Update v27.96.08 v27.93.80 delayed to May 30, 2017. Best Blowout Support Event until July 04.  

Armonia Final Episode introduces the new enhancement system. I have been saving up my Time Crystals for quite some time, and when the update finally arrives, I had this:

In Armonia Final Episode, the amount of Time Crystals required for 1 Evil Weapon was reduced from 600 to 150. This amounts to 62 Evil Weapons, specifically Rose x16, Arbremon x6, Sauterelle x7, Nephthys x8, Cortes x10, Death Wraith x7, and Jurgen x8. I also had 3 Abyss Scrolls and 1 Evil Polearm created previously. So that is a total of 66 AR34 Weapons to enhance...

Exchanging the weapons was really tedious. Since Dr. Torsche will only trade 1 weapon per quest, I had to warp back and forth between Dr. Torsche's Lab and Viron to trade for weapon and retake the quest... repeatedly for 62 times.

T3Fun has finally updated American server to Armonia Final Episode (v23.97.53). The previous update was 4 months ago on Apr 29, 2015. After waiting so long for the patch, of course they will update on the 2 weeks when I'm far too busy to play.

I will be updating the quest guides after I completed them myself. I wanted to get it all done before my busy weeks, but due to their constant delays, this will now have to wait. Just post in the comments, if you notice discrepancy between the guides and the actual quests.

There will also be an increase in weapon material drop rate and double reward for bonus roulette... which I won't be getting since I will be mostly offline during this period.

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Japan has updated its servers for Truth of Viron (aka Leader of New Era) Final Episode. There is also a new elementalist stance called Bracelet - Ultimate (Japan only)... Meanwhile, it seems USA server is still struggling with the bugs after maintenance...

Leona and Codename L are voiced by Takahashi Chiaki (たかはし智秋), who performed in The iDOLM@STER (Miura Azusa) and ChäoS;HEAd (Kusunoki Yua).

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Europe server is recycling Claire's Carnation Event 2014. There is also a sale on premium characters in cash shop.

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Sariel and Abyss Sariel have been implemented in Japan servers. They use staff + cube as weapons. See 8/19アップデート情報 for details.

Sariel can be recruited after completing Armonia Episode 1 scenario. Abyss Sariel Card is available in 偽りの司祭 第2章 event mission roulette, as well as Imperial Wheel G 119 during 20-24/8, 2015.

The latest sound effects file for this version has been uploaded as se_jap_20150819.zip. This file includes Japanese voices for Kevin, Evil, Sariel, and Abyss Sariel.


Sariel and Abyss Sariel are voiced by Kaji Yūki (梶 裕貴), who performed in Attack On Titan (Eren Yeager), Accel World (Arita Haruyuki), Arslan Senki (Silver Mask), Guilty Crown (Ouma Shu), High School DxD (Hyoudou Issei), and Magi (Ali Baba).

Korean server has released Sariel & Abyss Sariel Preview . The latter is likely to be released in Lyndon Box.

This event contains 2 parts. Part 1 consists of a play-time event (3 hours = 1 point) to get Marine Look Costumes (50 points) for Ludin, Rachel, Dolores, and Lorraine. See 심쿵상큼 마린룩 for costume screenshots.

Part 2 consists of field monsters dropping event tickets. The rewards include Summer Costumes for Sierra and Mary, as well as Cursed Weapon Costume.

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[New Era] scenario quests were added in v25.26.97. You will need the following items:

  • Story Book - The Little Princess of Bernier x10
  • Any 3 of the following: Magic Bullet of Marksman x5, Rhodolite Piece x100, Silver Piece x500, Elementium x20, Pebble x10, Ancient Relic Piece x100, and/or Cabosse x300
  • Magical Rose x5 (x3 in v26.65.40)
  • Clear Rum x100 (x10 in v27.56.86)
  • Magical Amethyst x10 (x2 in v27.56.86)
  • Food of Capybara x1,000 (x100 in v27.56.86)
  • Growth Stone x3+8 (optional; x3+5 in v26.65.40)
  • Great Illier Style Special Salad x1 (Cabbage x10 in v27.56.86)
  • Great Illier Style Golden Apple Pie x1 (Golden Apple x10 in v27.56.86)
You will also need 3 different characters to initiate some NPC dialogues:
  • Ion, Claire, or Grandies (or Queen of Pioneering Grandma)
  • Claude, Daria, or Panfilo (or Battle Cook Panfilo)
  • Ania or Sierra

This guide has been updated according to American game client (v26.60.82). In v26.65.40 and again in v27.56.86, this quest will be made easier by reducing amount of quest items or improving their drop rates.

Synopsis :
L tries to recruit you for defeating Evil. When you refuse, she tries to get rid of you for being a threat to the new era. Beatrice warns her that "he" will be displeased, but L ignores her.

After reading her diary, Leonele says L is the sole survivor of the Duke Bernier family. You beat up Taikbin for Leonele, who reveals that Illier is a constitutional monarchy whose most powerful noble family was that of Duke Bernier. The family was killed in the civil war known as Bloody Bernier.

After being defeated, Lynn confirms Leonele's guess. L was sold to Vespanola as a hostage for the non-agression pact. You capture some spies, possibly from Marquis Hernandez. You arrive in Lucifer Castle to find Beatrice being defeated by L. Fritz orders Gracielo to leave with Beatrice.

Beatrice reveals that L has the knowledge and power of the forgotten Gods of Stratavista. Lynn says that the civil war in Illier was plotted by Duke Bethel. Lynn saved her back then, but her father sold her to Vespanola. L wanted revenge.

