My Family

Ashardalon Family
Family Level: 70+3
Affiliation: Esmero
Clique War Rank: Lv.6
Server: Castilla (T3Fun), formerly Orpesia (G1)
Forum Name: Ashardalon
Total Expenditure: USD 30.00
Profile Update: Jan 04, 2016

The Ashardalon family first arrived in the New World on August 4, 2008. Since then, the family explored the jungles of Ustiur, the swamps of Bahama, and the lost civilization of Errac. Eventually, bored of the New World, they returned to Orpesia, finally defeating Montoro in Viron and winning the independence of Bristia. Now, they are uncovering the corruption nested within the Holy City of Armonia.

Faction Membership
These are the clans/factions that the family has been involved with since their arrival in the New World.
  1. DRAGON`S~EMPIRES  08/2008 - 09/2008
  2. Telos  09/2008 - 03/2009
  3. Othrys  08/2009 - 08/2009
  4. Phalanx  03/2010 - 07/2011
  5. Halcyon  08/2011 - 10/2011
  6. Albatros  01/2012 - 05/2012
  7. Schiavona  06/2012 - 01/2013
  8. Legacy  01/2013 - 03/2013
  9. AAA  03/2013 - 07/2013
  10. Halcy  07/2013 - 05/2014
  11. Evolution  05/2014 - 09/2015
  12. Leg3ndary™ 09/2015 - Present

About the Family Name
Ashardalon is the name of an ancient red dragon who replaced his wounded heart with a demon and consumed pre-incarnated souls to sustain his life-force. He was featured mainly in 3rd Edition Dungeons & Dragons game module, Bastion of Broken Souls . In later game releases, other dragons have emulated his heart-replacement method, giving rise to a cult of disciples. There is now also a board game named Wrath of Ashardalon .


AthenaHigh Master Lv.10 MistilteinnHigh Master Lv.1
GlorianaHigh Master Lv.1 MolochHigh Master Lv.1
YaoiHigh Master Lv.1 HermesHigh Master Lv.1
SacharissaHigh Master Lv.1 LisbethHigh Master Lv.1
TantalusHigh Master Lv.1 WendigoHigh Master Lv.1
AngelicaHigh Master Lv.1 TethysHigh Master Lv.1
GilgameshHigh Master Lv.1 MardukHigh Master Lv.1
GeryonHigh Master Lv.10 MirajaneHigh Master Lv.2
PhlegethonHigh Master Lv.1 FlatulusHigh Master Lv.1
TsuraraHigh Master Lv.1 SayaHigh Master Lv.1
NurarihyonHigh Master Lv.1 LawlietHigh Master Lv.1
BrisingamenHigh Master Lv.1 LokiHigh Master Lv.1
SeleneHigh Master Lv.3 SelvariaHigh Master Lv.1
AribethHigh Master Lv.1 Baba-YagaHigh Master Lv.1
RyukHigh Master Lv.1 RemHigh Master Lv.1
QuetzalcoatlHigh Master Lv.1 TlazolteotlHigh Master Lv.1
GalateaHigh Master Lv.1 MnemosyneHigh Master Lv.1
CharybdisHigh Master Lv.1 ScyllaHigh Master Lv.1
GodotHigh Master Lv.1 HorusHigh Master Lv.1
MorgianaHigh Master Lv.6 VasilisaHigh Master Lv.4
ShahrazadHigh Master Lv.1 ValentinusHigh Master Lv.10
NymphalidaeHigh Master Lv.1 ShaeHigh Master Lv.1
AvicennaHigh Master Lv.2 TaranisHigh Master Lv.1
WulfgarHigh Master Lv.6 AviendhaHigh Master Lv.1
SolamnusHigh Master Lv.10 DemandredHigh Master Lv.1
MikotoHigh Master Lv.1


