Update v27.96.08 v27.93.80 delayed to May 30, 2017. Best Blowout Support Event until July 04.  

Before you can switch allegiance, you must have joined either the Republican Society Gleichstellung (aka Souveran, Sahasrha) or the Royalist Society Lealtad (aka Esmero, Dronarati). To start/complete the quests, talk to the opposition leader - Republican Simon Ayende in Villa de Libertad (Auch) or Princess Gabriela in Royalist Embassy (Reboldeaux). All quests must be done in sequence.

When all the quests are completed, you may choose to switch to the new society. You will also have the option to either quietly join the society or announce it to the entire server (i.e. server notice similar to Master character promotion).


[100] Simon's Test: Obtain Provisions 1
You must bring a lot of food in order to prove to Simon Ayende your loyalty to the Republicans.

  1. Collect Spider Steak x50, Boar Steak x50, and Wolf Steak x50. See Cooking for ingredients and other related information.

[100] Simon's Test: Obtain Weapon Materials
You must bring a lot of materials for weapons in order to prove to Simon Ayende your loyalty to the Republicans.
  1. Collect Lv.31 Melee Weapon Crystal x30, Lv.31 Range Weapon Crystal x30, and Lv.31 Magic Weapon Crystal x30. To get a Lv.31 Weapon Crystal, drop a +5 Lv.100 Weapon (AR 30+1) into the Furnace in Errac.

[100] Simon's Test: Family Expansion
You must bring a lot of people into the family in order to prove to Simon Ayende your loyalty to the Republicans.
  1. You must exceed Family Lv.40. Train up more characters if your family level is too low.

[110] Simon's Test: Get Rid of the Informant
You must destroy Taikbin that appears in the Red Sunset Forest in order to prove to Simon Ayende your loyalty to the Republicans.
  1. Kill Bandelier the Taikbin x1 in Curse of Red Sunset Forest party mission.

[110] Simon's Test: Obtain Provisions 2
You must bring a lot of food again in order to prove to Simon Ayende your loyalty to the Republicans.
  1. Collect Stir Fried Octo x50, Fish Sausage x50, and Capy Fish x50. See Cooking for ingredients and other related information.

[110] Simon's Test: Obtain Siege Weapons
For the battle against the Royalists, Simon Ayende is requesting [Settler's Medium Caliber Cannon] that has been enhanced 8 times.
  1. Buy Lv.80 Pioneer Cannon (aka Adept's Ancestral Cannon) from Lorch in Auch, and upgrade it to +8.

[110] Simon's Test: Valeria
Simon Ayende is asking you to bring Valleria.
  1. Talk to Simon with Valeria in the team.

[110] Simon's Test: Liberation of Comrades
Please liberate those of us who have moved on to Viron who have fallen under a curse.
  1. Complete Lift the Raven Curse raid mission 30 times. 

Loading Screen by Minun of Bach Server [Source]


[100] Gabriela's Request: Banquet Food
You must bring the food to be presented at the banquet per Gabriela's request.
  1. Collect Golden Apple Pie x50, Egg Stew x50, and Caborum x50. See Cooking for ingredients and other related information.

[100] Gabriela's Request: Garment
Gabriela is asking you to bring the material for the clothes that she will give to the noblemen's wives as gifts.
  1. Collect Lv.28 Leather Armor Crystal x30, Lv.28 Coat Armor Crystal x30, and Lv.28 Robe Armor Crystal x30. To get a Lv.28 Armor Crystal, drop a +5 Lv.100 Armor (DR 27+1) into the Furnace in Errac.

[100] Gabriela's Request: Family Expansion
Gabriela has told you to come back after you expand your family capacity first.
  1. You must exceed Family Lv.40. Train up more characters if your family level is too low.

[110] Gabriela's Request: Elimination of Murderer
Gabriela wants to do away with Gaswalts, the elder of the [Double Walts].
  1. Kill Gaswalts x1 in Curse of Red Sunset Forest party mission.

[110] Gabriela's Request: Obtain Materials
Gabriela wants to get high-quality alchemy materials per the request from the homeland.
  1. Collect Stone of Soul x10, Celemantis Juice x10, and Gluttony Spine x10. Stone of Soul is dropped by various monsters in Viron Clock Tower. Celemantis Juice is dropped by Celemantis in Via Fluvial. Gluttony Spine is dropped by Elite Gluttony in Viron Crow Forest.

[110] Gabriela's Request: Be Open To Challenge
To evaluate your loyalty to Her Majesty, Gabriela wants [Settler's Battle Main-Gauche] that is 8x enhanced.
  1. Buy Lv.80 Pioneer Main-Gauche (aka Adept's Ancestral Main-Gauche) from Equipment Merchant in Auch, and upgrade it to +8.

[110] Gabriela's Request: Calyce
Gabriela is asking you to bring Calyce, a woman who has helped her in the past.
  1. Talk to Gabriela with Calyce in the team.

