Singapore server is closing on April 27, 2017 (Thu) at 12:00 hours (UTC+8).  

Holy Armonia update introduces 3 tutorial quests involving Degenerate status and Armonium purification.

This package contains selected Granado Espada (Japan) client files, updated to revision 101092. The sound effects (se.ipf) include all characters up to Ciel.

To install Japanese sound file in other regional clients, simply copy over se.ipf from ge folder into the respective folder of the other client.

To patch the sound file:

  1. Download and extract (277 MB).
  2. Run to start the patcher.
  3. After patching is completed, click on the lower right button to close.
  4. R-click on cleanup.bat and run as administrator to remove unwanted files. (optional)
Read readme.txt file for more information.

Recruit Hektor quests were added in v26.69.00. This quest guide is translated from FatSnake's guide, and will be updated when I have done the quest myself. You will need the following items:

  • Reinforced Leather x200
  • Health Generator x2,500

Check also European server's guides - Recruit Friede and Recruit Liung .

Synopsis :

First introduced in v8.5 as part of the clique system involving Lealtad (aka Esmero/Dronarati) vs Gleichstellung (aka Souveran/Sahasrha), these quests were administered by NPC Brown in every city. When the clique system was abolished in v19.84.44, these quests were revised and the NPC Brown was replaced by other NPCs. The rewards were modified in v24.85.71 when Enchantment Tranquilizers were diversified into different weapon/armor grades.

The faction daily quests are organized into 3 groups - A, B, and C. You may only do 1 quest per day from each group. To qualify for the quest, you must have completed the scenario quest for the respective city and must have joined a faction. 

Each quest has a limit on how many players are allowed to do it, and the limit resets after 4-6 hours. Once taken, the quest must be completed in 60 minutes or it will be cancelled when you talk to the NPC again, although you are allowed to redo it. 

The special reward is given instead of regular reward for every 10 times you complete the same quest. You can check the favor rate (number of quest completions) in Family Information (Alt+R).

That awkward moment when you are late in delivery by 3 years, and the other person still remembers...

European server is having another imported event from Korea. It mainly provides some event buffs. Players under Family Lv.40 also gain EXP +30%, free entry into Ancient Dungeons, and Bonus Roulette Reward x2.

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Amazing EXP Event 4/04-4/25, 2017

Avenging Princess quests were added in v26.44.97. This guide is based on American game client (v26.60.82). In v27.56.86, the drop rate for quest items will be improved. You do not need any items, but you must have Marchetti to initiate some NPC dialogues.

Synopsis :
Valeria is busy learning etiquette from Simon Ayende. Gavin expresses concern that despite her being a political tool, Valeria should be forced to fight her sister. Valeria wants to visit Marchetti, who still couldn't figure out her healing ability. While roaming Kielce, Valeria meets Elizabeth who says that she looks like the princess of Vespanola. Simon considers letting Valeria learn of the truth to make her hate the royal family.

Valeria wants to see Princess Gabriella. Gerar refuses to help, but Calyce drafts you as escorts for the princess to visit the Rescue Knights in Katovic Snowfield... in exchange for acquiring Renauld's notes. During the inspection, Valeria faints upon seeing the princess. When she recovers with Elisa's medicine, Valeria runs off to Prison de Joaquin to discover her past. Testormento turns out to be a nice guy, who just happens to be into BDSM and was asked by a crying woman to protect Valeria and keep her existence a secret.

Republican soldiers arrive and attack Testormento, prompting Valeria to be consumed by resentment. Valeria escapes, claiming she does not need anyone to help her. You bring Marchetti to visit Valeria. Marchetti claims that she is just his research subject, but the time they spent together is still precious to him.

Valeria asks you to retrieve the journals of Testormento for her in exchange for letting you use her power... [To be concluded]