

See Patch Notes page for information on upcoming updates.


Do NOT ask for Japanese sound files for non-existent characters in Japanese game client. You can check which cash characters have been released so far by looking through Imperial Wheel updates.

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