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The following post summarizes some changes based on patch notes for Korean live servers. American server is currently at v22.80.01 after 4.5 months of nothing. See Patch Notes page for earlier versions.

See also 武器製作回顧、每日副本追加及雜項追加資料 .

  • Added new character Bryan . Added her related rings to Ring Box of Genos.
  • Added new character Divine Hammer Bryan to Lyndon Box .
  • Added Recruit Bryan quests, available upon completion of Armonia Episode 2 scenario.
  • Modified Blessing of Lyndon buff to include double roulette reward.
  • Added stance rings to Stance Ring Box - Guardian Structure, Distortion Cube, Royal Guard, Soul Bringer, Architecture, Innocentio, Tempest, Frost, Efreet, Hermetisme, Trans Robo, Heavy Stinger, etc.
  • Added stance rings and associated skill rings to Ring Boxes of ____ (see below).
    • Richard = Royal Guard, Soul Bringer.
    • Genos = Royal Guard.
    • Chester = Distortion Cube, Hermetisme, Alchemy, Efreet, Tempest, Frost.
    • Veiren = Heavy Stinger, Gun Master.
    • Curan = Innocentio.
  • Added 4 new Lucifer Castle missions - Secret Garden, Moonlight Garden, Banquet Hall, and Death Corridor. This is similar to Basement Lab/Warehouse missions in v24.36.48.
  • Added Divine Knuckles (AR34), which uses Veteran Enchantment Chips. Added related Enchant Scrolls.
  • Modified some stances and skills.
    • (Grim) Rapiere | Appel, Riposte, Cut & Thrust = range 1.5m > 2m.
    • Levin | Devotion = damage 50% > 25%, duration 30s > 180s.
    • Semilunar | Impulse, Gruesome, Merciless = additional damage based on caster's Max HP.
    • Death Shadow Ninjutsu | D.S. Flash = soft armor 100% > 80%, light armor 100% > 90%, heavy armor 100% > 75%.
    • Death Shadow Ninjutsu | Throat Piercing = soft armor 100% > 120%, light armor 100% > 90%, heavy armor 100% > 75%.
    • Flintlock | Swift Shot, Penetration Shot, Accuracy Shot = damage x2 (monster x4) upon... uh critical hit (?).
    • Sweeper | Clean Up = cool 20s > 15s, soft/light armor 100% > 125%.
    • Sweeper | Tidy Road = Lv.10 ATK 1850% > 2312%, enemy DEF -50 > -60, soft armor 110% > 125%, light armor 120% > 140%.
    • Sweeper | Quadruple Action = Lv.10 ATK 2928% > 3368%, enemy DEF -50 > -60, soft armor 100% > 110%.
  • Modified Impregnable Gauntlets artifact to reduce damage by 30%.
  • Added Shiny Crystals to monster drops in Ancient Skeleton Dungeon, Ancient Bahama Cave, and Ancient Castilla Temple. 
  • Fixed abnormally high mental penetration of Dark Cerberus in Tetra Way of Avernus mission.
  • Modified Lucifer Basement Laboratory and Warehouse missions.
    • Elminor in Lab (hard mode) drops Expert Enchantment Chips instead of Veteran.
    • Increased DEF slightly for monsters in Warehouse.
    • Reduced roulette rate of Veteran/Expert Enchantment Chips.
  • Started New Semester Uniform Event for 4 weeks. See 스쿨룩 코스튬 for screenshots of the new costume sets for Anise, Cutie/Cannon Shooter Claire, Sesil, Mireille, and Jane.

