Europe server will update New Era Episode 1 on July 14! ☆ Korean New Era Episode 2 Preview Site!

Added and updated UI Skin - Orange for v24.47.18 client. This skin was originally created by 킬링태풍 . All skins are backward compatible.

See UI SKINS page for setup instructions and more skins.


Off-Site Skins - Charles
A player (플뤼에) in Korean server has released a new UI skin named Charles. The following skins are located off-site. I will include them in my download folder only when I have personally edit/update the skin files.

Several years ago, I got bored with Granado Espada and was checking out Dragon Nest . I briefly mentioned it in a family journal entry here. I got bored of the game eventually for several reasons... its frustratingly small inventory, could-have-been-better graphics, and Nexon's IP blocks.

Anyway, for those who did not already know, there was a movie called Dragon Nest: Warriors' Dawn released in 2014. While I got bored of the game and frustrated with its small inventory size, the movie is actually quite good. It covers the background story of the game, featuring some of the major NPCs like Argenta.

The movie is in Mandarin Chinese. You can also download the full movie (.mkv) here , or watch it online at the following sites:

According to Mili Pictures , there will be a movie sequel called Dragon Nest: Throne of Elves.

The sequel to Mili’s hugely successful Dragon Nest: Warriors’ Dawn takes the story of the land of Altera deep into the territory of the Elves in an action-packed adventure with more of the drama, comedy, and excitement that made the first movie an audience favorite. The film will be released in 2016 and is directed by Soong Yuefeng, acclaimed director of the first movie.

Japan servers have updated to Truth of Viron (aka Leaders of a New Era) Episode 1. Also introducing the new Bernier (ベルニエシリーズ) weapon series with ATK Rating 40, and innate stats of ATK vs. All Races 80% and Penetration +10.

Lynn and Silver Flare Lynn are voiced by Kakuma Ai (加隈亜衣), who performed in Amagi Brilliant Park (Sento Isuzu), Selector Infected WIXOSS (Kominato Ruuko), Rokka no Yuusha (Rosso Chamo), and High School DxD BorN (Rossweisse).

The latest Japanese and Korean sound effects files have been uploaded as and respectively. These files include voices for Lynn and Silver Flare Lynn.


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Europe server has renewed the old Cruise's Mission Impossible event, while American server never even got the event the first time.

Complete specific raid missions, mini-games, or accumulate play-time to acquire event tickets. The tickets can be used to exchange for the following items in Europe server.

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Cruise's Mission Impossible 2 Jun 16 - Jul 14, 2015

Recruit Lynn quests were added in v24.85.71 . The following is translated from FatSnake's quest guide. I will reformat this post once I have personally done and verified the quests. You will need the following items:

  • Great Cabbage x15
  • Giant Cockatrice Egg x30
  • Cabosse x100
  • Clear Rum x50 (optional)
  • Cast Iron x200 (optional)
  • Growth Stone x15 (optional)
  • Illier Style Comodo Steak x1
  • Illier Style Spider Steak x1
  • Illier Style Boar Steak x1
  • Illier Style Golden Apple Pie x1
  • Illier Style Special Salad x1 

You must also have created Panfilo and Claude (optional) or Daria (optional) to initiate some NPC dialogues, depending on which route you have chosen.

Imperial Wheel S 108 has been updated for June 10-12, 2015. The key features are:

  • Tyrant Necklace
  • Tyrant Earrings
  • Pet Box (Afkeer) - ATK Rating +2, ATK vs. Monster +10%, Physical Penetration +30, Lv.12 Divine Bless, ATK Speed -20%, Movement Speed -20%, Accuracy -20, Critical -20, All RES -20
  • Rifle-Ultimate stance book + rings
  • Abyss Bayonet - Penetration +15, Immunity -5, Critical +5, ATK vs. All Races +20%
  • Vigilar Armor (Fighter)
There is also a new unique wizard stance (Japan only) called Rod-Ultimate. See 6/10アップデート情報 for details.

The following post summarizes some changes based on patch notes for Korean live servers. American server is currently at v23.41.50. See Patch Notes page for earlier versions.

See also the next scenario after Armonia - Leaders of a New Era update:

Leaders of a New Era Episode 1 scenario was added in v24.85.71 . The following is translated from FatSnake's quest guide. I will reformat this post once I have personally done and verified the quests. No normal item is needed for this scenario.

My old laptop always have overheating issues when running Granado Espada game client. It will get really hot and then the operating system just crashes, and the laptop has to be restarted. Here are some methods to reduce heat. Changing settings may introduce some lag, but it is still better to lag than to have a entire system crash.

A. Reduce Processor State
I have found this to be very effective in preventing overheating. You may need to lower the number further if it still overheats at 95%. See How To Prevent Your Laptop From Overheating [Windows 7] as well.
  1. Go to Control Panel > Display > Adjust Brightness window.
  2. Click Change Plan Setting for the currently selected power plan.
  3. Click Change Advanced Power Settings to open Power Options window. 
  4. Reduce Maximum Processor State from 100% to a lower number (e.g. 95%, 80%, 50%).
  5. Reduce Minimum Processor State to a lower number accordingly.
  6. Click OK to apply the changes.

B. Change GPU Settings
Change the following GPU Settings. The exact steps to be taken depends on your GPU. See How to Change Vertical Sync .
  • VSync = On or Adaptive
  • Triple Buffering = On
If there is input lag, you can also reduce Maximum Pre-Rendered Frames to 2 or 1.

C. Use Process Throttle
Once I started reducing processor state, I have not used a process throttle so far. But if you wish, you can limit a particular process by using a throttle such as Battle Encoder Shirase (BES) freeware.
  1. Run BES first, then start Granado Espada patcher.
  2. Once patching is done, start the game client itself.
  3. Click Target button in BES, and select ge.exe. Note: This must be C:\Program Files\Granado Espada\release\ge.exe, and not C:\Program Files\Granado Espada\ge.exe.
  4. Click Limit This button (for one-time limit) or Limit/Watch button (for constant monitoring).
  5. Click on Control button in BES to specify the exact limit.
Note: Using a process throttle may make the game music/sounds distorted.

D. Cooling Device
Having a small table-top fan blowing on the laptop helps to cool it down as well. Personally, I find a fan to be more effective than a laptop cooling pad. Be sure to clean the fan if it accumulates too much dust.

E. Clean Hardware
You can also clean the laptop internal parts (fan, heat sink, etc.) and apply a new coating of thermal paste. This however requires laptop disassembly, which you probably shouldn't do if you are not sure what you are doing.

Cannon Shooter stance was updated in v23.07.18 . Basically, the stance's base attack was reduced by 18%, but her Still A Novice? skill was given ATK vs. Monsters +2% per level. How does Cannon Shooter Claire fare now against monsters after the update? 

I have waited a long time to finish this test because T3Fun took 5 freaking months just to update from Armonia Episode 3 to 4...