Europe: New Era Ep.2 = 9/2015, Ep.3 = 11/2015! See here .

The following post summarizes some changes based on patch notes for Korean live servers. American server is currently at v23.97.53. See Patch Notes page for earlier versions.

Armonia Final Episode introduces the new enhancement system. I have been saving up my Time Crystals for quite some time, and when the update finally arrives, I had this:

In Armonia Final Episode, the amount of Time Crystals required for 1 Evil Weapon was reduced from 600 to 150. This amounts to 62 Evil Weapons, specifically Rose x16, Arbremon x6, Sauterelle x7, Nephthys x8, Cortes x10, Death Wraith x7, and Jurgen x8. I also had 3 Abyss Scrolls and 1 Evil Polearm created previously. So that is a total of 66 AR34 Weapons to enhance...

Exchanging the weapons was really tedious. Since Dr. Torsche will only trade 1 weapon per quest, I had to warp back and forth between Dr. Torsche's Lab and Viron to trade for weapon and retake the quest... repeatedly for 62 times.

T3Fun has finally updated American server to Armonia Final Episode (v23.97.53). The previous update was 4 months ago on Apr 29, 2015. After waiting so long for the patch, of course they will update on the 2 weeks when I'm far too busy to play.

I will be updating the quest guides after I completed them myself. I wanted to get it all done before my busy weeks, but due to their constant delays, this will now have to wait. Just post in the comments, if you notice discrepancy between the guides and the actual quests.

There will also be an increase in weapon material drop rate and double reward for bonus roulette... which I won't be getting since I will be mostly offline during this period.

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Japan has updated its servers for Truth of Viron (aka Leader of New Era) Final Episode. There is also a new elementalist stance called Bracelet - Ultimate (Japan only)... Meanwhile, it seems USA server is still struggling with the bugs after maintenance...

Leona and Codename L are voiced by Takahashi Chiaki (たかはし智秋), who performed in The iDOLM@STER (Miura Azusa) and ChäoS;HEAd (Kusunoki Yua).

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Europe server is recycling Claire's Carnation Event 2014. There is also a sale on premium characters in cash shop.

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