ThelandiraHigh Master Lv.10 MaimonidesHigh Master Lv.1
LaraHigh Master Lv.10 AverroesHigh Master Lv.1
ArtemisiaHigh Master Lv.1 LourdesHigh Master Lv.1
BarretHigh Master Lv.1 SyluneHigh Master Lv.1
LolitaHigh Master Lv.1 CandideHigh Master Lv.1
TimaeusHigh Master Lv.1 AliciaHigh Master Lv.1
ArceeHigh Master Lv.1 AriannaHigh Master Lv.1
SinonHigh Master Lv.1 AnastasiaHigh Master Lv.1
VoltaireHigh Master Lv.1 DunyazadHigh Master Lv.1
WillikinsHigh Master Lv.1 ZarathustraHigh Master Lv.10
XenuHigh Master Lv.1 BibulousHigh Master Lv.6
ZaphkielHigh Master Lv.1 VairocanaHigh Master Lv.1
VeritasHigh Master Lv.5 AriaHigh Master Lv.1
HarunaHigh Master Lv.10 SakuyaHigh Master Lv.10
GuinevereHigh Master Lv.1


AdorabelleHigh Master Lv.6 EmpedoclesHigh Master Lv.1
MystraHigh Master Lv.1 IcarusHigh Master Lv.1
RosemaryHigh Master Lv.7 IfritHigh Master Lv.1
OrpheusHigh Master Lv.3 GehennaHigh Master Lv.10
IrisvielHigh Master Lv.1 EishethHigh Master Lv.6
SoteiraHigh Master Lv.1 AnkhesenamunHigh Master Lv.6
CthughaHigh Master Lv.2 OroroHigh Master Lv.1
ThrymHigh Master Lv.3 CocytusHigh Master Lv.1
UnicronHigh Master Lv.1 MoiraineHigh Master Lv.6
AradiaHigh Master Lv.1 FistandantilusHigh Master Lv.3
SinmaraHigh Master Lv.2 VestaliaHigh Master Lv.1
SankareaHigh Master Lv.10 ZerefHigh Master Lv.1
MyrcellaHigh Master Lv.10 LyannaHigh Master Lv.5


QilueHigh Master Lv.1 MarcionHigh Master Lv.1
YetzirahHigh Master Lv.1 ArchimedesHigh Master Lv.10
DaedalusHigh Master Lv.8 SasoriHigh Master Lv.10
AmbrosiaHigh Master Lv.5 AlustrielHigh Master Lv.6
AsclepiusHigh Master Lv.1 PazuzuHigh Master Lv.1
TalosHigh Master Lv.10 KalafinaHigh Master Lv.1
RaishinHigh Master Lv.10 ShotaroHigh Master Lv.10
IshtarHigh Master Lv.2 NehushtanHigh Master Lv.1
ChrysopoeiaHigh Master Lv.1 AvestaHigh Master Lv.1
VenusHigh Master Lv.6 VeneraliaHigh Master Lv.1
AlbedoHigh Master Lv.1 CerseiHigh Master Lv.1


CthulhuPicks item at normal speed.
NyarlathotepLv.5-11 Intensify, Accelerate, and Meditation. Heals ??? HP.
OreoCombat EXP +20%, Stance EXP +20%, Drop Rate +20%.
SquigleyPicks item at fast speed.
ByakkoDEF +10, Immunity +5, Move Speed +10%.
HobbesMonster ATK +10%, Penetration +5, Immunity +5, DEF +10, Critical +5, Move Speed +10%.
NoelHeals 1500 HP.
BahamutMonster ATK +15%, Penetration +5, Critical +10, Accuracy +10, Move Speed +10%.
GarudaMax HP +10000, HP Recovery +500, DEF +20, All RES +10, Immunity +5. Heals 2500 HP.
FenrirMonster ATK +15%, Penetration +5, Critical +10, Accuracy +10, Move Speed +10%, Monster Damage Received -5%. Heals ??? HP.
EquestriaMonster ATK +10%, Penetration +10, Immunity +10, Max HP +10000, Move Speed +10%. Heals 2500 HP.
CoelodontaDEF Rating +1, Immunity +20, Damage Received -10%, DEF +5, All RES +5.