[110] Gabriela's Request: Track Down
Gabriela wants you to look into the whereabouts of her subjects who have been missing in Viron.
  1. Complete Lift the Raven Curse raid mission 30 times. 

Imperial Wheel V (Japan) has been updated until June 01, 2012. The new items are featured below. Other items include [Soul Bringer] stance book, [Punisher] stance book, [Innocentio] stance book, General Plate metal armor (DR32 • DEF 232), Nero CromaOthelflight RifleAnsurflight BraceletWedding Dress Costume Set (F/Fig), Black Dragon Dagger Costume, and Soho the Wind Character Set.

Notice all the stupidly hard-to-get stance books are all in the web casino game?

Black Dragon Staff
Weapon Costume • Staff

Black Dragon Shotgun
Weapon Costume • Shotgun

Eolhlight Sabre
Sabre • ATK Rating 34 • ATK 325
ATK Speed +10%, Stun 7%

Niedlight Staff
Staff • ATK Rating 34 • ATK 325
Mind RES +10, Immunity +5, ATK Speed +10%, Max SP +20%

Urlight Tonfa
Tonfa • ATK Rating 34 • ATK 230
Accuracy +10, ATK Speed +10%

Rose of Sonora Costume Set
Body Costume + Hat • Elisa & Cadet Elisa
Click on right image for full-size view. [Source]

Blue Wish Wing (30 Days)
Back Costume • Any Character
ATK Rating +1, DEF Rating +1, ATK +10%, Max. HP +2000, ATK vs. Human +15%, Penetration +5, Immunity +5
See also GMイゴールが新34等級武器の一部を紹介してみる.

Magic Circle 29 (Korea) is now available until June 6 (this date again?!). The featured items are listed below.

Admiral Private Costume Set
Body Costume + Hair (Blossoms Hair) • Adriana & Cadet Adriana
Previously released in Imperial Wheel V: April 2012 (Japan)
See here for more screenshots.

Nobleprospe Costume Set (aka Capitaine Costume Set for Ion)
Body Costume + Hair (Nobleprospe Style) • Ion
Previously released in Imperial Wheel V: April 2012 (Japan)
See here for more screenshots.

Tora Character Card

Pet Box (King of Greed)

This imported event lasts until June 6. There are 2 different missions (Beginner & Intermediate), but you may only do one per day. Talk to Cruz after completing the mission for reward.

The original event for Korean server include a 3rd mission based on Trinity Elemental Force (v10.7.0) map, but since Sword 2 is still in v8.5, we don't have the map inside our client. That may be why the mission was not included. The other 2 missions are using Trinity mission map.

For more details, see Cruz Hunter Event (G1) and 크루즈와 함께하면 매일매일 아이템이 펑펑! (Play Forum). Also, both this event and the Call of the Masters event will end on June 6... maybe an update is coming.

Event Mission Information
Location: Cruz in Gigante Port (I8)
Max. Participants: 5 families
Duration: 60 minutes
Recommended Level: Veteran (Beginner), Expert (Intermediate)

Objective: Kill the 3 bosses at the end of each lane to spawn the final boss. Kill the final boss to complete mission. Note that the final Intermediate level boss - Blood Saber - is weak against lightning.

Click on image above for full-size view.

After completing the mission, talk to Cruz for a random event reward, depending on mission types (Beginner/Intermediate).
  • 1/1 Promotion Recipe - Veteran/Expert
  • 8/15 Veteran G EXP Cards
  • 1/2 Triumph Fillers
  • 1/2 [???]
  • 2/4 Boost Potions
  • 4/8 Soul Crystals
  • 3/6 Red Lollipops
  • 2/4 Principal Ampules
  • 40/70 Shiny Crystals

IMC (Korea) has released a new update preview - 업데이트 미리보기 - 비키 익스퍼트 스탠스... New stance, new character, grind grind grind grind grind...

0. New Personal Skills
In addition, Summoner Catherine, Jack, Angie, and Yeganeh will also have new personal skills in v10.17.0. See 소환, 건설 직스 for screenshots.

See also Play Forum article - 신기술 장착한 소까, 훌륭한 지휘관으로 거듭나나.

1. New Expert Stance - [Trance Robo]
Viki will be getting a new Expert stance [Trance Robo] in v10.18.0. It allows him to summon golems from Viron Clock Tower. The stance also include a skill to buff the summoned monsters, including Auto Baron. The stance book will be available via quest.

2. New Character - Tora
Added a new character - Tora in v10.17.0. To recruit him, you must have completed Lisa's [Blitz Assault] quest, which in turn requires all sub-quests related to Adelina and Lisa. His unique stance is [Dark Avenger], using javelin + dagger. It is an offensive stance, with dash and throwing skills. It seems he will automatically get the stance at character creation.

See 토라스탠스 for screenshot of stance/skill details. Tora's base stats are STR 80, AGI 80, CON 70, DEX 40, INT 30, and CHA 30. See 토라 정보 for screenshot of character window.