  • Added ability to move to town from the world map. You cannot do so if you have not cleared the prerequisites (if any) for that town.
  • Modified some NPC in towns. Unless otherwise stated, these apply to Gigante Port, Errac, Ustiur Camp, Bahama Camp, Castilla Camp, Viron, Kielce, and Armonia.
    • Merged PVP Point Shop to PVP Manager.
    • Merged Precious Metal Merchant and Accessory Merchant.
    • Merged Equipment Merchant, Gun Merchant, and Magic Merchant into 1 Weapon/Armor NPC in Gigante Port, Errac, Bahama Camp, and Armonia.
    • Merged Rumin Exchanger and Enchantment Chip Exchanger.
    • Merged Anvil of Gem Destruction and Anvil of Accessory Destruction.
    • Added shopping district for Gigante Port, Errac, Ustiur Camp, Viron, and Castilla Camp. Also added town movement menu for these maps.
    • Relocated position for shopping district in Auch when using town movement menu.
  • Added Alejandro sub-quest. Trigger quest mail in town with Alejandro in the team after completing his recruitment quests.
  • Added Game Option (Alt+O) for limited trading with authentication, depending on connection.
  • Fixed issue relating to the last character being the leader when using Soul Crystal for all dead characters.
  • Fixed issue relating buffs of Bryan and Divine Hammer Bryan.
  • Fixed gauge bar of Pluto to summon monsters in Lucifer Banquet Hall mission.
  • Fixed model issues for Sesil and Cannon Shooter Claire.
  • Removed use of certain hot-keys for World-Cross PVP.
  • Increased contribution points earned for Clique Battle (aka Alliance War).
  • Started sale of character packages with new school costumes for Cannon Shooter Claire, Sesil, Mireille, and Jane. See 4월 캐릭터 특판 상큼한 그녀들이 온다! for promotion.

  • Removed Starting Position NPC. You can set starting location using a button in user interface. Some towns may have prerequisites - Ustiur Camp, Bahama Camp, Errac, Kielce, etc.
  • Modified Crescemento Shield.
  • Modified circle area of effect positioning.
  • Added story book - Prophet's Forest. Item drops by Snake Flower or Golden Honeycomb.
  • Added skill sounds to Oscuras and Navas in Armonia El Templo and El Sol.
  • Modified Glorious Sanctuary: The Cathedral of Light quest in Armonia Episode 1.
  • Increased DEF of Bristia Boots.
  • Added enhancement system to Boots and Gloves.
    • Gloves increase Max SP and Immunity.
    • Boots increase Max HP and Skill Evasion.
    • Magic Gloves/Boots can be enhanced to +9 using Veteran Enchant Chips.
    • Armonia/Bristia/Strata Devil Gloves/Boots can be enhanced to +10 using Expert Enchant Chips.
  • Modified number of channels, e.g. Viron will have 2 channels.
  • Modified Ignore DEF values for some skills.
    • Martial Arts Compendium | Elemental Kick = 50
    • Peltast | Rapid Shot = 30
    • Sweeper | Floor Cleaner = 30
    • Arc Sting | Order Point Shot = 40
    • Shadow Sting | Heart Breaker = 30
    • ??? = 30
    • Rapiere | Cut & Thrust = 75
    • Soul Bringer | Wind Blow = 50
    • Cannon Shooter | Cannon Swing = 20
    • Shining Sting | Shining Breaker = 30
    • Brandish Arm | Tornado Blow = 50
    • Vigilar | Presto = 60
    • Vigilar | Cruel = 50
  • You can get Jewel Powder by breaking enhanced necklaces with Anvil of Destruction.
  • Started Spring Collection event for 9 weeks.
  • Added Dolores and Lorraine to Heavenly Character Box.

  • Added new market feature... Uh, it seems something like an option can be activated to indicate if an item in Market Manager is more or less expensive than the average price of same item sold in the past 4 weeks (?).
  • Added Enchant Tranquilizer (10 minutes) for 3,000,000 Feso. Once activated, it functions as unlimited tranquilizer for 10 minutes. It can be used on any equipment regardless of AR/DR.
  • Added hard modes to Coimbra Nimrod Bridge missions. Can be entered 1/day, or 2/day with Home Premium Service (aka Explorer Pack).
  • Added new stories to story book. Item drops by Armonia Bear/Wolf in Armonia Latina, and also acquired from Priest Joel for processing Red Armonium Ore.
  • Fixed skill issues of Divine Hammer Bryan.
  • Modified accessory enhancement to allow use of event-type chips.
  • Modified Infinite Challenge for new boss skills.
    • Magic Penetration - increases per round.
    • Skill Lock - boss level 125+.
    • Sleep Walker - boss level 135+.
    • Temple Victim - boss level 135+... uh, the annoying zombies in Knight of Chaos and Executor of Hatred mission?
    • Blood Curse - boss level 140+.
  • Fixed issue with Chaos Knight Armor Piece for Recruit Bryan quests.


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