Asking Grandma for help, you find L has defeated Fritz. L thinks that Stratavista, Violacea, and the current establishment are all corrupt and rotten, so she wants to execute all the ruling and intellectual classes of the world. In the end, Grandma is captured as well. L plans to execute both Grandma and Fritz.

Hernandez wants both of them dead, but "the one" does not want it since disputes bring about advancement. Beatrice infuses herself with otite energy, while you recruit more allies by running errands for them.

Grandies joins in the fight to protect Claire. Beatrice stays behind while you rescue Fritz and Grandma. Fritz hears a rumor that Beatrice might be part of Stratavista and says it may be a good thing for her to be killed by L. Gracielo thinks you should return to help her.

Grandies seeks out Elisa for treatment, while Lynn breaks the barrier with the energy cores of Montoro. Lynn tries to stop you, but Grandies returns to occupy her. L defeats Beatrice with Magical Roses, but you defeat her in turn.

L falls into depression after losing. You court her with roses to win her favor. L thinks that not all Stratavista members are wrong. Stratavista and Violacea have different ideals but the same roots.

L is in love with Archduke Felipe and is jealous of Grandies, but she is learning to let go of it. Sierra reminds L that gratitude and reward are not the reasons for helping people. L wants revenge on Illier. Apparently, Panfilo promised L's father that not to reveal his reason for leaving for the New Continent. Panfilo reminds L that her father does not like to see blood spilled, while Lynn takes the opportunity to clobber him.

Lynn and L requests that you check on the spare Mankind Destroyer built by Truman. Thereafter, Jurgen appears to punish L for betraying Stratavista as the marquis deems that she is no longer useful. Beatrice returns with injuries, and L is hurt in the fight.

After feeding L, she reveals that she once made a deal with a mysterious person to gain power and wealth to start a revolution. She will open the path of God in return. Leona was given the code name L, and the mission to assassinate the ruling class that stands against Stratavista.

Leona was later given a family name of Vespanola from "him". The family head is still alive and is looking for the path of God in the New Continent. Later, someone sought Leona's help and the latter addressed her as "my queen".

It seems Leona worked for Stratavista as a double spy for the queen. Lynn is angry about being left out of the loop. Leona meets Grandma and Fritz, telling them that the Duke of the New Continent prepared some measures to stop Archduke Felipe's party. The queen commands them to find thet measures prepared by Ferruccio, protect the descendants of the demigod, and track down Stratavista scattered over the Old Continent. Leona will make arrangements for pioneer families to enter Illier.

Ordered by Marquis Hernandez, Truman and Jurgen try to kill Leona again. Truman says that Leona does not know all the Stratavista in the Old Continent. Hernandez plans to blow up Viron with a titanized version of Pharrel (similar to Stone Cortes), created with a forbidden spell of the ancient gods.

After Leona threatened to lose his elephant, Taikbin reveals the space of emptiness behind the Clock Tower. You enter the Time Regained and defeat Jurgen and Truman, but Hernandez orders an escape and collapses the exit. Leona stays behind to tear open the space to save everyone else...

Then Leona reappears in Lucifer Castle, but she lost the Stratavista power she received from Hernandez. After meeting with a normal Pharrel again, Leona concludes that Hernandez turned back time for everyone in Viron. Beatrice reveals that Hernandez and herself are servants of "the one", who assigned her to cooperate with Hernandez.

Leona thinks Lynn and herself are incapable to fulfill the wishes of the queen now that she has lost her power. She wants to borrow your power to connect people and promises to aid you when Stratavista and Violacea clash...

The following post summarizes some changes based on patch notes for Korean live servers. American server is currently at v23.41.50. See Patch Notes page for earlier versions.

See also Leader of New Era Final Episode Preview Site.

Recently, a few of my faction mates complaint that the game client for American (T3Fun) server crashes periodically when attempting to load specific characters, such as Patrick, Cadet Leonele, Lorraine, etc. Even after reinstalling the game client, the problem persists. When viewing the Character List in Barracks, the corrupted client display the following:

Attempting to enter Armonia Gloria map will also crash the game client.

Yet another week of failure to update from T3Fun. Their repeated failure to update and refusal to give precise notice is causing me to run out of things to blog about. I can't write mission guides since they will change in Episode 5 with the implementation of rank system. I can't test the rate of Devil Dreams with Naraka Pieces combination. I can't make my Evil Weapons yet. I can't enchant some weapons since I'm waiting for Episode 5 to enhance them first... Sigh. Maybe I should just take another break from this game. T3Fun is clearly not putting in the effort to maintain the game. Nothing much else is happening in other servers these 2 weeks either.

Instead, there is yet another Shiny Crystal Chest collection event that rewards only 40 players out of the entire server. See here for a list of raid missions that give Shiny Crystal Chest as roulette reward. Is this even worth participating when most likely you will end up with nothing?

Notice that all the recent events do not require coding for the game client. They all involve submitting tickets and/or GM inserting event rewards into the players' accounts. There are a crap load of Korean-exported events that American server has been missing, but we are still not getting them. Did IMC refuse to do any coding for T3Fun because they are too busy with Tree of Savior?

By the way, Natalie's Summer Costume was released last year, as a play-time event for every player to get in Korea, Singapore, and Europe. Over here, only the top 20 players will get them...

Recently, Singapore server was forced to update to Bryan patch in order to resolve a bug involving Bane. (See Singapore Update: Armonia Side Episode for details.) Maybe this is the reason why T3Fun has been avoiding Lyndon Box? Releasing new characters (e.g. Silver Flare Lynn, Kevin) on an outdated client may cause the client to bug out.

And yes, the end date for Mega Sale has been edited again to last another week, listing now as Aug 12, 2015... which obviously means nothing now, since they will probably edit it again next week.

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