 See also Play Forum articles - 토라 - 복수를 위해 스스로를 어둠으로 감싼 소년 for [Dark Avenger] stance, and 다크어벤져, 복수의 칼끝에서 뿜어져 나올 위력은 for Tora.

3. Bristia
After the death of Montoro, pioneers can visit Bristia's port-city to find out more on the history of the Three-Year War. Many soldiers from Bristia are hiding in the New World after the war.

Left to Right: Archduke Felipe, Queen Esperanza, Arch-wizard Hernandez

From Left to Right: Kes (eldest son), Kano (Kes' sister), a retired drunkard officer, 
Olivia (Bristia's new blood), a pub lady with connections, a war veteran, new military officers.

4. Next Update Preview
The next update preview will feature a new scout-only Expert stance.

We haven't been in Granado Espada much this week, as we decided to take a short break after the last weekend. It is getting really boring and repetitive. Everything becomes just a routine and habit. Once the routine is broken though, it seems there is usually much less motivation to logon again. Bleh. In the first place, as previously mentioned here, v8.5 doesn't have much to offer to begin with.

But really, the game needs something radically new and different, and not just new characters, stances, equipment, and raids. Training characters and stances are just plainly repetitive. The process of crafting, upgrading, and enchanting equipment is repetitive too. The cycle just repeats endlessly with higher and higher ATK/DEF Rating equipment or different equipment types. Even the current raid designs - bosses with hundreds of millions of hit points and one-hit knock-out attacks (if you lag or make one wrong move) - rail-road players into the same specific teams/roles. Frequent stupid drops, such as Pure Gold Bars from Lightning Gate roulette, just make it worse. With all these mindless repetitions, is it still entertaining? If not, it kind of defeats the purpose of a game.

Losing Sanity Points... 

So this blog will probably be seeing less posts until our interest in the New World is renewed. Comparing the intervals between previous updates, G1 would probably update sometime in June though. Some people have already migrated to the loli-land of TERA and elsewhere, but whatever.

We weren't online before maintenance, and we did a bit of passive training after maintenance. Vairocana (Ralph) reached Expert Lv.2, still slowly training his [Shining Sting] stance along with Ishtar's (Valeria) [Innocentio] stance. We refined and exchanged 161 Rough Stones, which yielded 2 HQ Spodumene and 2 HQ Obsidian. Not sure if it is a good rate, but whatever.

We didn't even feel like raiding or doing missions much lately as well. When we dragged ourselves to do them, we get the following...  There are some connection problems, probably with the router or ISP. And we still didn't get a response for the ticket we submitted last week.

We arrived 30 minutes late for our 12th official Legion War this week. There was a disconnection at the end, but this time the participation was counted by the system. So we finally acquired [Immortality] medal for 10 consecutive survivals, despite some invisible red-lollipop hit-and-runners. Gerard rewarded 6 AM's Boosts (Event) and 5 Expert G EXP Cards. It was 1 less Boost than before, so maybe it is for the overall loss. The event colony was occupied by the Royalists, so the Pegadilla Mercenaries will be joining the Republicans next week.

As predicted last week, G1 added Elephant Pet in a cash shop random box. The pet buff was improved though. For a quick comparison, see below. There probably isn't much point in getting the Elephant if you already have Black Dragon though.
  • [Red Tiger] ATK vs. Monster +10%, Penetration +5, Critical +5, Movement Speed  +10%,  Immunity +5, DEF +10
  • [Black Dragon] ATK vs. Monster +15%, Penetration +5, Critical +10, Movement Speed +10%, Accuracy +10 
  • [Elephant] ATK vs. Monster +10%, Penetration +5, Critical +10, Movement Speed +10%, ATK Speed +10%

In v9.2, Lightning Gate will have a mission version. See Gate of Lightning: The Silent Maze for basic raid information. The roulette table is as follows, based on Singapore game client (v9.5). See here for general information on the table.

Limit Time Count Ratio Item Group
0 0 0          80,000 1 L92 Elite Weapon, 1 L92 Elite Steel Weapon
0 0 0          80,000 1 L92 Elite Armor
30 1 1          40,000 1 Lightning Weapon
40 1 1          60,000 1 Le Noir
5 3 1          25,000 1 Artisan's Belt Recipe (any type)
5 1 1          25,000 1 Artisan's Gloves Recipe (any type)
5 2 1          25,000 1 Artisan's Boots Recipe (any type)
0 0 0        130,000 2 Pure Gold Bars
10 2 1          30,000 1 Elemental Jewel
2 48 1            1,000 1 Elite Le Noir
5 24 1          10,000 1 Elite Le Noir Recipe
0 0 0        164,500 1 L100 Weapon
0 0 0        164,500 1 L100 Armor
0 0 0        165,000 Medal of Honor C

Bonus Roulette: None

[SG] v10 Update ETA
IAHGames will be updating Granado Espada (Singapore) to v10 sometime in June this year. [Source] Note "10 char" for forum posting requirements, probably not "June 10"...