I'm currently on hiatus... probably until the next update or worthwhile event. Blog posts will be slower in the mean time.   ♥    

The Baron System has been in the game since v2.1.18. There were some old guides in Singapore GE forums, which have been offline some time ago.

This guide is based on American game client (v24.85.71), thus it does not account for any changes in later patches.

American server is having a Play-Time Event again. You get 1 point for every 10 minutes spent in-game.

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Play Time Event Mar 23 - May 31, 2016

Korean servers updated to The Symphonia Episode 2 on Feb 23, 2016. Similarly, Japan servers updated to the same patch on Mar 23, 2016.

I haven't been online in-game lately... and I wasn't checking the websites either so this came kind of late. I'm not really motivated to translate stuffs either, so if you want the quest guides or patch notes, check the links below for non-English versions.

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Symphonia Episode 2 Preview Site
Patch Notes v26.23.48
2016/3/23 アップデート情報
迪特蕾希編入任務 (包括新時代的交響曲EP2)

EuroGamez is having an Easter Event. Collect 50 Eggs (rare) from field monsters, then give to Event NPC in Reboldoeux for 1 Socket Tranquilizer (Event) and 1 Easter Egg. Give 5 Easter Eggs to Ludin in Gigante Port for a random reward, such as 1 Prospe Weapon Recipe Box, 1 Draconic Weapon Box, 10 Magic Enchant Sedatives, etc.

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Happy Easter Event! March 22-29, 2016

Sometimes, an official patch accidentally replaces its native language world maps with Korean maps. This is currently the case with the American server.

This private patch replaces the existing world maps with English versions for Armonia and New Era updates. Do NOT use this patch for The Symphonia (or later) updates, as they would have additional areas in the world maps.

This is NOT an official patch. Do NOT post in the official game forums.